I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 32: Fighting Union

Fighting Union, a guild established by a group of martial lunatics on the mainland.

Wen has no first, Wu has no second, here, there is only fighting!

“The Qi-Gathering Realm won ten consecutive victories to obtain the title of Ten Fighters. The Qi-Sea Realm won one hundred consecutive victories and could obtain the title of Hundred Fighters.”

Jin Wanshan opened his mouth and explained: “When you arrive at the Grandmaster Realm, the ten strongest people of the same level can get the title of Battle Master…”

“In the Star Realm, the ten strongest people of the same level can get the title of Fighting Star…”

“These are people who are selected for the entire continent and have the title of fighting, which means that they are among the top ten in the world.”

Lou Mengyu was taken aback when he watched the two talk endlessly while the other listened with gusto, and said, “Aren’t you guys wanting to take part in the battle?”

Jin Wanshan shook his head directly, so he wouldn’t participate in this boring contest. The people in this fighting guild are all lunatics, and some people are both superior and decisive.

The point is that if you win some people, they will even pester you until they beat you.

Qin Yang shrugged, “Why don’t you participate?”

Rolling his eyes, Qin Yang smiled and said, “There are gambling games for this kind of martial arts competition, right?”

Jin Wanshan nodded.

Qin Yangmeng clapped his hands and said, “Great, I’m going to make a fortune!”

Jin Wanshan looked at Qin Yang contemptuously, and said, “I advise you to keep your mind off. If you let the people in the Fighting Union know that you have placed a heavy bet to buy yourself to win, they may decide which opponent they will arrange for you!”

“Will you arrange an opponent who is one level higher than me?”

Jin Wanshan shook his head, “That’s not true.”

“Isn’t this all right?”

Qin Yang walked directly into the fighting union, and the noisy atmosphere made people boil. He walked along the passage and went directly underground.

There is actually a very big arena underground in the fighting union!

There are more than a dozen arenas in the arena, and every arena is crowded with people.

The light screen constructed by the formation scrolls information back and forth on the surrounding walls, and announces the winners and losers of each arena.

Some people danced with excitement, while others were downcast.

“Hello, if you want to sign up for the battle contest, you need to pay a low-grade spirit stone to buy a battle badge.” A girl with a hot body introduced: “If you win a battle with the same rank, you will get a point, and the points will be cleared if you lose. When the points reach ten points, the fighting badge is automatically promoted to the ten fighter badge.”

Qin Yang nodded secretly. This would only take ten consecutive victories. If nine consecutive victories were lost, the points would be cleared, and he would have to start from the beginning.

“Then the Qi Sea Realm cultivator really has to win 100 games in a row?” Qin Yang asked.

The hot girl smiled and nodded.

“After that master realm, how to select the ten strongest people in that realm?”

The hot girl is a little surprised, this kid is thinking too much, right? At the moment, he patiently explained: “There will be a ranking list, and the people on the list can challenge each other. The top ten is the master of fighting. The same is true for the subsequent stars and so on.”

“Okay, let’s get a badge first!” Qin Yang said.

Lou Mengyu frowned and said: “You have to think clearly! Once you join the fighting guild, you can’t refuse the challenge of the same level!”

Qin Yang laughed. Facing the challenge, he couldn’t ask for it. How could he refuse?

Jin Wanshan didn’t expect Qin Yang to actually join the ranks of the Wu lunatics, looking at the people around them who were staring at them like hungry wolves, Jin Wanshan beat a drum in his heart.

“I advise you to think carefully. You see, you have become the prey of others.” Jin Wanshan whispered.

“Prey?” Qin Yang laughed. Who is the prey? I’ll see it later!

Jin Wanshan said again: “In the battle, there is only victory and defeat, and some people act despicable, different from usual contests…”

Qin Yang nodded, expressing understanding. Anyone who has worked so hard to win nine consecutive games, facing the tenth game, will do whatever it takes to win.

“This kid is my first thing. Don’t grab anyone with me later, I want to challenge him!”

A one-eyed man shouted.

“Fart, I saw them as soon as they came in, I want to challenge him first!”

“I think you might as well fight a game first, whoever wins will challenge this kid?”

For a while, as Qin Yang got the battle badge, the surrounding atmosphere instantly boiled. Everyone regarded Qin Yang as free points.

“Everyone, be quiet! Listen to me!” Qin Yang coughed lightly and said, “I am a very kind person. I am very sorry to see you misunderstood me. So let me introduce myself briefly. , After listening, decide whether to challenge me, how?”

“Say if you have something, let it go if you have a fart!”

“You can only get one point reward for defeating the same person. You’d better hurry up and hurry up. Maybe you can give us all one point!”


There was a roar of laughter.

All of them were fierce and evil, like wolves and tigers, as if they wanted to swallow Qin Yang.

Lou Mengyu looked angry and stared at Jin Wanshan fiercely.

Jin Wanshan didn’t expect things to develop to such a point, but Qin Yang’s words made him even more dumbfounded.

“In the Xia Nai Qi Gathering Realm to perfection, master all the martial arts in the world, and have cultivated to the peak…”

“It’s a slogan to use the other way to return to the other body!”

“Among the same level, if I am called second, no one dares to be the first.”

After some words, the entire underground arena was detonated again.

Even some monks who disdain to compete with the newcomer couldn’t help but eager to try.

“This kid must teach him well, not let him be so rampant!”

“Do you still master all the martial arts in the world? Are they all cultivating to the top? He thinks martial arts are so good to practice, and drinking water can choke their teeth. Isn’t he afraid of getting his tongue out of such a big talk?”

“Second in the same rank, no one is the first? Who gives him the confidence?”

“Couldn’t this kid come to fight the guild to smash the scene?”

Everyone was violent instantly, if it weren’t for the rules of the Fighting Union, Qin Yang was probably beaten by the group at this time.

“Qin Yang, these people are lunatics in the first place, you still provoke them so? I think you are crazy too!” Lou Mengyu whispered.

Qin Yang disagreed, and continued loudly: “Since you are going to fight, it would be too boring if you don’t have a lottery. Let’s go for a round of four thousand lower-grade spirit stones. Come now if you can’t afford it, don’t waste everyone’s time. “

There was an uproar in the audience. After all, Wanshan City was just a city in a remote area of ​​Beiyuan. The shot was four thousand low-grade spirit stones, which shocked everyone in an instant.

Only a few people in the field remained unmoved and looked at Qin Yang in surprise.

“You really dare to pay your blood, don’t you leave yourself a way out?” Jin Wanshan was also taken aback.

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “I’m here to make money, not to play. Although I join the fighting guild, I can’t refuse the challenge of the same level, but I can’t just come and waste my time?”

“Good boy, don’t give away points, but also give away four thousand lower-grade spirit stones? Hahaha, I challenge you!”

A big bald man with a gloomy face, separated the crowd and walked out.

“Vulture Li? It turned out to be this ruthless person?”

“I heard that he can break through the air and sea realm, but he suppressed his cultivation. He obviously has the strength to get the Ten Fighter badge, but he didn’t get it… The purpose is to manipulate the gambling game. This kid has encountered a tough situation!”

“Huh, there is really no suspense! I hope Vulture Li doesn’t start too hard, so that this kid can still fight again, otherwise we can’t get points from this kid.”

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