I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 29: Wear in

“The magic weapon of the yellow rank is only one hundred low-grade spirit stones. This yellow-rank universe ring costs one thousand?”

Qin Yang raised his brows. He thought he was a nouveau riche, but he never thought that he couldn’t help spending money so much.

The clerk looked at the guests brought by the young master, his face was very respectful, and explained: “Our Wanshan Chamber of Commerce Qiankun ring is not only of good quality, but the shape is also designed by the master himself… and this Qiankun ring is the best yellow grade.”

“It’s too expensive.” Lou Mengyu said, “I think it’s better to forget it.”

Having said that, his eyes are still staring at the ice blue universe ring.

The whole body is icy blue with strange patterns and looks beautiful. This style was also what Qin Yang had in sight, and it was a perfect match for Lou Mengyu.

The ordinary yellow-order universe ring only has the capacity of a large burden. And this one, with a capacity of three large burdens, was almost able to catch up with the Profound Rank Universe Ring.

“Just say you like it or not!” Qin Yang was extremely overbearing.

“I don’t like it!” Lou Mengyu gritted his teeth.

Qin Yang rolled his eyes, but thought Lou Mengyu was very cute.

Haha smiled, and said, “I want this one.”

The clerk was delighted and quickly handed the Qiankun ring with both hands.

“But…” Lou Mengyu was reluctant to take out the spirit stone.

Although she came from Lou’s family, she was always squeezed out by her protagonist Lou Qianru, and her situation was not as good as that of an ordinary family.

She has never handled so many spirit stones since she was a child!

Under Qin Yang’s tough attitude, the ring was handed.

Qin Yang took the ring, his face suddenly became solemn, and his eyes looked at Lou Mengyu with affection.

Lou Mengyu suddenly panicked, wondering why Qin Yang was so suddenly.

“Let down the spirit stone first,” Qin Yang said.

Lou Mengyu obediently put the Lingshi on the counter first.

Qin Yang pulled Lou Mengyu’s left hand, his lips moved slightly but there was no sound.

But everyone knew what he was talking about.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Yang put the ring on the ring finger of Lou Mengyu’s left hand.

The slender jade hands with skin like fat, with the ice blue ring on, were perfect.

Jin Wanshan was stunned watching from the sidelines, his heart anguished, “This…I will accept it?”

Seeing Qin Yang’s serious appearance, Jin Wanshan curled his lips: “Isn’t it just a ring, it’s so formal.”

Qin Yang ignored it, with a deep smile at the corner of his mouth, and said in a gentle tone: “When you advance, you will change to a mysterious ring. Now let the ring recognize the master and take the remaining spirit stones in.”

Lou Mengyu’s heart suddenly moved, staring at Qin Yang, and asked: “What did you mutter to yourself just now?”

Qin Yang said, “Huh?”, shook his head, “No, did I mumble?”

Jin Wanshan, including the clerk, nodded.

Muttered, muttered indeed!

“Why do you want to put a ring on me personally, or the ring finger of your left hand? Is there anything special about this?” Lou Mengyu was keenly aware that there must be a problem here.

Qin Yang still pretended to be puzzled, “No, no.”

But the smile on his face directly betrayed him.

“Don’t you buy it yourself?” Lou Mengyu frowned, “The spirit stone belongs to you. You should put it away. I took this ring. It’s already…”

Qin Yang scowled, pretending to be unhappy and said: “What yours, mine, didn’t you say anything when I asked you for money to buy the elixir? Besides, we both… I.”

However, in the omitted words, everyone’s understanding is different. And it can be guaranteed that what everyone understands is not what Qin Yang wants to say.

Jin Wanshan suddenly felt that he had lost something extremely precious. Reaching out and pinching the clerk’s arm hard, the clerk was almost crying.

After Qiankun has recognized the Lord, only the master can open it. How did Lou Mengyu see how he liked this ring, gently stroked it with his hand, stretched out his hand and brushed it on the Lingshi package on the counter, and the Lingshi was put away.

