I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 30: The Pope Alchemy

“Of course.” Qin Yang said directly.

Old Wu opened his mouth and said: “It’s impossible…”

Qin Yang hurriedly waved his hand to interrupt, “Don’t say anything that there is no formula for the best beauty pill in the world. This makes my ears callous!”

Jin Wanshan glanced to the side, “Show him.”

Jin Wanshan sighed. Although he is his own alchemist and he can understand Elder Wu’s feelings, facts are facts.

From the Qiankun Ring, he took out two second-order Supreme Zhuyan Pills and held them in his hands.

As soon as the pill appeared, Old Wu’s eyes straightened, and he snatched the two pills, sometimes closing his eyes to sense, and sometimes leaning closer to smell it.

“Although these two medicines are already yours, if you let the buyer know that this superb Zhuyan Pill was played by an old man, can you still eat it?”

Qin Yang frowned and whispered.

Lou Mengyu heard it, and for some reason he felt nauseous and vomiting. How many times have these two Zhanyan Pills turned back and forth? It’s too unhygienic!

This Zhuyan Pill is like this, who knows if other medicines are also like this?

But the monks don’t have enough time to practice alone, so how can they have the energy to refine the pill by themselves?

“Do you also feel disgusting?” Qin Yang saw Lou Meng Yu Geying’s expression and smiled: “Don’t worry, I will refine all the pill for you in the future.”

Lou Mengyu’s heart immediately relieved, only the medicine that Qin Yang had touched was okay.

“It’s really the second-order best Yan Yan Dan, yes.” Old Wu nodded.

Jin Wanshan said again: “Since Mr. Wu, a Tier 4 alchemist, is here, then this formula can be directly used. I wanted to wait for the assessment to take it back to the headquarters and use it again. It seems that I can make money now. I missed such a good opportunity.”

Jin Wanshan pulled out the formula.

“What formula? Is it the formula of the second-order best Zhuyan Dan?” Old Wu frowned.

Jin Wanshan nodded and said, “Yes, this friend sold it to me.”

Holding two Tier 2 Supreme Pills in his hands, Old Wu still couldn’t believe that this formula would also appear.

“Young Master, don’t be deceived!” Old Wu didn’t believe it. He took the formula and said, “The formula is true or false. You should find a reliable alchemist to refine it. If it succeeds, it will be true. If it fails… “

“That can only show that the alchemist is fake.” Qin Yang took the conversation.

“Qin Yang…” Lou Mengyu quietly stopped. If you say that the level of other alchemists is not enough, how can you say that they are fake? This is too shameless.

“Okay, it looks like you are a junior.” Wu Lao looked at Qin Yang quietly, and said: “I heard you say that Qi Gathering Pill and Qi Returning Pill will also be refined, and you still dislike my high-grade pill. Rubbish……”

Lou Mengyu has a bad heart.

Sure enough, Old Wu said, “Then please refine it on the spot to prove it?”

Qin Yang shrugged, “I made the best Yan Yan Dan in your hand. Jin Wanshan saw it with my own eyes. Why should I prove anything else?”

“What?” Old Wu was surprised.

Jin Wanshan nodded helplessly.

Only then did Mr. Wu earnestly take the Zhuyan Pill formula and carefully figured it out.

The formula is very detailed, and even the precautions and techniques are marked.

“If this formula is true, it would be wonderful. Look at the elixir in it…” Old Wu was immersed in it, excitedly, and stopped halfway through his words.

Without him, all those present are those who cannot communicate.

The young master Jin Wanshan and the clerk must not understand, and Qin Yang, who knows how to refine, must be too lazy to listen.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward.

With a light cough, Elder Wu still insisted on his opinion, “Even if this formula is true, the second-order Qi Gathering Pill and the second-order Qi Returning Pill, I don’t believe there are top-grade formulas. As for the top-grade pill…”

Elder Wu proudly said: “Actually, I have successfully refined the second-order pill of top quality.”

Looking at Qin Yang, Mr. Wu suddenly itched, “Since you don’t want to refining on the spot to prove it, how about a different way, let’s have a alchemy test? If you lose, there is no punishment. Anyway, you are the young master. My friend, Young Master Erlai has also seen you refining the second-order best Yan Yan Dan, which proves that you are capable.”

“But if you win…” Old Wu thought for a while and said, “I have all the pills you need in the future.”

Qin Yang shook his head, and said: “No, we only eat what is refined on the spot, with pill energy, the effect is better. Moreover, I want to refine it myself.”

Elder Wu continued: “Then I have all the pill furnace and elixir you will need in the future! And I promise you one more condition! Let me destroy a small sect.”

Qin Yang’s eyes lit up. How can there be any reason to refuse this good thing delivered to the door?

In fact, even if there is no bet, he still wants to compete with this old Wu. Don’t try, how to copy the recipe?

Elder Wu was also thinking in his heart, if this kid was really a pill-making wizard, he might have learned a lot. Especially the best formula, as long as the opponent refines the best pill, he can learn it by taking a few glances. This is only a second-order pill after all.

Seeing Qin Yang agree, Mr. Wu was overjoyed. He was ordered to move to the long table and waved casually.

In the two pill furnaces, countless elixir appeared instantly.

Old Wu glanced at Jin Wanshan and Lou Mengyu on the side, coughed slightly, and deliberately raised his voice: “Don’t tell me that I bully you, the pill furnace is also made of yellow rank, and we all use the same elixir.”

It’s okay for him not to say that, but to say that makes people despise for a while.

Grandmaster realm powerhouse, Tier 4 alchemy master, compare with a little Qi gathering realm cultivator to refine alchemy? Isn’t it bullying?

Jin Wanshan happily on the sidelines, no matter what the comparison is, after the comparison, Mr. Wu from Qin Yanghui will also be there.

Lou Mengyu is beautiful and slightly frowning. Will Qin Yang refine other pill? Looking at the various elixir on the table, I’m afraid there is more than one kind of refining, right?

Elder Wu said: “There are three kinds of elixir needed for the Qi Gathering Pill, Qi Returning Pill, and Concentration Pill. I wonder which one do you want to start with?

Qin Yang said indifferently: “You are free, I can do it.”

“Okay, then I’ll throw some thoughts at it.” Wu Lao started directly.

Ding! Copy the Qi Gathering Pill formula and automatically upgrade to the perfect formula.

The perfect technique matching it was instantly mastered by Qin Yang.

“Huh? There is no magic medicine…” Qin Yang was taken aback. The elixir needed in the perfect formula is exactly the same as the one Wu Lao is refining.

“Do not remove the roots of Zizhuteng in advance. After removing the roots, even if the juice is locked with infuriating energy, it will change its overall medicinal properties.”

“Don’t crush the hollow fruit with True Qi, just throw it into the whole refining…”

Mr. Wu often fetched materials by hand, and Qin Yang scolded them immediately after handling them.

“Oh, can you make alchemy? Your fourth-order alchemist is fake, right?” Qin Yang frowned.

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