I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 33: Eight Thousand Lower Grade Spirit Stones

The voice of the scene fell to one side, and Qin Yang walked up to the ring and stood opposite Vulture Li.

Outside the ring, there were also betting rounds, but very few bets. Although Qin Yang’s odds are extremely high, few people buy Qin Yang to win.

“What did you tell him?” Lou Mengyu asked Jin Wanshan.

“I don’t understand.” Jin Wanshan pretended to be confused.

Lou Mengyu said angrily: “This is not Qin Yang’s style at all! Although he is very arrogant on weekdays, when did he take the initiative to publicize and provoke others?”

Jin Wanshan touched his nose and whispered: “I just told him that if he wants to be worthy of you, here is a way.”

Lou Mengyu was in a daze, and his thoughts were confused, and he secretly asked, “Is this for me? But…”

On the ring, Vulture Li looked at Qin Yang contemptuously, “Boy, I think you have an extraordinary life background, but you are too shabby. Why don’t you take out all the wealth you have, maybe I can act lightly.”

Lou Mengyu turned his gaze to the side. Although Lou Mengyu deliberately concealed his appearance, his exquisite figure and Juechen temperament could not be hidden.

“It’s better to give her to me, I promise not to waste you.” Vulture Li haha ​​laughed.

At this time, the people noticed Lou Mengyu, and under scrutiny, they were suddenly shocked.

Too…too perfect!

Such a goddess would actually follow such a kid?

Lou Mengyu was angry with Jin Wanshan, her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she didn’t know how many people were heartbroken.

Qin Yang’s eyes were cold, and he said: “Since you have this kind of thought, then I can guarantee that I can destroy you!”

Vulture Li’s face stiffened, and his eyes grew gloomy, “It seems that you can’t cry without seeing the coffin. I can remind you that it is too late to regret now!”

“I also advise you for this.” Qin Yang said lightly.

The staff began to check the information: “Vulture Li: Points 9. Challenge Qin Yang: Points 0.”

“Vulture Lee’s points have reached 9 o’clock again? It seems that he is no longer restrained this time, and is about to become a ten fighter!”

“Great, without the guy Vulture Li, we have more opportunities…”

Someone was relieved. Every time Vulture Li reached 9 points, he would find someone to deliberately admit defeat. This is simply a nightmare for everyone present who wants to be an advanced ten fighter.

As long as Vulture Li advances to ten fighters, then he can only go to other ten fighters to challenge.

“Are both parties ready?” the staff asked.

Qin Yang nodded, Vulture Li had already started gearing up and shouted, “Boy, do you think I should abolish your left hand first, or should I abolish your right hand first?”

Qin Yang ignored it, calling the system in his heart, staring at the panel in a daze.

Host: Qin Yang.

Modification: Consummation of Qi Gathering Realm.

Gongfa: Qiankun Wanxiang Jue, 8/10.

Martial arts: breeze blowing willows, open mountain boxing… 8/10.

As long as there are two battles, you can advance to the Qihai Realm! And joined the Fighting Union, you won’t have to worry about advancing in the future.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to get the badge of the Ten Fighters. If you play two games, you will be advanced…”

“I’m afraid I won’t get the badge of the Hundred Fighters, because I will advance to the Grandmaster Realm after playing ten games…”

Qin Yang began to worry, but Lou Mengyu and Jin Wanshan beside them became anxious.

“The game has started!” Lou Mengyu reminded loudly.

“I’ve decided, just twist your head off as a urinal!” Vulture Li sneered in his heart and grabbed it with a claw.

Ding! Copy the fire eagle tactic, 9/10.

Ding! Copy martial arts fire eagle claws, proficiency will automatically increase to the peak, martial arts 9/10.

In an instant, Qin Yang grasped everything about the opponent’s ability, and his brows tightened as he watched the opponent’s attack.

This person is really going to kill himself with one blow?

One claw locked his throat, if he was hit, I was afraid that the neck could be directly penetrated.

