I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 366: Shatter the body

Divine Mind is more tenacious, matching the strength of the immortal body.

With the advancement of the realm, the immortal body is tempered again, and at the same time, the divine consciousness is also strengthened.

Qin Yang sensed real power!

“The Nine Divine Kings, the first three are the primary Divine Kings, the middle three are the Intermediate Divine Kings, and the latter three are the High Divine Kings…”

Qin Yang had a clear understanding in his heart, no wonder he felt it was a qualitative change.

At the same time as the physique was tempered, the power of annihilation rules spread out uncontrollably, and all the stone cultivators besieged were completely annihilated, and there was no residue left.

The stone scholar stopped his attack and watched Qin Yang progress quietly.

The joy in his eyes is more triumphant, this indestructible body, the more he fights, the more courageous, is it so fast to advance?

The stone figure scholar attributed all this to the immortal body. Seeing Qin Yang’s age and thinking about Qin Yang’s strength, the stone figure scholar burst out laughing.

“Okay, okay! Even if the heavenly emperor, sky emperor, and demon emperor of this continent have this indestructible body, they should be fearless!” The stone scholar said with a loud laugh.

“Of course there is no fear.” Qin Yang’s mouth raised.

With the evolution of the power of the rules, the physical strength has also increased to a higher level.

Only Qin Yang, who was in the Four Heavens of the Divine King Realm, blasted the head of the practitioner of the Five Heavens Stone Statue of the Divine King Realm with one punch.

The stone statue cultivator also supported his own rules to resist, but Qin Yang’s fist was also attached to the obliteration rules.

Fight at the next level, ignoring defense!

This is just a fist, if it is the sword of obliteration, it will be like a harvest.

“Come on, let me see how capable your army of undead statues is. It’s not that I look down on you. If it’s just a physical competition, how many of your army of undead statues will I kill!”

Qin Yang smiled cheerfully, and rushed directly into the army of stone statues to kill.

This time, Qin Yang is constantly honing his fighting skills, as if he has been practicing from scratch to consolidate his foundation.

The domain is an ordinary world, which is destined for Qin Yangruo to support the domain battle, and he will inevitably fight as he does now.

This is not only an opportunity for Qin Yang to improve his realm, but also an opportunity for Qin Yang to lay a solid foundation!

“Good boy, he has some ability. The stone statues I control are really too rubbish, let me see!” The stone statue scholar hates it, and this boy is so arrogant that his death is imminent!

Not only arrogant, but also happier as he fought.

How could the stone figure scholar just look at it like this? Leaving the body again, he attached himself to the stone statue closest to Qin Yang, and blasted his fist.

Qin Yang leaned to the side, reached out his hand to grab another stone statue cultivator, directly used it as a weapon, and threw it at the stone scholar scholar.

“Asshole!” The stone statue scholar was a little frustrated, and shattered the stone statue’s body with a palm. Because he was the master of all the stone statues, that statue gave up defense at all.

Qin Yang was like a tiger into the flock, constantly shuttled, and it was considered perfect against the sky. The stone statue surrounded him so much, but until now, no stone statue attacked half of Qin Yang’s clothes!

The spiritual thoughts of the stone scholar scholars constantly shuttled around Qin Yang, but for Qin Yang, it was not too easy to distinguish.

Whenever the movement of the stone statue stagnates for a moment, and then the offensive becomes fierce, it must be the stone statue scholar.

According to the stone statue scholar, there is also the power of the nine layers of the God King Realm, and the strength of the divine mind is enough to control everything, enough to see all the movements of Qin Yang extremely clearly.

Even in the eyes of the stone scholar scholar, Qin Yang’s movements were very slow, as slow as an ant!

But remote, he just couldn’t beat Qin Yang! Qin Yang seemed to have expected the same before his own attack.

The scholar of the stone statue also tried to change attacks, but Qin Yang still blocked him.

Ding! Host Qin Yang, promoted to the fifth level of the Divine King Realm!

“It’s improved again? How is this possible?” The stone scholar stopped the attack, but still ordered the endless army of stone statues to continue to besiege.

“This physique is too strong!” Although the stone scholar was angry, he was even more happy. He gradually lost patience and returned to his body.

The body rushed towards Qin Yang directly.

Qin Yang’s eyes lit up, Guards had anticipated the opponent’s attack, but this time, Qin Yang did not dodge.


With a muffled sound, Qin Yang’s body flew out directly, dissipating an army of stone statues along the way.

“It’s boring.” The scholar of stone statue sighed, really still can’t bear the power of the nine layers of the gods? It’s so crushed, there is really nothing to see.

Suddenly, the stone scholar was taken aback, and Qin Yang in the distance was still so happy to kill…

A person is like a sharp knife, running rampant in the army, no one can stop it!

“He did not use the power of rules…” The stone scholar squinted his eyes, feeling a little jealous in his heart.

Ding! Host Qin Yang, promoted to the sixth heaven of the God King realm!

