I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 369: Sit down and divide the spoils

“Yo, wait for me?”

Qin Yang left the underground formation space and came to the passage of the Lingyuan ancient tomb.

The Lingyuan ancient tomb at this time was no longer dangerous.

All the stone statues, including the largest boss in the Lingyuan ancient tomb, were completely wiped out by Qin Yang. The treasures everywhere only need to be transported to the Qiankun Ring.

At the entrance of the passage, the Flame Demon Queen was still waiting quietly, but she was startled by the sudden sound.

“That…you…” The Flame Demon Queen looked at Qin Yang suspiciously.

Why didn’t you see him for a while, Qin Yang felt a little different.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. The heart of the earth is in your hand.” Qin Yang took out the heart of the earth from the Qiankun ring. Without the control of the flag of the earth formation, the heart of the earth began to “bang”.

The heart of the Balrog Queen was also beating to the beat, and it was uncontrollably affected.

“If a practitioner of the rules of the earth system obtains the heart of the earth, he is afraid that he will directly become a monster-like genius.” The Balrog Queen looked deeply at the earthy heart of the earth.

Qin Yang nodded and said, “Yes, that’s why the stone scholar was unwilling to abandon the body built by the heart of the earth. After I took the heart directly, he couldn’t even use his domain.”

“Why?” The Flame Demon Queen was puzzled.

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “Because the other stone statue cultivators he possesses have their own rules of cultivation. Also, the premise that the eighteen kings retain the power of their own rules is that he cannot use the dead world… “

Qin Yang stopped talking and looked at the Queen of the Flame Demon with a confused look. Qin Yang waved his hand and said, “Don’t talk about this, what about them? How is the harvest?”

“They are all hunting for treasures, but this Lingyuan ancient tomb seems like a maze. I don’t know where they went around.” The Flame Demon Queen said.

Staring at Qin Yang’s back curiously, the Flame Demon Queen suddenly burst into flames from her palms and patted Qin Yang.

The clothes on his upper body were directly burned to fly ashes, and even the armor of the sky was directly shattered, revealing Qin Yang’s explosive chest.

With such a flame, even Qin Yang’s **** chest hair can’t be burned!

The Flame Demon Queen shook her body and stared at Qin Yang incredulously, “You are really different! If you hadn’t just taken out the heart of the earth, I thought you had merged the heart of the earth into your body…”

Qin Yang was full of black lines, “So you use the power of your rules to attack me with all your strength that you have restored to the seventh layer of the Divine King Realm?”

The Queen of the Flame Demon looked solemn, “This is not the point, the point is how do you jump continuously?”

Queen Flame Demon looked at Qin Yang with full alertness.

Qin Yang was speechless for a while, and said, “Don’t you think I was taken away?”

After thinking about it, Qin Yang asked, “Does this stone figure scholar know your body?”

The Queen of the Flame Demon shook her head, “No one knows my body in this Myriad Mountain Mysterious Realm, not even the Water Spirit Swordsman.”

“Well, your body is a unicorn.” Qin Yang said directly, dispelling the suspicion of Queen Flame Demon.

The Flame Demon Queen hurriedly covered Qin Yang’s mouth.

“What are you doing? This is not a shameful thing. Besides, your main body unicorn is tens of thousands of times stronger than that lava monster…” Qin Yang took the hand of the Queen of Flame Demon and pulled it aside.

“You…you…you…” Zhao Xingchen was dumbfounded, his tongue couldn’t be straight.

Zhang Xiaoxiao and Wang Xiaoer also had complex faces, looking at Qin Yang and Queen Flame Demon strangely.

They have already searched this Lingyuan ancient tomb, not just some heaven and earth spiritual materials, spiritual medicine, but also many relics of the practitioners who died here.

There are hundreds of thousands of rings in the universe alone!

This is still not a harvest carefully searched!

They thought about Qin Yang’s safety. After all, the stone scholar was too powerful, so he hurried over, but they didn’t expect to see such an appearance.

The atmosphere was slightly enchanting, and I saw Queen Flame Demon “touching” Qin Yang Chiguo’s chest with one hand, and Qin Yang firmly grasped the other hand.

The Flame Demon Queen’s dress code was almost undressed, and at this time it was like Qin Yang whose jacket was burned…

It is inevitable that people will think about that.

“Is this all right?” Wang Xiaoer said quietly.

Zhang Xiaoxiao blushed and said: “Why not? Human races and transformation monsters can also…What’s so strange about this?”

