I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 34: Accidentally upgraded

“Boy, don’t blame me. It’s time to frustrate your spirit and let you learn to be humble.”

The one-eyed tiger said.

Qin Yang’s eyes were slightly serious, and the person in front of him was indeed very strong. The breath is calm, standing there quietly like a mountain, without flaws.

But Qin Yang was still not afraid, and smiled: “There is never the word humility in my dictionary.”

The one-eyed tiger looked at Qin Yang quietly, and said, “Return to the other body by the other way? Unfortunately, I also practiced a lot of martial arts and defeated you. This name is more suitable for me.”

“Then let me see your strength.” Qin Yang made a gesture of invitation, with a playful expression on his face.

Ding! Copy the exercise method of Treading Waves, exercise method 10/10, reach the advanced requirements.

Ding! Copy martial arts and slap the palm, martial arts 10/10, reaching the advanced requirements.

The host is advanced, the beginning of the air and sea realm!

Before the next advancement, you need to copy exercise 0/10 and martial arts 0/10.

“Hold on!” Qin Yang said suddenly.

The one-eyed tiger laughed, “Why? I know now that I’m afraid?” As soon as he clapped the palm of his hand, he was very powerful. This kid is clever. If he does it, his power will become stronger and stronger than the profound martial arts. Not too weak.

“It’s a pity.” The one-eyed tiger shook his head and said: “Even if you admit defeat now, it’s too late. There is only one battle!”

All the onlookers also pointed to Qin Yang, and it seemed that this kid was nothing more than that.

“The Fighting Union is not a place where you can come to mess around, go back wherever it came from!”

“In the dictionary of the fighting union, there are no two words to admit defeat! Either fight or die!”

The crowd was overwhelming and condemned Qin Yang.

Qin Yang looked around and couldn’t help laughing.

“He even laughed? Isn’t he frightened?”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to laugh after a while, one-eyed tiger, **** him!”

“That…” Qin Yang touched his nose, a little embarrassed, and said, “I have a question to ask.”

“Are you procrastinating for time?” The one-eyed tiger chuckled. “Ask, you won’t be able to procrastinate for long.”

“What if one party suddenly advances during the battle?” Qin Yang asked.

Everyone was taken aback.

The one-eyed tiger frowned. This situation has indeed occurred. “If one party advances in battle, it means that his opponent is not qualified to fight him again…”

Speaking of this, the one-eyed tiger looked at Qin Yang fiercely, and his heart was shocked, “Could it be…you?”

Qin Yang nodded lightly and said: “Sorry, I just couldn’t hold back, I accidentally advanced. I am now a Qihai Realm cultivator. In your words, you are no longer qualified to fight with me.”

The underground arena was silent for an instant.

“Gosh, is this fake?”

“How old is this kid, so he is already angry?”

“It seems that he really has the arrogant capital…”

“Could it be that our Wanshan City Fighting Union, really no one can stop him?”

Although Qin Yang also joined the fighting union at this time, as a newcomer, he broke the rule that newcomers must be dismissed.

“Substitute, fight again.” Qin Yang stood with his hands behind.

“What? He just broke through and has to fight again? Isn’t this too arrogant?”

“If he wins this again, our Wanshan City Fighting Union will lose face!”

“But the Qihai Realm is no longer something we can intervene, and we can only watch the excitement…”

In the corner, the girl in red, Wu Xiaoya, gritted her silver teeth and said: “If he wants to fight again, let him fight! Give him a breath of mid-sea realm opponent!”

The old man behind him looked embarrassed, and said: “Miss, this kid doesn’t seem easy, just in case…”

“The tide of monster beasts is coming, and all the Tianjiaos in the mainland are coming here one after another. This kid must be one of them, and he is also coming to the entrance of the Sky Academy. If it spreads out, he will sweep our fighting union in Wanshan City alone, I What kind of face does the Wu family have to stand on?”

“But…” The old man still hesitated.