“We have the Universe Ring, but the Universe Ring can’t only have spirit stones.” Qin Yang said to the clerk: “If there are any good-looking, fun and useful ones, take them out!”

In the Qi Gathering Realm, you can only use Huang Tier magic weapons. The higher the level urges the mysterious tier magic weapon, it can’t be urged, not to mention, it will even be backlashed.

The clerk quickly broke free of Jin Wanshan’s clutches like a pardon.

The same thing is all laid out.

Kungfu, martial arts, pill, magic weapon, everything. There are more than a dozen girl shop assistants carrying trays.

“You don’t need exercises and martial skills, the pill… is too rubbish.” Qin Yang frowned.

The clerk explained: “These pills are of top-grade quality, and they are all Qi-gathering pills needed for cultivation and Qi-returning pills used to restore true Qi during battle…”

“I’m not talking about pill type garbage, I’m talking about pill quality garbage.” Qin Yang said, “We only eat top-quality pill.”

The clerk whispered: “The second-order Qi Gathering Pill and the second-order Qi Returning Pill, there is no top quality…”

Qin Yang waved his hand, didn’t want to talk nonsense, and said directly: “All the pills are removed, and some magic weapons such as clothes and jewelry are given to me.”

The clerk did so.

“Women’s, women’s!” Qin Yang was about to be mad, “you guys have no spirituality at all!”

“Okay! Okay! Let’s do it!” The clerk was nervous.

Soon, all kinds of magic weapon gauze and hairpin were taken out.

“These are useless things…” Lou Mengyu frowned. She has been very economical since she was a child. Although she liked these things, she never considered them. She can only put limited resources in more valuable places.

The previous Qi Gathering Pills and Qi Recovery Pills were not bad. The monster tide is coming, and those are the things that should be prepared.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s useful or not, just good-looking.” Qin Yang said. Pieces of jewellery gestured to Lou Mengyu’s body, and pieces of gauze were picked up and looked at.

“Why is this so thin?” Qin Yang picked up a piece of black tulle and looked at it.

Lou Mengyu blushed, and the clerk explained in a low voice: “This is worn inside…”

“Oh?” Qin Yang immediately became interested.

The clerk began to promote: “Don’t look at it as thin, but it’s very close to your body. Because it’s a magic weapon, it can automatically adjust the temperature, it’s not stained, and it has good defense capabilities. More importantly, the person wearing it is comfortable and the person watching Comfortable…”

Qin Yang and the clerk laughed, the other side of Lou Mengyu’s face was already red.

Jin Wanshan is completely desperate on the sidelines, what is the relationship between these two people? Even this kind of clothes… buy it!

“All of these, all of them.” Qin Yang pointedly gestured to the black tulle that was worn inside.

The clerk knew everything and quickly ordered someone to pack it.

“I won’t want it!” Lou Mengyu swore to the death.

“Money is something outside of the body…” Qin Yang said.

Lou Mengyu shook her head resolutely, “Impossible, I can’t wear it!” Thinking about the black tulle that couldn’t cover her body just now, she was ashamed to get into the hole.

“Whether you wear it or not is your business, whether you buy it or not is mine, anyway, I have decided.” Qin Yang shrugged.

After paying the money, everything was put away.

“Who said that the Qi Gathering Pill I refined was garbage? I want to see, who would dare to be so arrogant and only eat the best pill?”

An old man walked over angrily.

“This is our fourth-order alchemist in Wanshan City, Mr. Wu,” the clerk explained.

Wu Lao Chao Jin Wanshan arched his hands and said, “I have seen Young Master.” Then a pair of eyes sharply looked at Qin Yang, then looked at Lou Mengyu, and snorted angrily.

At first glance, the temperament is extremely hot, and the fourth-order alchemist is at least a master-level expert!

Qin Yang slapped the tongue, this branch of the Chamber of Commerce in Wanshan City has masters in the realm of masters? You must know that the lord of the Thousand Hidden Sect is no more than the Grandmaster Realm!

“Only take the best pill? Dare to ask Zhuyan Pill, but it is the best?” Wu asked loudly, with a sneer on his face.

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