“Um…” Qin Yang had expected such a speed for a long time, and was a little surprised.

I have calculated it for so long, but now I have messed up my plan.

If this continues, it won’t take long before Qin Yang will be promoted to the Ninth Heaven of the Divine King Realm. Then, what else is there to calculate? Directly forced this stone figure scholar!

“Again… Advanced again?” The stone scholar swallowed and vomited, and suddenly panicked for some reason.

“I can’t let this kid go on anymore, I must start reincarnation immediately! There are still many strong people in this secret realm. After I succeed in reincarnation, I will use this kid’s body to experiment!” The scholar has already planned to do it now. Yes, it is to subdue Qin Yang!

“Boy, your life is over! Your body is mine!”

The stone scholar flashed to Qin Yang’s side and grabbed Qin Yang with a palm.

Even if Qin Yang’s strength is promoted again, the stone scholar thinks that he has the power to crush, and a very casual palm is enough to suppress Qin Yang to death.

“Fortunately, if you don’t do it again, so many brain cells I used to burn in vain.” Qin Yang chuckled lightly and turned to look at the stone scholar.

The pupil of the scholar shrank, and the previous feeling came again! This kid can even predict his attack in advance!


The rule of obliteration opened up an aperture with all its strength, and all the stone statue practitioners all mobilized their own rules to resist.

All the stone statue cultivators under the Sixth Heaven of God King Realm are directly annihilated!

The battlefield suddenly emptied a gap of a hundred feet radius!

“What a powerful rule!” The stone scholar took a breath and hurriedly gave up the attack, transporting his own rule to resist.

“Hmph, give up struggling, you are like an ant in front of me!” The stone scholar condensed the palm of the power of the rules of the earth and grabbed it towards Qin Yang.

This palm still exists in the barren world, but its power is being quickly consumed.

“Don’t worry, let’s play slowly!” Qin Yang smiled slightly, his mind moved, and he shouted in a low voice: “Domain: ordinary world!”

Absolutely changed suddenly, and some of the remaining stone statue practitioners on the sixth heaven of God King realm suddenly sank.

The soil rule palm that had flown in front of him suddenly fell to the ground uncontrollably, and it fell to pieces like mud dried.

Shixiangshu’s eyes widened vigorously, his rule power was greatly suppressed! In such a realm, his power can only play out the Seventh Heaven of the Divine King Realm! Directly fall two levels!

What is even more numb in the stone figure scholar’s scalp is that he knows that Qin Yang’s physique is strong, and his physique alone is not weaker than the cultivator in the seventh heaven of the God King Realm…

This means that in Qin Yang’s field, he himself has no advantage at all!

Qin Yang laughed, and rushed out directly, hitting the stone scholar with a punch.


The stone scholar also threw a punch, and Qin Yang used the momentum to directly force the stone scholar back again and again.

Unlike stone statue practitioners, the body of the stone scholar scholar possesses a heart of the earth and his body is like a flesh. This punch did not cause much damage to his body.

With the “popping” heart beating, the stone scholar scholar’s minor injuries healed instantly.

“Good boy, is this your calculation?” The stone scholar bit him, feeling a little afraid. Fortunately, I have no patience. If this kid is allowed to grow up, I am afraid that he will really be planted.

“It seems that you can’t cry without seeing the coffin, I will let you completely give up!”

“Domain: Dead Realm!”

The scholar of stone statue propped up his own domain, fighting against Qin Yang’s ordinary world. His strength is higher than Qin Yang, directly compressing Qin Yang’s domain to less than ten feet.

“Boom! Boom!”

The beating sound of the heart sounded, and the various stone cultivators who had been smashed had actually climbed up from the ground! The dissipated soul is called again, and the broken body is reunited and complete!

“All life is withered, only the undead can live forever!” The stone scholar looked at Qin Yang quietly and smiled: “I want to see, what else can you do!”

“Great earthquake tremor!” The stone scholar clenched his fists hard and smashed to his side to make room.

Click! Click!

The sour voice sounded, as if the entire space was about to shatter.

But this tremor reached Qin Yang’s side, but was eliminated by the ordinary world of the domain, with no impact at all.

Qin Yang was a little surprised. After his own realm was promoted to the sixth level of the God King realm, even if the opponent’s realm was strong, it would not disappear completely!

This is a great thing, but Qin Yang didn’t count this in.

“Huh?” Shixiang Shusheng frowned, this kid is so tricky? “In my dead world, even if your realm is not broken now, it will be worn away sooner or later…”

“It’s not sooner or later.” Qin Yang interrupted, flipping his hand, and each hand had a flag of earth formation.

With a light wave, some soil rules will be surrendered!

Even the stone statue of the scholar’s body is not listed!

The stone scholar looks terrified, and his body has lost control…The heart of the earth has stopped beating!

Before I realized what was going on, Qin Yang’s fist flashed in front of him.

“Boom!” A sound.

The body of the stone figure scholar was directly shattered, and a heart of pure earth rules condensed quietly in mid-air.

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