I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 365: Promoted to the Four Heavens

Ding! The formation level is higher than the host and cannot be copied.

An alert tone came from the system.

Before, Qin Yang glanced at the altar and copied the reincarnation formation of the gods. As long as there is a fresh flesh body, plus the undead soil, with this formation, you can change your soul and life, and reincarnate with the body.

However, this reincarnation formation method of the gods is useless to Qin Yang, after all, is the immortal body so easy to be “borrowed”?

“I know more than that.” Qin Yang said slowly, “It’s hard to forget that this entire Lingyuan tomb was moved to the ground by me.”

“Hmph, it’s just a magic weapon. The magic weapon is only a supplementary function. Apart from the secret keys of the eight gods circulating on this continent, even other super god-rank magic weapons, I don’t care about it at all.”

The stone scholar said with disdain.

Qin Yang shrugged. Unfortunately, the flag of the earth formation is exactly the magic weapon of the super **** rank no less than the secret key of the gods!

“Since it is an immortal body, you really can’t use the heart of the earth. It’s a pity, the rules of the earth system, so I gave up.” The stone scholar was full of dismay, he did not intend to kill Qin Yang directly with a finger Now, he wants to have fun!

“Since you are an indestructible body, let me see how powerful this indestructible body is!” The stone figure scholar waved his hand gently, and the chains of a cultivator who turned into a stone figure broke apart.

He seems to be sane, with a painful struggle on his face. However, his actions were out of control, and he could only attack Qin Yang.

Ding! The scan is successful and the panel is generated!

Practitioner: Wang Sandou.

Strength: Divine King Realm is a heavy heaven.

Gongfa: heavy clouds and thick earth tactics.

Rules: Inferior rules of the soil system.

Field: A maze of rocks.

“It’s interesting.” Qin Yang got excited, and directly copied a regular star in the sea of ​​stars in his body, and his own star was wiped out, and his strength increased by one point!

There are more than a dozen or twenty, and I have to advance again!

Looking around, there are countless stone statue practitioners in the entire array space!

This is all the practitioners who died in this Lingyuan ancient tomb over the years, this is simply a highway for Qin Yang to improve his strength!

“Domain, rocky labyrinth!” Wang Sandou squatted down, making marks with his hands, and patted the ground.

A huge maze was formed in the entire formation space, which surrounded Qin Yang.

Wang Sandou folded his hands together, and in the labyrinth, two walls squeezed directly.

“The lower-level rules of the soil system are just ordinary rules of the soil system. You can develop such magical powers, but you are not talented enough, but you work hard enough. It’s a pity.” Qin Yang shook his head and sighed.

Wang Sandou was taken aback, this voice came from behind him!

“Yanjuli punches straight!” Wang Sandou’s arm turned into a rock, and he struck him.

This punch directly increased his strength by more than ten times.

Qin Yang stretched out his hand to block in front of him, and easily accepted the fist. The other hand pinched the sword finger and slid gently in the air.

An Obliteration Excalibur was spawned directly, Wang Sandou’s combat talent was indeed very high, and his other hand directly slapped the Obliteration Excalibur.

“Rock shield!”

It is as solid as a rock, but as crisp as tofu under the sword of obliteration.

This sword easily pierced the rock shield and directly penetrated Wang Sandou’s heart.

Wang Sandou stiffened, his pupils full of relief.

“Thank you,” Transmit said as Wang Sandou was dead.

Qin Yang looked calm, turned around gently, and looked at the stone scholar quietly.

The stone figure scholar was a little surprised. Although it was the third level of the God King Realm and the first level of the War God King Realm, this victory was too easy, right?

“Your annihilation power is indeed strong, so you can’t see the true power of this immortal body.” The stone scholar brushed his hands and closed his eyes gently.

The whole body once again turned into an ordinary stone statue, and on the other side, a stone statue cultivator’s chains broke apart and rushed toward Qin Yang!

“I can shuttle my mind back and forth in the stone statue I control, this is really an immortal body!”

Qin Yang raised the corner of his mouth lightly, and said sarcastically: “You immortal body is too rubbish? It’s just infinite rebirth, in fact, there is no use for birds at all.”

“Don’t be ashamed! When I take your body, naturally you don’t have to do it anymore, just take it!”

A pure physical attack, he threw it over in midair.

Qin Yang had already seen through the offensive line, and kicked back and forth, “Kick in the sky!” He directly hit the opponent’s foot.

When the opponent’s moves were not complete, he interrupted the increase of the opponent’s offensive.

Under Qin Yang’s feet, the lines of the formation suddenly brightened, spreading around like ripples, and the entire ground was not damaged in the slightest.

But the stone scholar, but with a pain in his feet, he flew back.

When it fell on the ground, it was a little unstable to stand!

“What a powerful physique!” The stone scholar was shocked. The body used this time was the triple body of the Divine King Realm, but for Qin Yang, this physique had such a big disadvantage!

“Okay, I want to see where your limit is!” The stone scholar laughed loudly. The stronger Qin Yang’s body is, the better for him.

The divine mind turned around and came into the body of a cultivator in the fourth heaven of the **** king realm.

The expression in the cultivator’s eyes changed, and a flash came to Qin Yang’s side.

The same is a physical attack, without using any rule power.

Qin Yang did not use the annihilation rule, and fought back with physical strength. However, Qin Yang used martial arts.

“The breeze is blowing the willows!” Qin Yang grabbed the stone scholar’s leg with a drag, and rushed out a few steps under his feet. A stone smasher directly slammed the stone scholar to the ground.

After the power was promoted, Qin Yang could no longer use the magical powers of various rules, but apart from the magical powers of the power of the rules, ordinary martial arts could still be used and were extremely powerful.

Owning the ordinary world domain, Qin Yang is enough to force the enemy to fight him, physical is not Qin Yang’s only advantage!

However, now is not the time to use the domain, Qin Yang is waiting for the opportunity! A timing that must not be wrong!

“Boom!” With an explosion, the stone scholar’s body was directly shattered to pieces.

“It’s a pity. Although this stone statue retains its strength during his lifetime, its body is too fragile.” Qin Yang shook his head and chuckled.

On the other side, a figure rushed over, happy and angry: “Then come again!”

This time, he changed the body of a fifth-layer cultivator of the Divine King Realm.

Qin Yang staggered his fists and banged his fist on the chest of the stone scholar.

This was exactly what the stone scholar scholar wanted, and he also blasted Qin Yang’s chest with a punch.

“Pengpeng!” Two muffled sounds.

Qin Yang’s body trembled slightly, while the stone scholar scholar’s body was directly blasted open in the chest with a punch.

“Good, good, good, the strength of your physique is too satisfying for me. Next, let’s try your endurance!”

The stone scholar returned to his body, Qin Yang took a deep look at the stone scholar’s body with a faint divine light in his eyes.

The stone statue scholar stretched out his hand, and all stone statue practitioners under the five heavens of the God King realm in all directions gave up their own advantages and started a hand-to-hand fight with Qin Yang.

A smile appeared on Qin Yang’s face, and there was a systematic “ding-ding-ding-ding” reminder in his ear, and finally…

Ding! Host Qin Yang, promoted to the Fourth Heaven of God King Realm!

It seemed that a door opened to Qin Yang, and the power of rules rose to another level. It seemed that there were many levels in this world, and the four heavens seemed to be a qualitative change.

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