I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 372: Dragon Girl Aokeer

In the sky and sea, Qin Yang drove the dragon jade quickly and horizontally.

Before the huge shadows showed their true body, a white light flashed, Qin Yang and Shenlongyu disappeared.

No matter how powerful the Sea-Monster is, it is impossible to capture Qin Yang’s figure.

However, almost all siren knew a little!

The boy who knows nothing about life and death entered the sea of ​​heaven!

“Swim down and pay attention to some caves and dark corners, etc.” Qin Yang ordered.

Shenlongyu was speechless, and said: “Do you think the sea monsters in the sea are all small fish and shrimp? Are you still in the cave?”

“This sea is so big, is it possible that you want to take me around inch by inch?” Qin Yang said angrily.

Shenlongyu retorted: “If there is a star compass, these are naturally not a problem! You also said that the waves are so big this day, where can I find it?”

“You…” Qin Yang was speechless.

There are unchanging scenery everywhere, and Shenlongyu is rampant here.

“Have you been here?” Qin Yang frowned.

Shenlongyu stopped, looking at the sinking magic weapon ship quietly floating in the sea, and said: “It’s not a way to find it like this…”

“You know it!” Qin Yang rolled his eyes.

“Then how do you find it?”

Qin Yang and Shenlongyu quarreled while trying to find a way, but after much deliberation, they didn’t make a difference.

“I found this Terran boy!”

Shennian sound transmission was overwhelming, even Qin Yang and Shenlongyu also heard it.

Qin Yang turned his head, and a huge mountain-like monster appeared quietly. When he looked up, he couldn’t see the top.

Suddenly, the behemoth opened its mouth, like a grand canyon, with sea water pouring into it frantically.

The huge suction power contains the rules of heaven and earth, making everything impossible to break free.

But this is not a problem at all for Shenlong Jade.

“Don’t go, let him swallow!” Qin Yang said.

Shenlong Jade’s brain is bright, and the heart understands it.

As the sea water rolled down, Qin Yang and Shenlong Jade were directly swallowed by this behemoth.

In the distance, the divine light was shining, and Qinglin swam over with the snake-like sea fish, which was a thousand miles away.

“Black whale, how about people?” Qing Lin asked.

The behemoth turned out to be a sea monster whale. After slowly shrinking in size, it was a big fat man with a simple face. There was a universe in his fat belly, as if he could swallow the world.

After transforming into a human form, the black whale stroked its belly with one hand and twisted the long beard around its mouth with one hand, and smiled: “I have eaten it, and there is also a white thing that looks like a dragon. The breath of a monster, not a monster.”

Qinglin’s face changed, and he hurriedly asked: “Did you see clearly? The white dragon?”

The black whale nodded, “I see it clearly.”

Qinglin suddenly became angry, and said: “You are confused! Dragon species monsters, the aura is no longer comparable to the monster beasts. If you really are the dragon species, you can cause a catastrophe! As guards, we are the dragon guard… “

The black whale looked panicked and hurriedly opened his mouth to spit out the white dragon in his belly.

However, the Black Whale suddenly became puzzled, sensing that there was only Qin Yang in his stomach, but there was no white dragon that he had seen before.

“No… no more…” The Black Whale was a little overwhelmed and said, “Could it be…has been digested by me?”

“Where is that Human Race kid?” Qinglin asked.

The black whale said: “Still in my stomach, he seems to have opened a barrier, counteracting my ability to digest him.”

Qinglin frowned and said, “No matter what, take him to the Dragon Palace first and hand him over to the princess for trial!”

The two left together.

After a while, in the depths of the sea, there was a ball emitting colorful light.

As I got closer, I discovered that the ball turned out to be a light mask with a huge group of palaces in it.

The blue scales and black whales turned into human forms, submerged in the mask, and landed on the ground.

The surroundings are magnificent and luxurious. Standing on the ground and looking at the deep sea, under the reflection of the colorful mask, it is like a gorgeous sky full of rainbows.

The shadow of a huge monster beast slowly became clear, and it quietly swam past the Dragon Palace, seeming to guard this ancient and mysterious palace group.

Go straight into the main hall and back garden.

The fragrance of flowers bursts, any flower, even a small grass, is the best elixir.

A blonde girl with a sickly pale complexion was sitting quietly on the grass, staring at the only unique place in the back garden.

In the most prosperous part of the garden, there is a magic circle, and a beautiful woman is suspended in the light circle supported by the circle.

The beautiful woman has a calm look, and her body seems to be a little empty, like a phantom, afraid that it will disappear at any time.

