I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 370: The sea

“Ah! The sea! You are all water!”

In the east of Wanzhong Mountain, an endless sea appeared in front of a few people.

Qin Yang stood on the tallest rock, looking into the distance.

“How wide is the sea?” Qin Yang asked.

After making a fortune, Qin Yang also became interested in this treasure in the sea.

All the Qiankun Rings harvested before are all spiritual materials and elixir on the land of Wanzhong Mountain, but there are none in the sea, which is really incredible.

After all, the sea here is too wide. If there is no treasure, I am afraid no one will believe it.

“No one knows the boundary of the waves on this day. The waves on this day are actually a restricted area.” Zhang Xiaoxiao said.

“Why? Is this the most dangerous place?” Qin Yang asked.

Zhang Xiaoxiao and others looked at each other, feeling a little weird in their hearts.

Qin Yang can walk sideways even in the boundary of Lingyuan Ancient Tomb. There is nothing dangerous for Qin Yang in these ten thousand mountains.

“No, because this was the place where the Lord of the Secret Realm lived. To say that it is dangerous…it is true.” Zhang Xiaoxiao said.

Qin Yang’s eyes lit up and said, “That’s not a big deal, maybe there are some seventh-tier spiritual medicines, seventh-tier spiritual materials, these are all super gods!”

Qin Yang flexed his hands and said, “Are you going? If you don’t, I will go?”

“The people who stepped into the waves of this day without permission have not come back, are you sure?” Zhang Xiaoxiao warned: “If you really broke into the waves of this day, don’t blame me for not reminding you of not coming back.”

“That is to say, someone once entered Tianlanghai with permission and then came out again?” Qin Yang asked.

Wang Xiaoer nodded and said, “Yes, this person is the ancestor of the Li family. He came back from Tianlanghai, got the flag of the water formation, and arranged the water dragon lock heaven formation.”

“Oh?” Qin Yang looked at the sea with interest, took out the flag of the earth formation and felt it, there was no other flag in the waves this day.

The only front flag is still in Li’s house.

Zhao Xingchen added: “Actually, I have heard of the waves in this day. The monsters in the sea are all horrible monsters. Many of them even come from the sea of ​​stars.”

“The sea of ​​stars on the mainland?” Qin Yang was a little surprised.

In the sea of ​​stars, the powerhouses of the Divine Emperor Realm were barely able to cross, deep into it, fearing that it would be difficult to protect themselves.

With such a mysterious and dangerous ocean, the mainland powerhouse directly created the Star Sky Road to connect Zhongzhou and Beiyuan with the purpose of avoiding the Star Sea.

“Let’s quickly find the diamond, and then go back.” Wang Xiaoer, concerned about his father’s injury, asked Qin Yang for advice.

“All right.” Qin Yang glanced at the depths of the sea and stepped hard under his feet.

A crack appeared directly on the tallest and largest rock under the feet, and a white divine light came out.

“Huh?” Qin Yang said lightly, this foot didn’t even crush this rock!

Qin Yang, who is already in the Seventh Heaven of the Divine King Realm, has a physique comparable to the Eight Heavens of the Divine King Realm. This Tianya Stone is so strong!

“Hiss!” The Flame Demon Queen and others were taken aback. The End of the World Rock was probably the strongest piece of rock in the entire Wanzhong Mountain Mystery, and Qin Yang broke it with one foot!

“Where did Xiao Xiao come from, dare to destroy the End of the World Rock!”

A thunderous shout came from the sea, and the sea separated directly from the middle, and a marine fish as big as a magic weapon battleship dragged its long tail out of the waves.

On top of his head, stood a blond young man.

Take a closer look, there are scales shining with divine light around his neck and palms.

“Crap! This is the guardian!” Zhang Xiaoxiao’s expression changed and said: “I heard my father said that there are guardians in this sea of ​​waves, but no one has ever seen them. I didn’t expect this legend to be true! “

“Guardian?” Qin Yang disagreed, staring at the blond young man, and asked: “What does it have to do with you when I destroy the End of the World Rock? You are a monster in the sea, and here is still on land. You are too wide, right? ?”