Wu Xiaoya was determined.

The old man had no choice but to order. Soon, a young monk stepped onto the ring and bowed his hand to Qin Yang.

“In the next Xu Zhan, a cultivator in the mid-Qihai realm. I used to be ten fighters in the Qi-gathering realm. Now he is still 30 wins away from a hundred fighters.”

“Oh my god! Our Wanshan City Fighting Union still has such a strong man?”

“In the mid-season stage, you have won seventy games in a row?”

Everyone talked a lot, looking at Qin Yang with a gleeful look.

Qin Yang’s expression remained as usual, still making a gesture of asking.

“If you haven’t advanced, your slogan can deceive everyone. Now that you have just advanced, I want to see how you can do it the same way.”

Xu Zhan posed, his eyes narrowed suddenly.

“Hold on!” Qin Yang exclaimed, “The bet is eight thousand lower-grade spirit stones…”

Xu Zhan couldn’t help feeling his chest tightness, gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t worry! I have it!”

“This Qin Yang is really asking for money and not life. When is he still thinking about Lingshi?”

Ding! Duplicating the Kuang Lei Secret Art, the proficiency is raised to the peak, the host realm is raised to the Qihai realm to complete. Gongfa 1/10.

Ding! Duplicate martial arts Ben Lei Fist, the proficiency is automatically increased to the highest level, martial arts 1/10.

Xu Zhan’s figure suddenly flashed in front of Qin Yang and slammed over with a punch.

Kuang Lei Jue is extremely domineering, and Ben Lei Fist is vigorous and resolute. Xu Zhan’s smile was already on the corner of his mouth, not to mention that the other party was unprepared, even if he was on guard early, it was impossible to prevent his own attack!

A punch was about to succeed, Qin Yang cast his eyes and looked over.

“How is it possible that he could actually catch my attack?” Xu Zhan felt a little in his heart.

Qin Yang squinted his eyes with a hint of playfulness.

“Ben Lei Fist!”

In an instant, Qin Yang’s figure disappeared, followed by a sudden pain in Xu Zhan’s chest. He arched his body like a shrimp, and was beaten out of the ring.

The unexpected result caused an uproar in the audience.

“It was Qin Yang who won? Am I wrong? Xu Zhan has won 70 games in a row!”

“Qin Yang’s move just now seems to be Lei Fist! Isn’t this guy a wicked evildoer? Is it true that he can still use his own way?”

Qin Yang became famous in the first battle, and just broke through and defeated Xu Zhan, who was quite powerful in the Qi Sea Realm. And his slogan is also destined to be proclaimed.

“No one can stop him.” The old man said softly, “This kid is the real Wu lunatic!”

Wu Xiaoya took a deep breath, stared at Qin Yang steadily, suddenly laughed, and said, “I want to see, what is his origin!”

After giving an order, Wu Xiaoya walked straight to Qin Yang.

“Then what, next. The bet is 16,000 lower-grade spirit stones.” Qin Yang shouted.

The lively underground arena suddenly fell silent. Everyone looked at each other, no one challenged.

Lou Mengyu and Jin Wanshan’s expressions are complicated, so Lingshi can earn that way? Even Jin Wanshan couldn’t believe that the money came so quickly.

“Qin Yang, are you really not afraid of attracting public anger and suddenly killing you on the street someday?” Jin Wanshan said.

“What the little brother said, it seems that our fighting union is the kind of dirty and dirty guild.” Wu Xiaoya came over.

Jin Wanshan took a breath, his eyes straightened.

The appearance of the visitor is of the same grade as Lou Mengyu, but the temperament and style are completely different.

The hot and tight clothes showed a large amount of snow white, and with her arrival, everyone felt that the air was much hotter.

“Wu Xiaoya? Why are you?” Lou Mengyu walked over with joy.

The two stunning beauties chatted like no one else, but Wu Xiaoya looked at Qin Yang with a bitter look from time to time.

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