I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 31: Is already mine

Even under such interference, Elder Wu still completed alchemy. But his face was extremely angry!

“These elixir must be handled in this way, otherwise they will not be able to control the changes!” Elder Wu roared, “I want to ask if you can make alchemy!”

Qin Yang snorted coldly, took various elixir at hand, and began to refine it.

Become a pill faster than Wu Lao.

At the time of Dancheng, a thick mist instantly filled the surrounding area, and a mouthful made the pores open.

As if the body had been awakened, he wanted to swallow the aura around him crazily.

Elder Wu fell silent, his eyes changed when he looked at Qin Yang. His dignified fourth-order alchemist refines the second-order pill to ensure 100% success. But this kid turned out to be…

As for the previous plan to steal a lesson, Old Wu felt bitter. You can’t learn this technique stealthily…

Fortunately, Mr. Wu didn’t admit defeat, he refined the Qi recovery pill and the concentration pill one after another.

Ding! Copy the Huiqi Dan formula and automatically upgrade to the perfect formula!

Ding! Copy the Concentration Pill formula and automatically upgrade to the perfect formula!

These two formulas are added with some elixir, and they are still of top quality after refining!

“I… served.” Old Wu arched his hands.

Jin Wanshan stared at him, what kind of alchemy evildoer is this? Can the fourth-order alchemist be convinced in the alchemy competition?

“Where is it, the bug trick is not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning!” Qin Yang laughed modestly.

Elder Wu was about to vomit blood in depression, “This is not a trick of carving insects, even if you look at the entire alchemy guild, the alchemy technique of brother is unmatched!”

The title has also changed.

“Not so exaggerated!” Qin Yang shook his head repeatedly.

“Yes!” Wu Lao, Jin Wanshan and others shouted together.

Qin Yang smiled embarrassedly.

If you are more modest, you may be angry!

Elder Wu said, “In that case, I am willing to bet and lose, but you can mention the conditions.”

Qin Yang thought for a while, and said: “The conditions are temporarily unimaginable, but the pill, elixir, and furnace you mentioned, I just need it.”

Wu Lao was also very happy, and directly gave Qin Yang a Huang-level best pill furnace, and prepared ten points for each of the materials for the second-level Yanyan Pill, Huiqi Pill, Concentration Pill, and Qi Gathering Pill.

Qin Yang took so many things from others in one breath, and also saved others’ face.

Qin Yang said: “Well, these kinds of pills can be refined to produce the best quality, just ask me if you don’t understand, I should have been in Wanshan City recently.”

“Thank you.” Old Wu said politely.

Those who have learnt in no time are the teachers. If you don’t understand Qin Yang, he thinks he is a stunned boy, and he will only talk nonsense. After understanding, I found out that Qin Yang really has the demeanor of everyone. The future is bound to be limitless!

Rubbing his hands, Old Wu hesitated: “Actually…I have a lot of problems now…”

“Oh? But it doesn’t matter.” Qin Yang nodded.

Immediately afterwards, the two began to exchange alchemy techniques, but with a quick glance, they thought that Mr. Wu was teaching Qin Yang. But when you listen to it, you will find that Wu Lao has been asking questions and Qin Yang has been answering.

Qin Yang is making alchemy by the Pope!

After an hour, Boss Wu benefited, and Qin Yang also spoke dryly.

Elder Wu couldn’t wait to retreat to make alchemy, and gave Jin Wanshan a meaningful look when he left.

Jin Wanshan understands Qin Yang’s ability, how can he not win over?

“Before refining three kinds of pill, it is equivalent to passing all the formulas to our Wanshan Chamber of Commerce, and more importantly, the techniques and precautions…” Jin Wanshan opened the mouth and said: “You directly make the price, my Wanshan Chamber of Commerce from Don’t owe friends!”

Qin Yang shrugged and said with a smile: “Since I am a friend, how much hurts my feelings about money?”

Jin Wanshan was happy, and then he was dumbfounded.

“Five thousand lower-grade spirit stones.”

“What? Did you rob?” Jin Wanshan screamed, “You just said that money hurts feelings…”

I bought some clothes and jewelry crazily before, all of them are magic weapons! Although not practical, it is not cheap at all.

Besides, I didn’t wrong people again. After my own explanation, it won’t take long for Mr. Wu to refine these four top-quality pills.

“Brother, settle the accounts. I know you are not short of money!” Qin Yang looked at Jin Wanshan as if he saw a golden hill.

Jin Wanshan snorted and said, “Two thousand lower-grade spirit stones are the most! Although the sales of these three medicines are good, they are not without the best quality. What’s more, some of you haven’t even changed the formula…”

“Deal!” Qin Yang nodded directly in agreement.

“Huh?” Jin Wanshan opened his mouth wide, and slapped his forehead suddenly. Damn, fooled! I knew I would bargain more.

Painfully took out the spirit stone, reluctantly handed it to Lou Mengyu.

Lou Mengyu’s heart was full of joy, but Qin Yang didn’t expect Qin Yang to make money like this! Just suddenly thinking of something, his expression gradually dimmed.

Qin Yang didn’t pay attention, patted Jin Wanshan on the shoulder, and smiled: “Since the transaction is so pleasant, won’t you invite us to dinner?”

“You killed me fiercely, and you want me to invite you to dinner? What are you…” Jin Wanshan glanced at Lou Mengyu and changed his face on the spot, “Okay.”

Busy till now, time and evening. When night comes, Wanshan City has a special atmosphere.

After an hour, Qin Yang and the three of them ate and drank enough and continued to go shopping.

On the brightly lit avenue, Qin Yang took a toothpick to pick his teeth and glanced at Jin Wanshan.

This fat man, he often muttered to Lou Mengyu when he was eating, it was always bad. Anyway, Lou Mengyu always stared at herself from time to time, with a complicated face.

Pulling Jin Wanshan aside, Qin Yang said straightforwardly: “I advise you to die, Lou Mengyu is my woman.”

The problem lay directly on the bright side, Jin Wanshan did not hide it, and said: “Even if you are a genius in alchemy, you are not worthy of her.”

Speaking of this, Jin Wanshan proudly patted his chest, and said: “But I am different. My Jin family is not inferior to the eight people of the Shinto! In addition to the family background, the right to speak on the mainland is not bad.”

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “So what, she is already mine anyway.”

It’s already mine!

Is already my person…

This sentence was repeated in Jin Wanshan’s mind, making Jin Wanshan struck by lightning.

“You… actually got this far?” Jin Wanshan muttered to himself dullly.

“Huh huh!” Qin Yang shrugged, looking helpless: “No way, it’s destined.”

Jin Wanshan took a deep breath and said, “You better keep quiet, otherwise you will die miserably!”

Qin Yang disagrees, the more enemies the better, copying the martial arts and martial arts to improve the strength, it will save the effort. If you can’t take the initiative, you have to find a way to get the other party to take the initiative.

“Huh? Fighting union? What kind of union is this?” Qin Yang was taken aback and saw a very lively place.

Jin Wanshan’s heart was extremely unbalanced. He was struggling to pursue Lou Mengyu and was rejected countless times. Why did he put a flower on Qin Yang’s cow dung?

Seeing the fighting union, Jin Wanshan chuckled and said, “If you want to be worthy of Mengyu, this is a good way.”

“What do you mean?” Qin Yang became curious.

Jin Wanshan mysteriously said: “If you have a strong strength, you can naturally overcome all obstacles, and you can prove your strength here. Don’t you claim to be the way of the other and the body? Go try?”

“Go, go, who is afraid of who!” Qin Yang came to be interested.

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