I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 371: All demon

“What kind of disaster?” Qin Yang stared at the blond young man, and said with a smile: “The old refining man said that the body of a monster beast can create a superior magic weapon, and if it is integrated into a monster soul, the magic weapon can exert its power. It’s just that the law of forging and refining is explicitly prohibited…”

Qin Yang said slowly: “I heard that in seven or eight years, this ban may change. I don’t know the specifics yet, but I can prepare for it now.”

The Flame Demon Queen looked at Qin Yang in surprise, “Old refining man? What old refining man can understand such a refining method? For your human race, this refining method has long been lost…”

Queen Flame Demon guessed: “Could it be some evil repair?”

Qin Yang rolled his eyes. If God Emperor Duobao is an evil cultivator, what is the Sky Academy?

“Want to use me to refine magic weapons? Hahaha, it seems that you really do not live or die!” The blond young man’s golden vertical pupils burst into divine light, and he raised his finger to the sky.

The huge waves that had reached the front behind him spread directly into the sky.

The whole sky suddenly turned into an ocean!

Everyone seemed to be in an upside-down world. In the ocean above their heads, there was a terrifying and huge shadow, which turned out to be countless powerful sea monsters!

“It’s amazing,” Qin Yang said.

“Let’s go quickly, we are equivalent to being an enemy of all the monsters in the entire Tianlanghai!” Zhao Xingchen’s calf trembled, he had never seen such a powerful field.

Qin Yang shook his head lightly and said, “If you can’t walk away, this sea and sky domain can cover the entire Wanzhong Mountain. You’d better find a way to leave this secret realm.”

“Huh?” Zhang Xiaoxiao and the others stood tall.

“You seem to know this, so why are you still irritating him?” The Flame Demon Queen felt uncomfortable, and the sky was flooded with the sea, which was simply too bad for her.

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “Why don’t you say that he angered me?”

Qin Yang looked at the blond youth quietly, his face appeared in front of his face.

Enemy: Guardian of Sky Waves and Seas.

Strength: Divine King Realm Nine Heavens.

Gongfa: Hanhai Jue.

Rule: Heart of the Sea.

Field: Haitian.

A regular star is directly condensed in the black hole nebula after Qin Yang’s metamorphosis. The nebula slowly rotates, and the speed seems to be so fast.

After the system is advanced, everything can be actively replicated, as long as the power of the rules is copied to condense the stars in the body, you can improve your own strength.

Qin Yang looked up at the sea and sky, there were endless sea monsters here, and it was time to break through to the Ninth Heaven of the Divine King Realm!

“Good boy, your knowledge is so extraordinary, you can tell my realm.” The blond young man’s face was calm, but there was endless anger in the calm.

“Trivial human races, all races in the entire Wanzhong Mountain Secret Territory, will be buried with you because of your stupidity!” The blonde youth said.

The Haitian realm suddenly sank, as if it was about to collapse.

A series of water jets broke through the sea and crashed to the ground. The huge impact force can directly smash the mountain through the ground directly.

A mad tiger shark rushed over, the huge sharp teeth exuded a cold light, and the length of each sharp tooth was longer than a room!

This bite down, I’m afraid it can directly tear everyone up!

Qin Yang’s eyes were unpredictable, and he copied a regular star. Although it was much worse than the giant Pluto, it could be slightly improved.

Qin Yang laughed, “I don’t know how to live or die!”

Qin Yang slammed out with a punch, annihilated the earth-shaking fist to form a huge black fist shadow, and smashed the mad tiger shark with one fist.

The power of all its rules was instantly wiped out, and the blood poured down.

“This physique is not bad, as a sea monster of the seventh level of the Divine King Realm, it is not bad.” Qin Yang nodded and commented.

Reaching out and flicking it gently, the obliteration rule reappears, directly obliterating the rain of blood.

As the Seventh Level of the Divine King Realm, this mad tiger shark will die with one move under Qin Yang!

Qin Yang stared at the blond young man quietly, grinning and said: “In a small area, all the sea monsters in the sky wave sea will be buried because of your stupidity! Haitian domain? Hahaha, you just provided them with a way to find death! “

Qin Yang returned the words of the blonde youth intact and added a sentence. The blond young man clenched the Poseidon Trident in his hand in anger.

“Do you think…I’m laughing?” The blond young man said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, what you just killed was just a mad tiger shark with the lowest bloodline. If this makes you complacent, your self-confidence is too easy. It’s bursting.”

