I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 368: Anti-Sky Formation Combination

The extinguished stars are shrinking, and quickly become like a tiny dust.

Qin Yang gritted his teeth, the blue veins between his neck burst out, and his body was tempered by the obliteration rules, but this time he was tempered with divine consciousness.

Although his consciousness was still awake, he could only watch the stone figure scholars arrange the formation.

Ding! Copy Array: The Great Array of the Dead.

Qin Yang is really unable to complain, this is the threshold, so the system is still operating normally…

The body of the stone scholar scholar was shattered by Qin Yang, and the realm of death could not be released. However, it was set up with a formation method, a large formation in the dead world, which can summon the undead and enslave the undead.

“Ah!” Qin Yang cried out in pain, his divine consciousness seemed to be rolled over by 10,000 hedgehogs, constantly being tempered, as if being burned by fire.

The body is more uncomfortable, as if the pig iron was beaten by forging.

In the sea of ​​stars in the body, the disappearing stars are still shrinking, so strange that they may disappear at any time, but you can still clearly feel that it is still shrinking!

The divine mind seemed to be beaten into the body, and it seemed to merge with the immortal body. A pair of eyes, as black as ink, seemed to be an annihilated universe.

Suddenly, within the sea of ​​stars, the regular stars burst open suddenly, and under the shock of the sea of ​​stars, Qin Yang’s immortal body almost burst.

The sea of ​​stars in the body disappeared, replaced by a black hole nebula.

The power of the rules has been transformed, and the power of the rules after the transformation has tempered Qin Yang’s spirit and physique with faster and more ruthless efficiency.

Qin Yang couldn’t help but let out a painful cry, his brain went blank. The pain is so severe that it is difficult to describe in words. It seems that the pain has reached the limit, but it does not hurt.

Feeling numb!

“Haha, your body is mine! Wait for me to extract your soul! Forever as my slave!” The stone scholar laughed, and directly dragged Qin Yang into the arranged death formation.

“Huh?” The stone scholar grabbed Qin Yang’s arm, but Qin Yang’s body remained motionless.

The scholar of the stone statue shook his heart and used all his strength, but he still couldn’t shake Qin Yang’s body at all.

“I said, you will regret it.” Qin Yang rolled his eyes and looked at the stone scholar quietly.

The stone scholar stepped back in fright and took a deep breath, “Good boy, he recovered very quickly. Since I can beat you down once, I can beat you down twice!”

Qin Yang smiled and said: “I was promoted just now, not by you. And, which eye did you see me lying down?”

“Jin…promoted?” The stone scholar took a breath, and spent the whole day with the dead. Is this another ghost?

Originally, when Qin Yang was in the sixth heaven of the God King Realm, he was already invincible at the same level, and even the Eighteen Plutos could not hold a move in his hands, but now…

“Hehe, you want to scam me again? Do you think I would believe it? You want me to regret it? Come and try?” Shixiangshu stared at Qin Yang life and death, he didn’t believe Qin Yang had any stronger means.

And before, Qin Yang had indeed been unable to move… Could it be that he was really promoted?

“I have to thank you for my promotion.” Qin Yang pinched and pressed his chest, “Domain: ordinary world!”

The transparent aperture spreads directly, enshrouding the Pluto who is possessed by the stone statue scholar, and at the same time, other Plutos are also enveloped.

In just a moment, those Pluto bodies that had fought with Qin Yang before suddenly disappeared, and some complete Pluto bodies were also slowly dissipating!

The stone scholar felt a breath of despair, this is not the power of annihilation…

“What kind of power are you…?” The stone scholar was completely messed up.

“Didn’t I shout out? This is my domain.” Qin Yang said with a smile: “By the way, you are afraid that you don’t know much about the ordinary world. My ordinary world cannot tolerate ghosts.”

The stone figure scholar is about to split his eyes, and his body is gradually disintegrating, as if water is about to evaporate, as if a flame is burning to the end.

“I hate it! I hate it!” The stone scholar roared unwillingly, “If I hadn’t given you a chance at first, I wouldn’t end up like this!”

Qin Yang didn’t want to hit him, but the facts still need to be explained, “Even if you attack me with all your strength at the beginning, I can still escape. When my strength is promoted, I will come to you again. The ending is the same. Have you experienced some…good fantasy now?”

“If my body is still there, the heart of the earth is still in my hands…”

Qin Yang shook his head lightly and said, “Well, you are also a strong man. Why don’t you say if this secret realm is not downgraded?”

The stone scholar scholar has a lot of flavours in his heart, his body has gradually disappeared, but his eyes are like two ghost fires, staring at Qin Yang firmly, his voice has become extremely weak, “Even if I die, I won’t let you go! Reincarnation of Heaven, I am waiting for you!”

Qin Yang fished his ears and smiled: “Sorry, there is no reincarnation in my field.”

“Pop!” Qin Yang snapped his fingers softly, and the world suddenly became completely silent.

Everything is over.

“Seventh Level of the Divine King Realm…” Qin Yang stretched out his hand and squeezed his fist. The air in his hand was instantly squeezed, extinguishing nothingness.

It’s time to find the blood skull!

Raising his leg to walk, Qin Yang scratched his head while looking at the arcane formation lines on the ground. Based on his understanding of the formation, he quickly found the core of the formation for this round of revolution.

“There are a lot of undead soil here, plus this round of resurrection…Although it is evil, it is too bad. It is a good thing and cannot just disappear like this.” Qin Yang thought in his heart.

At the core of the formation, a formation disc is the convergence of all formation lines.

Qin Yang went straight to the break, with his current physique, naturally it was easy to break it off.

Putting it into the Qiankun Ring, Qin Yang suddenly laughed.

Counting the great formation of the dead world copied when you just advanced, and being able to summon the souls of the dead, doesn’t you have the ability to bring people back to life?

Qin Yang rubbed his chin and thought to himself: “This undead soil plus the reincarnation formation and the death formation can bring the dead back to life, but the resurrected person is a body made of earth…”

“I will also use the Shadow Stealing Fate Array. The Heavenly Stealing Fate Array has the function of moving souls, changing lives, and robbing houses. First revive people, and then…”

Qin Yang was taken aback by himself, is this okay? Doesn’t it dominate the cycle of life and death?

“Tsk tusk tusk, it’s too strong, too strong!” Qin Yang sighed, his hands were itchy, thinking that he had to try if he could find a chance.

However, although the Great Array of the Dead can summon the souls of the dead, it must have a medium. This medium can be the body of the dead or the objects of the dead. In fact, there are still some restrictions, not that whoever wants to be resurrected can be resurrected.

“In this way, the Chu God King can be resurrected, and his body is still being sunk into the Chu King’s mansion underground…”

Qin Yang shook his head, this matter is temporarily suppressed, it is better to solve the blood skull branch first, and then talk to the blood skull headquarters.

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