The blond young man squinted his eyes, the golden vertical pupils looked at Qin Yang and his party, and said coldly: “This Tianya Stone carries the love bond between the lord and the mistress. If you destroy this Tianya stone, it is equivalent to ruining my mistress. Life, how can I tolerate you?”

The blond young man was gleaming, and the waves were soaring. At the end of the sky and the sea in the distance, the huge waves hit the sky directly.

If it is slapped, I am afraid that it will be overwhelmed in an instant.

Qin Yang didn’t have any fear, and snorted, “It’s just a stone. What’s the life of your mistress? Besides, this secret realm is about to be destroyed, but I followed the guidance of the starry compass to find diamonds and save them. This secret realm, are you sure you want to stop me?”

“Fart!” The blond young man was furious. “The Star Compass will never let you take the diamonds here! If you want to find diamonds, you can look for them elsewhere!”

After a pause, the murderous intent in the blond youth’s eyes increased sharply, “As for the destruction of the secret realm… dare to say anything like this, believe it or not, I killed you!”

The huge waves in the distance are getting closer and closer, and there is a scene of the end of the world. No one doubts whether this blond young man will do it.

The huge sea fish monster beast under its seat has scarlet eyes full of murderous intent.

“Why don’t we look elsewhere?” Zhang Xiaoxiao whispered: “The legendary guardians have all appeared. Let’s not move this Tianya Rock?”

“Why look elsewhere, I want this one!” Qin Yang said, “Wang Xiaoer’s father pointed out that this diamond must have its purpose.”

More than that, the heart of the earth in Qin Yang Qiankun’s ring was beating a little faster. There must be diamonds in other places, but only the diamonds in this end of the world are the most special.

“It’s just fused into Liuhe Stone, and the diamonds are the same everywhere.” The Flame Demon Queen also persuaded.

The pressure on her by this blond youth was enormous, and it was incompatible with fire and water. The power of this blond youth was several times more dangerous than the water spirit swordsman.

What’s more, this blond young man came from the sea monster, and it was hard to guarantee that he could not order other monsters in the sea.

Qin Yang was firm, staring at the blond young man without letting go.

The blond young man smiled angrily, his jagged teeth rubbed into a human voice, “Good boy, do you know why I am a legend? Because all the ignorant and greedy human races died when they saw me! Now I have no time to grind. Damn you, I advise you to leave as soon as possible! If you dare to approach this sea within a hundred miles, I will…”

“Kab! Wipe!”

A few more cracks suddenly appeared on the Tianya Rock, and Qin Yang’s feet pressed hard, and the whole Tianya Rock was on the verge of breaking.

Qin Yang used his actions to tell the blond youth, stomped his foot suddenly, and the entire end of the earth burst into pieces!

In the end of the world, a bright diamond floated in the air, and the sky and the earth also lit up.

“Asshole! Asshole!” The blond young man trembled all over, with a hideous face. Reaching out to the sea, the sea stirred up a huge whirlpool, and a trident trident rushed out of the water, exuding pure and majestic water system power.

“Arrogant humans, I want you to die!” The blond young man waved his halberd fiercely, and a water blade swept over him.

Qin Yang directly took the diamond into the Universe Ring, pointed it like a sword, and swiped it from the bottom up.

“Missing Ban Yue Slash!”

As if directly drawn a black crescent moon, the moon entered the magic hook, and directly cut off the water blade.

The water blade was divided into two halves, the castration remained unabated, the peaks were cut off, and the forests were all broken.

“Want to kill me? You will pay the price.” Qin Yang smiled. Suddenly he raised his brows, and in the ring of the universe, the heart of the earth merged with the diamond and became a multicolored heart…

“I don’t know how to be grateful, and I don’t understand awe. I have said long ago that human greed cannot be stopped. Today I will bloodbath the Mystic Realm of Wanzhong Mountain and kill all of you disgusting human races!”

The thunder roared through the world, and everyone’s color changed.

“Qin Yang…you seem to have caused a major disaster…” Zhang Xiaoxiao’s body tightened.

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