I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 35: Conspiracy approach

“Sister Lou, where did you find a stunner to smash our fighting union’s place!”

Wu Xiaoya pouted her mouth.

Everyone felt a pain when they saw it, and they couldn’t wait to get on the ring and fight Qin Yang immediately for three hundred rounds.

Qin Yang could only scratch his head in embarrassment, and defended: “How can I be called Zhanchangzi? I am also a member of the Fighting Union!”

After speaking, I lighted up the fighting badge in his hand, with a “1” written on the back of the badge.

It proves that Qin Yang’s advanced Qihai Realm has won a winning streak.

But everyone knows that the gold content of this one-game winning streak is too high! If you are not sure to win Xu Zhan, going to compete with Qin Yang is simply humiliating yourself.

When Qin Yang did this, his hostility was reduced a lot.

“But I want to challenge you, but I have to bet on so many spirit stones, so I don’t say it’s not a smashing place?” Wu Xiaoya acted like a baby, and she was so seductive with her smile.

“But the Fighting Union did not stipulate that you must use spirit stones to bet against. Without spirit stones, you can challenge me.” Qin Yang shrugged.

“If you challenge you, it would be nice to win. Wouldn’t it be even more embarrassing to lose? Do you think everyone is shameless?”

Wu Xiaoya lightly stomped her foot and said: “And every time you fight, the spirit stone doubles. It won’t take a few times, I’m afraid Jin Wanshan might not be able to fight here, right?”

Hearing the goddess chanting his name, Jin Wanshan hurriedly pointed at himself, “I am Jin Wanshan!” But then the voice was weak: “I can afford to fight, but the problem is that I can’t fight…”

Wu Xiaoya rolled her eyes, would she not recognize Jin Wanshan? As a figure in the mainland, Jin Wanshan is even more famous than the lineage of the eight ethnic groups of Shinto.

Looking at Lou Mengyu again, Lou Mengyu hasn’t looked at himself since the beginning, but has been looking at Qin Yang with concern. Wu Xiaoya gradually had a bottom in her heart. Qin Yang is not easy, but who is he?

“You are young and talented. I wonder where you come from?” Wu Xiaoya asked.

“Qin Family.” Qin Yang said softly.

Lou Mengyu’s face changed for a moment. Jin Wanshan frowned, why is this name familiar?

Wu Xiaoya no longer frivolous, said seriously: “Which Qin family?”

“Of course it is the Qin Family of the Eight Clan of Shendao, which Qin Family can it be?” Qin Yang shrugged.

“Qin Yang, you are crazy! You dare to say such things! Do you know what this means?” Lou Mengyu became anxious.

Wu Xiaoya looked at the two back and forth, and then looked at Jin Wanshan.

Jin Wanshan’s expression was somewhat intriguing, and he nodded slightly in surprise, looking like this.

“The Qin Family? Does the Eighth Clan of God have the Qin Family?”

“Fuck, isn’t it the Qin family that was destroyed a thousand years ago?”

“There is a prediction from the Tianji Gate that the descendants of the Qin family will stand out from the beast tide. Is the prediction realized in this beast tide?”

For a while, everyone began to talk about Qin Yang’s identity and kept guessing. Some people scratched their heads and were very curious about Qin Yang’s experience over the years.

The old man who had been following Wu Xiaoya before suddenly appeared next to Qin Yang. He didn’t say anything when he appeared, and he just stood silently. It was as if there was a wooden figure beside Qin Yang.

“You know, you can’t just make any jokes.” Wu Xiaoya’s face became stiff.

“Am I kidding?” Qin Yang spread his hands.

“How do you prove that you are descendants of the Qin family?” Wu Xiaoya asked.

“How can I prove that I am not?” Qin Yang asked not to answer.

“No one who pretends to be descendants of the Qin family has a good end. If you change your words and admit your mistakes now, you still have time.” Wu Xiaoya continued.

Lou Mengyu stared aside, and Qin Yang’s attitude was extremely resolute. From entering the fighting union before to now declaring that he is a descendant of the Qin family, everything is too abnormal.

Qin Yang doesn’t seem to care about these reputations…

“He is for you.” Jin Wanshan said softly.

Lou Mengyu’s body tightened.

Jin Wanshan continued to whisper: “Only in this way can he be with you justifiably. Moreover, he has enough strength. Now he is better than you and me. As long as he has a hard fist, he says he is, he is. “

Lou Mengyu’s expression is complicated. She has not dared to think about these issues these days, but Qin Yang’s approach has moved her heart slightly.