The Flame Demon Queen reacted and hurried back with her hand, Human Race was in trouble.

Qin Yang touched his nose and coughed awkwardly. These guys are really rich in imagination.

“Are the people from the Li family and outsiders here?” Qin Yang asked.

Zhao Xingchen secretly gestured his thumbs to Qin Yang, and said, “I didn’t come.”

Several people questioned the scholar of the stone statue, but they were fooled by Qin Yang’s flag of the earth. As for the continuous advancement of strength, Qin Yang did not say, fearing to stimulate the three.

Next, it’s time to clean up the harvest happily!

Various elixir and spiritual materials were released, directly piled up a small mountain.

Among them, the lowest elixir is also Tier 5, and the lowest elixir is also Tier 5.

It’s just that the attributes of these elixir and spiritual materials are biased towards coldness. But precisely because of this, its value is higher.

“There are a lot of Universe Rings here, and I haven’t had time to recognize the Lord and investigate…” Zhao Xingchen has some headaches. This has to be divided, and then the score will go to the year of the monkey?

Regardless of all the things in the universe ring, these rings and the small mountain-like elixir and spiritual materials are astronomical wealth.

“This time it’s really developed. This wealth is enough to establish a Principality! Even if it is a second-rate sect, it is not impossible!” Zhao Xingchen rubbed his hands excitedly.

The greater expectation is the wealth in the universe ring!

“It’s better…” Qin Yang thought for a while and said, “We don’t need to look at the things in the Qiankun Ring, but directly divide the Qiankun Ring, how about?”

Several people looked at each other, and their eyes lit up.

“Good way! It depends entirely on personal luck, maybe there will be unexpected gains!” Zhao Xingchen directly agreed.

Wang Xiaoer and Zhang Xiaoxiao also nodded in agreement.

Zhang Xiaoxiao said, “All of this is Qin Yang’s credit. In this way, all the treasures are divided into ten parts, and each of us four, Qin Yang fights six parts alone, how about?”

After speaking, he looked at Qin Yang carefully, for fear that Qin Yang would disagree.

Of course Qin Yang wouldn’t mind, but after looking at Queen Flame Demon, he said, “I want to take up seven shares. She doesn’t count.”

“Why?” Queen Flame Demon was also looking forward to the fire elixir and spiritual materials in the Universe Ring, Qin Yang shattered her illusion with one sentence.

“You didn’t help, why do you want to share it with you? At least the three of them still work hard and search hard…” Qin Yang said.

The Queen Flame Demon directly akimbo and said angrily: “I have no physical strength, I have worked hard! You are alone against the stone statue scholar, I stay here for fear of accidents. Also, the Li family and outsiders, I have always been guarding Although there is no chance to make a move, you can’t ignore my credit! This is called insurance, do you understand?”

Qin Yang curled his lips, he didn’t regard the Flame Demon Queen as insurance…

Zhang Xiaoxiao, Wang Xiaoer, and Zhao Xingchen also interceded for Queen Flame Demon, which made Qin Yang relieved.

After all, the existence of Queen Flame Demon made at least the three of them in their hearts.

“All right, then start dividing.” Qin Yang said.

Several people sat together and began to share the spoils.

The sound of “walala” sounded, and the baggage behind Zhao Xingchen and the three of them was relieved, and a pile of Qiankun Rings exuded various colors.

Soon, waist-high Universe Rings were piled up in front of Qin Yang. Qin Yang recognized the master one by one, checking the harvest inside, and suddenly laughed from ear to ear.

In addition to some spiritual stones, there are a wide range of spiritual materials and elixir, almost covering all the heavenly materials and earth treasures that may appear in the mystery of Wanzhong Mountain.

Qin Yang gathered all his wealth into a sixth-order universe ring, and he directly put it on his hand.

Zhao Xingchen looked at his eyes straight. Looking at the pile of space rings in front of Qin Yang, Zhao Xingchen smiled and said, “You have a good harvest, and these Universe Rings cannot be put into the Universe Rings, then …”

Before he finished speaking, Shenlong Jade had swallowed all the universe ring with Qin Yang’s permission. These cosmic ring ranks are not low, and they are spatial attributes. For the dragon jade that can cross the space, it can be regarded as the first-class tonic.

After swallowing all of them, Shenlong Jade’s distance was restored to its peak super **** rank magic weapon, not much worse.

“What did you say?” Qin Yang asked.

Zhao Xingchen was dumbfounded, staring at the empty ground in front of Qin Yang, and said: “No…nothing…”

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