I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 373: then I can

The air instantly solidified, and everyone in the back garden of the Dragon Palace felt like a dream.

Qinglin roared: “What are you kidding? Don’t think that the princess doesn’t want to kill you, you can really talk nonsense! The princess spared you two lives. Not only are you not grateful, but are you still talking about it here?”

“Let him say it.” Ao Ke’er said, “Qinglin, let go.”

Ao Kerr’s eyes were filled with hopeful light, even if she thought Qin Yang was mostly nonsense, but she still didn’t want to give up the slightest possibility.

Qing Lin released his hand, Qin Yang patted his collar, and said: “Actually, she is dead for you. Divine consciousness fell into a deep sleep, and it was completely reliant on divine sustenance. There is still a little connection. Now divine sustenance My connection was shattered by me and it has almost completely disappeared.”

Qin Yang turned around, looked at the peaceful face of the beautiful woman, and sighed in his heart.

This is an infatuated person, a brave person!

For the sake of her husband, I would rather take my life to stop the collapse, rather than give up the hope of his husband’s return.

After sighing, Qin Yang continued: “For you, she is dead, but for me, she is not yet. Although she is sure to resurrect her, the difficulty is not low.”

Resurrection under normal circumstances is risky, because the Great Array of the Dead may not be able to bring back the souls of the dead. If the soul is destroyed, or there is no spiritual attachment, then it will definitely fail.

And this risk does not exist for the peaceful beautiful woman in the Dragon Palace, because her spiritual sustenance has not completely dissipated!

“Stop talking nonsense! How do you resurrect the mistress?” Qinglin asked.

Qin Yang thought for a while, and said, “I have to rely on the three great formations. First, I will use the Dead Realm Great Array to summon the souls of the dead… Uh, it is to reunite the spirits of your mistress. Then use the reincarnation formation to resurrect the dead soul , And at this time, although it has been successfully resurrected, the body is made of soil.”

“This is impossible! How can the dragon clan’s majesty be profaned? How can the dragon clan bloodline be given up?” Qing Lin said directly.

After speaking, he bowed his head and fell silent. Compared to resurrection, does any body have meaning?

Ao Ke’er asked: “You said that there are three big formations, but there are only two of them. What is the remaining big formation?”

Qin Yang looked at Qinglin and snorted, and said: “This third big formation is the Stealing Heaven and Fate Array. Use the Stealing Heaven and Fate Array to transfer the resurrected soul of your mother to her body. .”

In this way, this dragon mother can be brought back to life perfectly.

Qin Yang quietly looked at the peaceful beautiful woman in the formation, frowning and thinking. This third step is to move the dragon mother’s body out of this formation, and the collapse point of this secret realm is here. Once her body is moved out, the secret realm will collapse uncontrollably.

And it collapses faster than in any case!

At the collapse point blocked by the Dragon Mother, the mystery has been degraded, and the strength of the collapse has been tight. The formation of the Stealing Heaven and Fate Transfer Array cannot even be arranged in this dragon palace. Qin Yang can predict that once it is removed When the body is moved out, the dragon palace will be instantly swallowed by the collapse point.

There is no time to spur the Thieving Fate Array!

And what is the safety distance… Qin Yang didn’t even know.

“Really?” Qing Lin looked at Qin Yang suspiciously, saying so, it was difficult for people to tell the truth from the false for a while.

It even makes people feel very credible!

Ao Ke’er looked at Qin Yang suspiciously, and solemnly asked, “The three big formations you just mentioned are the Dead Realm Great Formation, the Reincarnation Formation Formation and the Stealing Heaven Transferring Formation?”

Qin Yang came back to his senses and nodded: “That’s right.”

Ao Keer closed her eyes in despair, and the Qinglin on the side was puzzled.

Ao Ke’er said: “I don’t know the formation of the death world and the reincarnation formation, but this thief and destiny formation… If my memory is correct, it should be the core formation of Shadow.”

“Yes.” Qin Yang continued to nod, still calculating the safe distance in his heart.

“Shadow? What is it?” Qinglin asked.

Ao Kerr shook her head feebly, and said: “There are three dark forces in the sky continent, Ten Thousand Demons Palace, Shadow, and Blood Skull. I heard my mother said that the background of this shadow is terrible… and this Stealing Heaven’s Fate Formation is normal. The Shadow will not at all, only the elites in the Shadow will arrange it.”

Qinglin suddenly became angry, and asked Qin Yang loudly, “You said there is a way, is it this way? To speak the vernacular, where do we go to find someone from the shadow to arrange this thief?”

“You don’t have to look for it, I will.” Qin Yang said.

“You?” Qinglin didn’t believe it.

Qin Yang thought of something, reached out his hand and turned it over, a token appeared in his hand.

Passing the token to Ao Kerr, Qin Yang said: “Since you know Shadow, do you know this token?”

Ao Kerr shook his head.

Qin Yang wanted to save some trouble, but he didn’t expect that Ao Kerr had only heard of it, but didn’t know the token of the golden shadow level in the shadow.

Qin Yang said: “Don’t worry about so much, just know that I will do it.”

“What about the other two formations? You too?” Qing Lin asked.

Qin Yang said directly: “Of course.”

“The first two formations you mentioned have not even been heard by the princess. Who knows if they are true or not?” Qinglin looked at Qin Yang suspiciously.

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “Do you know the stone scholar scholar in the ancient tomb of Lingyuan?”

Qinglin was confused, how come this kid’s mouth is so strange? He knows Lingyuan Ancient Tomb, but what is this stone figure scholar?

Ao Kerr showed a thoughtful look. Suddenly she was tender for a while and opened her mouth: “The Underworld in Lingyuan Ancient Tomb?”

“It should be him.” Qin Yang nodded and said: “The Great Array of the Dead is his domain. He also personally laid the Great Array of the Dead in front of me. As for the reincarnation formation, the altar of his lair is.”

“Boy, are you kidding us?” Qing Lin said loudly, “The Underworld God of Lingyuan Ancient Tomb is the top powerhouse in the Mystic Realm of Wanzhong Mountain. Even the Star Compass can’t help him, and we still have hatred with him. Will he help us?”

Qin Yang shook his head helplessly, and said, “It is indeed impossible to ask him to help, because he has been killed by me.”

Qinglin was shocked and taken aback.

Ao Kerr also looked at Qin Yang in shock, “Xingkong Compass has said that he is an immortal existence in the mystery of Ten Thousand Mountains. His undead legion, even the lava army of the Queen of the Flame Demon may not be opponents…”

Qing Lin said, “Even if what you said is true, you killed the Underworld God of Lingyuan Ancient Tomb, but these two formations…”

Qin Yang said calmly: “Since I dare to say it, I am sure of it.”

“There are also materials for the formation of the Stealing Heaven and Fate Array?” Ao Ke’er was extremely nervous.

“not a problem.”

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