“The proficiency is just perfect, and I dare to speak up!”

“The fire eagle claw offensive is fierce, but the traces are too heavy. It is impossible to change moves easily…”

“The power is fine, but… your speed is too slow!”

Qin Yang’s eyes flashed, and the fire eagle claws shot out with the same move, like a goshawk preying, fast as thunder.

Under the urge of infuriating energy, flames seemed to rise from the tips of his fingers.

A claw swung out at a faster speed, and the others only saw a red phantom. Vulture Li vomited blood and flew out.

Defeat the opponent with one move! The winner is determined in an instant!

“Vulture Li was beaten out of the ring and lost, and his points were cleared. Qin Yangsheng, points increased by 1.” The staff was obviously surprised at the result.

“Anything you do is four thousand lower-grade spirit stones. This is the real way to get rich!” Qin Yang became excited.

“Vulture Lee, you have a fake match!”

“Bah! You pay for our spirit stone!”

“Vulture Lee, I will never die with you!”

The onlookers were furious. In their opinion, the performance of this play was too alike, just to deceive them!

Vulture Li wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his eyes getting colder and colder. Only he himself knew that the kid in front of him did have some abilities.

Fortunately, everyone thought it was him who played the counterfeit match, but no one questioned his strength yet, and his face didn’t suffer much.

“I will continue to challenge you!” Vulture Li shouted.

Qin Yang looked at the Lingshi package handed by the staff, and his smile became brighter.

The staff opened the mouth and said: “Challenges of the same level cannot be rejected, but you can apply for a truce after being challenged three times a day. Therefore, you have only played one game now, and you can still only accept the fight.

Qin Yang glanced at Vulture Li and sighed. This guy had absolutely no use value to him. Taking the battle is just a little more points for himself.

Thinking of how easy the spirit stone came, Qin Yang coughed lightly and said: “Okay, I accept your challenge, but the bet has risen to eight thousand lower-grade spirit stones.”

“What? Eight thousand low-grade spirit stones?” Vulture Li Yi stared. The four thousand low-grade spirit stones before him were all his wealth, where would he get another eight thousand low-grade spirit stones?

All the onlookers were also stunned, eight thousand lower-grade spirit stones, this is a sky-high price!

Vulture Li’s face was ugly, and said, “I don’t have any Lingshi, but do you want to refuse my challenge?”

If he refuses, Qin Yang will be judged that he has no intention of fighting and will be blocked by the fighting union.

“Get out if you can’t fight, I’ll fight him!” A one-eyed burly man stood up.

Vulture Li said gloomily: “What? One-eyed tiger, how dare you rob me?”

The one-eyed tiger laughed and said, “I’m robbing you for your own good. If you win, it’s fine. But if you lose again? What you lose is the face of our entire Wanshan City Fighting Union! “

Vulture Li sneered: “Do you have eight thousand lower-grade spirit stones?”

The one-eyed tiger glanced to the corner inadvertently.

Vulture Li’s body was shocked, it turned out to be… a shot from above?

The one-eyed tiger whispered: “This kid is not something you can afford, so quickly step back.”

Vulture Li was unwilling, but helpless. What’s more, this one-eyed tiger can’t afford to provoke him, and a one-eyed tiger seldom actively challenges others, and no one dares to challenge him.

As for his identity, everyone knows well. This is the thug of the Wanshan City Fighting Union’s Qi Gathering Realm! Specifically to deal with the current problem.

In the corner, a red-clothed girl looked at this side with interest, followed by a white-haired old man.

“Miss, since you know that the people around him are Jin Wanshan and Lou Mengyu, why send someone to make things difficult for him?” The old man looked helpless.

Wu Xiaoya smiled slightly, her hot and **** clothes exposed boldly, and said frivolously: “What do I care about him, and whose friend is it? Dare to be so arrogant in the Fighting Union. If you let him get better, I will face the Fighting Union. Where?”

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