“Bloodline?” Qin Yang spread his hands and said, “Come on, then let me see how powerful the bloodline of the sea monster is!”

The Queen of the Flame Demon and the others were immediately messed up. This Qin Yang was really bold. What happened to this, so calm?

“Qinglin, stop!” A weak, tender drink came from the depths of the sea, with an indefatigable dignity in the softness.

The blond young man was shocked, turned around and knelt on one knee, and said: “This human race has destroyed the End of the World Rock…”

“I know…my mother…” There was a bit of grief in her voice. After a while, she said again: “Have you forgotten my mother’s admonition?”

“But…” Qinglin clenched his fists, and wanted to breathe fire in his eyes.

“Let him go.” The voice gradually weakened.

Qing Lin took a deep breath and was about to crush his teeth, then suddenly turned his head and stared at Qin Yang firmly.

There is anger in his eyes, but sadness more.

Qin Yang suddenly felt like he did something wrong?

Qing Lin didn’t say a word, waved his hand gently, the sea and sky domain dispersed, all the monsters in the sea returned to the sky and the sea, the sky and the earth were clear.

“Who was talking just now?” Qin Yang turned his head and asked.

Zhao Xingchen looked at Wang Xiaoer, Wang Xiaoer looked at Zhang Xiaoxiao, and Zhang Xiaoxiao looked at Queen Yan Demon again.

Qin Yang rolled his eyes: “Such a strong monster must obey its orders, but you don’t know anything? Are you still the natives of this Wanzhong Mountain?”

Zhao Xingchen hurriedly raised his hand and said: “I am not, I am an outsider…”

Immediately, the eyes of several other people withdrew their hands.

“Don’t talk about the person who just spoke, even this guard named Qinglin, we have only heard the legend…” Zhang Xiaoxiao looked helpless.

The Queen of the Flame Demon said: “The land and the sea are very clear, and there is very little communication. They are in the same world and divided into two worlds. It is natural not to know.”

“Since we have found the diamond, all the three earth-type spiritual materials are available, let’s go quickly.” Zhang Xiaoxiao was a little afraid.

Qin Yang frowned and looked at the sea in a daze.

“Does your kid still want to go in, right?” The Flame Demon Queen looked at Qin Yang and said: “It was on the ground just now. The one named Qinglin has such a skill. You are going to someone else’s site. Is the sheep in the mouth?

“I don’t like to hear this word, I like to hear tigers into the flock.” Qin Yang said.

Everyone was speechless, is it time to struggle with these words?

Qin Yang stretched out his hand, took out Jinsha, and said, “Little Er, you take this back.”

Wang Xiaoer hurriedly took it over joyfully and held it in his hand carefully. The sands still retained the appearance of the throne handle, and the Queen of the Flame Demon felt heartache.

“Where is the diamond and the heart of the earth?” Zhang Xiaoxiao asked hopefully.

If these spiritual materials are used to extremes, Wang Xiaoer’s father, Wang Qianqiu, will recover from his injuries, and the Li Family will no longer be able to dominate this secret realm.

The Zhang and Wang families can once again compete with the Li family.

“This…” Qin Yang scratched his head and said: “A little problem has occurred, but it shouldn’t be a big problem. It’s all about integration anyway.”

Qin Yang took out the heart of the earth and the crystal clear heart that had just merged into one diamond.

Everyone was stunned for a while, feeling the pure and profound power emanating from it, and was shocked.

Even if it is obtained by ordinary cultivators, these treasures are enough to make ordinary cultivators one of the ranks of Tianjiao.

“Take it.” Qin Yang threw it away, as if it was just an ordinary stone.

Everyone was stunned, Qin Yang really didn’t care about such heaven and earth spirit treasures!

“Great grace…”

“Stop!” Qin Yang waved his hand. To be honest, he didn’t want to give these three kinds of spiritual materials to that Wang Qianqiu, this guy obviously had a problem.

It’s just that Qin Yang doesn’t have time to manage these now.

“Are you… going to Tianlanghai?” The Flame Demon Queen asked.

Several others are also very worried.

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “I have never been ashamed of what I did. In fact, I can’t ruin this end of the world…”

“I didn’t expect you to be quite noble?” A different color appeared in the eyes of Queen Flame Demon.

Qin Yang smiled and said, “Noble is not enough, at least I have to prove that it was not the guard named Qinglin who let me go, but that I really didn’t put him in my eyes.”

The Flame Demon Queen and the others were suddenly covered with black lines, this Qin Yang is really… speechless!

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