“So that’s the way…the courage is really big enough.” Wu Xiaoya put her ears up and heard Jin Wanshan’s words, looking helpless.

And the old man also flashed away dumbfoundingly.

In this way, everyone took Qin Yang’s words as a joke, but just for the pursuit of Lou Mengyu.

This made Qin Yang feel astonished, “I really am!”

Ugh! After a long sigh, nobody believed it.

“Is there anyone who wants to challenge me? Don’t bet on Lingshi!” Qin Yang shouted.

How can anyone want to challenge Qin Yang now? Even if he wanted to, after weighing his own strength, he retreated.

“You like fighting so much, why don’t you take the initiative to challenge others?” Wu Xiaoya asked.

Qin Yang shrugged and said: “In order not to let people say that I am bullying, let’s wait for others to challenge me.”

Just kidding, challenge others, and copy a wool?

Wu Xiaoya looked at the way Qin Yang was beating, and said, “You wait! There will be many strong people from all over the mainland these days, I hope you will still be arrogant at that time!”

“That’s great.” Qin Yang couldn’t ask for it.

Without the battle, his strength had risen to the peak of the Qi Sea Realm. Qin Yang turned to Lou Mengyu and Jin Wanshan who were aside, and couldn’t help frowning.

“Shendao Eight Clan, Jin Family, tusk tusk, are your talents too bad, right?” Qin Yang said.

“You!” Jin Wanshan almost suffered from internal injuries.

Lou Mengyu rolled his eyes even more, unable to refute.

“Go, go back and give you pills to eat!” Qin Yang waved his hand.

Jin Wanshan’s eyes lit up and hurriedly followed.

Lou Mengyu said goodbye to Wu Xiaoya and left.

“Refining medicine? Is he still a pill refining master?” Wu Xiaoya became more and more interested in Qin Yang.

For several days, the surface of Wanshan City was calm, but the undercurrent was raging.

The news of Qin Yang’s sweep of the Fighting Trade Union spread like wildfire, and he even declared that he was a descendant of the Qin family.

All of a sudden, everyone started investigating Qin Yang’s background thoroughly, and even Qin Yang’s grievance with the outer disciple Zhou Shi in the Qianyin Sect was revealed.

Gradually, many rumors came out.

“Qin Yang didn’t dare to fight Zhou Shi’s life and death battle, he defected to the sect!”

“Before he defected, he stole the second-order best Yan Yan Dan formula and injured a group of inner disciples!”

“He didn’t know what demon technique he used, and bewitched Lou Mengyu…”

All kinds of rumors are unbearable, but when they reach the ears of everyone in Wanshan City, they have other charms.

“What kind of thing is Zhou Shi? A mere disciple of the outside door? Don’t you dare to have a life and death battle with him?” Xu Zhan angrily smashed the table. Doesn’t it mean that he is not as good as Zhou Shi?

“The formula of the second-order superb Yan Yan Dan? Is it worthy of being owned by a thousand hidden sects?”

“Qin Yangruo is really a member of the Qin family, he wouldn’t be surprised even if he had these formulas. Moreover, he still used the other way to do what he did. With the Qin family’s background, he can do it…”

For a time, rumors and rumors had the opposite effect, making everyone believe in Qin Yang more and more.

“I said I seem to have forgotten something, and the decisive battle with Zhou Shi…” Qin Yang remembered.

Qin Yang had just shook his head from the Wanshan Chamber of Commerce and asked Mr. Wu for a batch of new medicinal materials.

After his continuous refinement of the best Qi Gathering Pill, Lou Mengyu and Jin Wanshan are already about to make a breakthrough.

“Shameless fat fat guy, eat me every day…” Qin Yang curled his lips and came to the inn, but couldn’t find Lou Mengyu’s person.

After a while, Jin Wanshan ran over in sweat, panting.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Yang asked, “I have never seen you become so anxious.”

“It’s not good! Lou Mengyu was taken away by the people of Qian Yinzong!” Jin Wanshan said, “The person here is Meng Gaofei. Why should Wu Hetian want her…”

Qin Yang clenched his fists suddenly, conspiracy! Wu Heitian was looking for Lou Mengyu, and he could get to Lou Mengyu with a single thought. How could Meng Gaofei send a message?

And Wu Heitian also knows the connection between Qin Yang, Lou Mengyu and Meng Gaofei…

“When did it happen?” Qin Yang asked.

“An hour ago!” Jin Wanshan said.

Qin Yang rushed out of the inn and shouted, “Go to Mr. Wu, and tell him that I have agreed to the conditions I promised before.”

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