I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 367: Eighteen Pluto

“Asshole! How dare I smash the body that I have painstakingly built!”

With a roar, the stone scholar’s will came to another stone statue cultivator, his face twisted, his eyes widened with anger.

Qin Yang held the heart of the earth in his hand, smiled, and said, “Your body is too brittle!”

Putting the heart of the earth directly away, Qin Yang waved the flag with his hands again and again, all the rules of the earth were surrendered, and countless cracks broke out in all the stone statues.

The stone scholar stared at Qin Yang fiercely, leaving scars of terror on his body, and the stone skin slowly fell off.

“You will regret it, I will make you suffer forever! I will occupy your body and enslave your soul!” The stone scholar’s body collapsed, but there was a ghostly ghost body.

The ghost passed away in a flash, attached to the only eighteen stone statues in the hall that were not affected by the formation flag.

The endless army of stone statues, one by one, turned into dust and dissipated.

Just waving the flag of the formation, all the stone statue practitioners were swept away!

“Don’t be happy too early, my eighteen kings are not stone statues!” The stone scholar said with gritted teeth.

These eighteen kings are all entities condensed from spirits and souls. They look the same as cultivators from the outside, but they are immune to all physical attacks. Every move and every style is accompanied by the strongest spiritual attack!

“Look at me punching you down!” The stone scholar yelled, and the stone statue rushed over. The body muscles exploded, and a punch seemed to be able to crush a mountain.

Qin Yang looked at this stone statue quietly, his eyes rolled aside, there was the system light screen panel that only he could see.

Enemy: Juli Pluto.

Strength: Sixth Layer of the Divine King Realm.

Gongfa: None.

Rules: Juli rules.

Field: None.

Note: His body is special, and his spiritual thoughts are condensed. Immune to weak attacks, and moves with spiritual attacks. The stronger the move, the stronger the mental attack.

Different from the normal panel, this enemy also gives a “comment”.

“It’s only the sixth level of the Divine King Realm. I am immune to distance and weak attacks, and master the rules of great power…” Qin Yang sighed, it was really strange.

“It’s only the sixth layer of the Divine King Realm, and I dare to speak out!”

Qin Yang clenched his fist and greeted him with a punch.


A humming sound of the main road sounded, and shock waves invisible to the naked eye squeezed the space. There was dust from the weathered stone statues everywhere, and it was blown away immediately.

Qin Yang’s body shook violently, this huge force rule was really peculiar, and his body was shaken and translated uncontrollably. It has been moving back ten feet before stopping.

On the other hand, that Juli Pluto, from the right fist to the shoulder, was directly shattered by Qin Yang’s punch!

Qin Yang shook his head. The divine mind attack attached to this Juli rule caused him to be in a trance. At this moment, the stone figure scholar attached to another stone statue and rushed over.

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you, you will regret it.” Qin Yang’s mouth was slightly the same, and his eyes flashed brightly.

These eighteen Plutos, when the stone scholar is not possessed, are like dead things, unable to replicate their power.

But after the scholar possessed the stone statue, it was different. The eighteen kings seemed to be alive.

The sea of ​​stars in the body has just condensed a super star, and now it has condensed a star of extreme speed!

Enemy: Speed ​​Pluto.

Strength: Sixth Heaven in the Divine King Realm.

Gongfa: None.

Rules: Speed ​​rules.

Field: None.

The annotations are the same as before.

“Showing speed in front of me?” Qin Yang shook his head lightly, aside from being against the sky, simply comparing his speed with himself is also looking for death!

Bend down suddenly, avoiding the kick of Speed ​​Pluto.

Qin Yang kicked directly back, kicking the sky foot, and accurately and accurately pressed on the chin of Speed ​​Pluto.


The head of Speed ​​Pluto was directly kicked to pieces, and the stone scholar was also transferred to another Pluto.

“Impossible! How can your body be immune to spiritual attacks? Also, why are your attacks effective on me?” The scholar stone statue roared loudly.

These eighteen Plutos are his last resort, and each Pluto has a unique power of rules. Although there is no domain, in the same level, for the Eighteen Pluto, there is no need for a domain at all!

“Is your body broken and your IQ lowered?” Qin Yang said amusedly: “The rules of annihilation, everything can be annihilated, and the body with a condensed spiritual mind wants to resist my annihilation?”

After a pause, Qin Yang continued: “As for why I am immune to spiritual attacks? Sorry, it’s not that I am immune to spiritual attacks, but you are not stronger than me.”

“You are only a human race, how can it be more divine than my Eighteen Pluto?” The stone scholar roared.

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “You think that you control the power of annihilation and possess an indestructible body, and my spirit will still be the same as an ordinary monk? You are too naive!”

“I don’t believe it, you must be pretending! The human race is really cunning and insidious, let’s see if I expose your lie!” The stone scholar rushed again.

Furious Hades…

Shadow Hades…

A statue of Pluto was blown up by Qin Yang one by one.

At the same time, Qin Yang kept copying the rules and stars, and finally, he felt a breakthrough in his heart!

“The Phantom Pluto!” The stone scholar yelled, and hundreds of Plutos appeared directly in the field, and they rushed towards Qin Yang.

Qin Yang strolled in the courtyard, looking at all the phantoms.

A phantom came with a punch, Qin Yang did not evade, the phantom penetrated directly from Qin Yang’s body.

“Can you tell which is the Phantom?” The stone scholar was a little frightened. He gritted his teeth and sneered: “True and false, false and true, I want to see how you pass my trick!”

Another Phantom rushed over, Qin Yang raised his brows, and the corners of his mouth made a playful arc.

In the short future that Guardian saw, this Phantom Pluto was also false, but it suddenly turned into the main body.

“If you don’t attack anymore, I’m afraid there will be no chance.” Qin Yang smiled softly, and it seemed that he had no intention of making a move, but suddenly his body shook and he lifted his leg and kicked it out.

“Boom!” The Phantom Pluto was kicked out by Qin Yang at the moment it was transformed into a body.

Without transforming the body, Mirage’s attack on Qin Yang is invalid, and Qin Yang’s attack is also invalid.

“I don’t understand, what is your ability!” The stone scholar was attached to another Pluto and looked at Qin Yang gloomily.

“You don’t understand too much.” Qin Yangshu sighed, the sea of ​​stars in his body condensed a regular star, this regular star appeared from time to time, and from time to time there were many star phantoms…

Annihilation star shuddered slightly, annihilating the phantom star.

Ding! Host Qin Yang, promoted to the Seventh Heaven of God King Realm!

“Promoted to the Senior God King!” Qin Yang was delighted, and his expression changed dramatically.

The obliteration star suddenly shrank, and it was no longer the same as the stronger it was in the past, but this time it became smaller and smaller. The sudden abnormality put Qin Yang’s physique under tremendous pressure, as if being crushed by a meat grinder It moves just as if it was squashed by Taishan.

“Haha, I tell you how capable you are, I really tried to reach the limit! Don’t worry, I will set up the formations to imprison you forever!”

The stone scholar looked overjoyed, but at the same time, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

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