“Princess, that Human Race kid caught it.” Qing Lin said.

Ao Ke’er turned her head, and the two tears on her face like a porcelain doll were still clear, and she whispered in her mouth, “Didn’t you let you let him go? Don’t you listen to what I said?”

Qing Lin knelt on one knee and said: “I have let him go, he broke into the sea!”

Ao Ke’er looked at her mother, her voice trembling in grief, “Let him go, I can force you to go out of the sea and sky domain, not a person who is waiting. Admonish him not to tell the story of the Dragon Palace outside…”

The voice stopped, Ao Kerr sighed, and said: “Finally, this mystery has reached its limit after all, and everything will eventually dissipate.”

“How could it dissipate? Isn’t the star compass looking for the Five Elements Spiritual Material?” A voice sounded softly.

When the green scale heard the change, he looked at the black whale on the side.

The black whale was suddenly flustered, and within the universe, the kid… disappeared!

“He’s there! Bastard boy, you dare to be presumptuous!” Qing Lin was furious, and found that Qin Yang appeared before the formation, looking at the mistress so close!

Qinglin stretched out his hand and held it virtually. Over the main hall and in the sea, a huge vortex was condensed, and the sea god’s trident was sharp!

“Don’t disturb my mother!” Ao Keer said.

“But he…” Qing Lin retracted his hand and stared at Qin Yang firmly. He hadn’t forgotten that just now this kid didn’t listen to persuasion and directly destroyed the End of the World Rock.

“Under Ao Kerr, I have seen the son.” Ao Kerr got up and saluted gently.

Demeanor, dignified and noble.

“Qin Yang.” Qin Yang arched his hands and looked at the beautiful women in the formation.

“Princess, why are you so polite to him!” Qinglin glared at Qin Yang.

Ao Kerr gently shook her head and said: “He can get out of the belly of the black whale so easily, he is not an ordinary person.”

Two times to look at Qin Yang differently, Qinglin was not convinced.

Qin Yang rubbed his chin, and said, “Tianya Shi is really her spiritual sustenance. I ruined Tianya Shi, and her body is about to dissipate.”

Ao Ke’er’s face ached, which made people feel distressed.

Qin Yang looked at the angry Qinglin, sighed, and said, “Don’t blame you for being so angry. If this happens to me, it will be useless for anyone to stop me.”

“You know it!” Qinglin gritted his teeth.

Qin Yang walked back and forth around the formation. The formation was too advanced to be copied, but it could be seen that it should be a seal type formation.

“If I guessed right, this is the place to explore the Mysterious Realm of Ten Thousand Layers of Mountains!” Qin Yang pointed to the beautiful woman in the formation.

After a pause, Qin Yang continued: “The Lord of the Secret Realm has fallen. It is a pity that no one except the Lord of the Secret Realm can stop the collapse of the Secret Realm. No matter how strong it is, it is useless. With the power of the entire Dragon Palace, this secret realm collapse point cannot be sealed, so She took the initiative to sacrifice herself and delayed the collapse of this secret realm.”

Qin Yang cast a glance at Ao Kerr who was surprised, and continued: “All of her power is used to block the collapse point, but it is still not enough. Seeing her mind fall asleep, her power dissipates, her body is almost nothing…So you too You have overdrawn your own strength, in order to preserve her body, her only divine mind will make you so weak.”

Qing Lin rebuked: “Everything was fine, if it weren’t for you, it wouldn’t be the way it is now!”

Qinglin erected pupils staring at Qin Yang, wishing to swallow this kid alive.

It was precisely because the End of the World Stone was destroyed that the mistress’s divine sustenance dissipated, and she could no longer hold it…

Once the mistress’s body becomes nothingness, the divine mind will completely dissipate. And the collapse point of the secret realm is no longer under control…I’m afraid that I can’t wait for the star compass to find the five elements spiritual material, and this dragon palace will be swallowed by the collapse point first.

“Things started because of me, but this is also your luck.” Qin Yang shrugged.

“What did you say?” Qinglin finally couldn’t bear it, and went up and grabbed Qin Yang’s collar.

“Qinglin!” Ao Keer had tears in her eyes.

“This kid knows everything, but I’m still talking cool words here, I…” Qinglin trembled, her sharp nails pierced Qin Yang’s collar and tightened her own flesh and blood, blood flowed out, still I don’t know the pain is normal.

Qin Yang said, “I said it is your luck, it is your luck.”

After a pause, Qin Yang stared at Qinglin quietly, and slowly said, “Because I have a way to prevent the secret realm from collapsing, and I can even resurrect your mistress.”

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