I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 374: Resurrect relatives

“Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up!” Qing Lin urged.

Qin Yang glanced at Qinglin and said, “I don’t know how long the sea monster’s life is, but from what I see, you are probably older than I thought.”

“What do you want to say?” Qing Lin frowned.

Qin Yang said directly: “You are so old, but you are still so easily excited. You have been in this deep sea for too long, haven’t you experienced any big winds and waves?”

Qinglin gritted his teeth and said: “You mean the frog at the bottom of my well?”

I was going to teach Qin Yang immediately. Although he couldn’t kill, he didn’t say he couldn’t do it, but after thinking about it, Qinglin gritted his teeth and said, “As long as you can resurrect the mistress, I will do whatever you want. I will give you all my orders!”

Qin Yang rolled his eyes, “What do I want your life for? A mere dragon, the refining of magic weapons is too inferior.”

Qinglin’s eyes widened suddenly, “How do you know that my body is Flood Dragon?”

Not to mention Qin Yang, even Shenlong Jade can see through at a glance.

The black whale whispered from the side: “Then the white dragon that I saw before, is it true? Is this kid really related to the dragon clan?”

“What white dragon?” Ao Keer asked.

The black whale suddenly wanted to smoke a big mouth, so why did he mention it all right? At this time, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and said what Qin Yang had swallowed before was a suspected white jade dragon.

Ao Kerr looked at Qin Yang and asked in confusion, “White Jade Dragon?”

There is a strange look in his eyes.

“It may be your relatives, come out and meet.” Qin Yang smiled.

With a flash of white light in the arena, a “Jade Dragon” of incomparably majestic and ingenious craftsmanship appeared, with two scarlet eyes, still with the breath of Qin Yang’s blood.

Qing Lin was taken aback, and hurriedly protected Ao Kerr. The black whale was fine, but it was not much better.

Although he is not a dragon, but the slight coercion made him dare not resist in his heart.

“Jade Dragon!” Ao Kerr exclaimed.

“Huh?” Qin Yang was surprised, “Do you really know each other?”

“To make a statement, I am not a relative of the Dragon Clan, I used to be a sacred item of the Dragon Clan.” Shenlongyu said softly, looking at Qin Yang with a somewhat unclear expression of playfulness.

“Why didn’t you say that you are such a good X?” Qin Yang was taken aback, this is not the style of Shenlongyu!

Shenlong Yu let out a cry, and said with pride: “My identity as Niu X has gone, I am the magic weapon of Emperor Qin’s life, or the secret key of the gods. This is only a thousand years ago. The forgotten calendar of a thousand years…and the calendar of the gods 10,000 years ago…”

Shenlongyu stopped talking and said, “Forget it, that’s all the glory of the past, so I won’t mention it.”

For a time, force the grid to fill up directly!

Seeing Qin Yang admiring himself, Shenlongyu added in his heart, I am still the magic weapon of the Lord of Destruction…

Ao Kerr said excitedly: “You turned out to be a descendant of Emperor Qin?”

Qin Yang looked at Ao Kerr, and asked, “What? Are we still relatives?”

As Qin Yang was stunned, Ao Keer nodded and said with a serious face: “My mother once mentioned that the heroic emperor of the sky continent, Emperor Qin, is the descendant of the son-in-law of my dragon clan…”

Qin Yang’s head was suddenly full of numbness, and he was a little ashamed when he saw Ao Kerr directly treating himself as his own.

Fortunately, I am sure to resurrect the Dragon Mother. If not, wouldn’t it be that the flood rushed into the Dragon King Temple if the Tianya Stone was destroyed?

When he came out of identity, even Qinglin Capital Qin Yang’s hostility was reduced a lot.

Qin Yang didn’t wait to urge, and said directly: “The Great Formation of the Dead Realm and the Reincarnation Formation, there are ready-made ones in the ancient tomb of Lingyuan. You can save a lot of materials, as for this formation of Stealing Heaven and Moving Fate…”

Qin Yang frowned and said, “You don’t have to look at me with such suspicion. The formation is okay. The key is that the formation cannot be arranged here.”

“Why?” Ao Keer asked.

“Because the moment you move your mother’s body out of this formation, this secret realm is afraid that a terrible collapse will occur.” Qin Yang said.

“It doesn’t matter, you can resurrect my mother first, and then after the star compass has collected the five spiritual materials, you can naturally stabilize the secret realm, and even upgrade the secret realm. The Five Elements Ascension Formation is also one of the peerless great formations.” Ao Ke Said the child.

Qin Yang blushed suddenly and coughed lightly.

He never thought about making the star compass “success”…

The most important thing is that the Liuhe Stone synthesized from the Earth Element Spiritual Material is one of the Five Element Spiritual Material. It is already with Wang Qianqiu. I want to gather them together, unless Wang Qianqiu is killed…

“Don’t you have a way to stabilize this secret realm?” Qing Lin said.

Without waiting for Qin Yang’s answer, Ao Kerr said, “Since you can even arrange these three large formations, then the Vientiane Locking Dragon Formation is naturally not a problem, right?”

“This…” Qin Yang was embarrassed again, and said truthfully: “This Vientiane Locking Dragon Formation, the materials need to be sent by the academy.”

After the core of the formation disc was handed over to the formation pharaoh, the Baji Divine Emperor, he never saw it again. The Fighting Guild in the City of Freedom has been opened once, and it is directly a super god-level formation, and Qin Yang cannot copy it…

As for the fact that the academy sent someone to send it, it was actually Qin Yang’s rhetoric. Can’t you directly say that you can’t?

These are all kinds of distrust of yourself, how can you believe that you can “learn” at a glance?

“Let’s do it.” Qin Yang thought: “I will resurrect your mother first, and then wait for the matter of stealing the fate to return to the body. After all, if she doesn’t resurrect her, her spirit will completely dissipate, and there will be no chance. “

Ao Ke’er nodded and said, “Then please.”

After a while, Qin Yang, Qinglin, and Ao Keer came to the shore of the mainland, beside the fragmented Tianya Rock.

Seeing the fragments of the End of the World Stone, Qin Yang sighed, but it was a loss that they had not been wiped out.

With these Tianya stones, Qin Yang drove Shenlongyu and brought the two to Lingyuan Ancient Tomb again.

Looking at the tomb of Lingyuan above the ground, Ao Kerer and Qinglin were shocked again.

“This… isn’t Lingyuan Ancient Tomb underground?” Ao Keer asked.

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “I don’t like to drill down, so I lifted it up.”

After speaking, regardless of the shocked appearance of the two, they entered directly into the tomb.

Ao Ke’er and Qinglin looked like they were facing a great enemy, and they have gone deep into the land, especially in the ancient tomb of Lingyuan.

“Don’t be alert, all the dangers inside are gone.” Qin Yang said.

Sure enough, the Lingyuan ancient tomb was empty. Although the gloom was heavy, there was no crisis at all.

Even the monster beasts nearby did not dare to approach, and moved the nest away from a distance.

Above the underground formation, Qin Yang placed the collected Tianya Stone on the death formation formation arranged by the stone scholar scholar.

This great formation was arranged by the scholar of the stone statue who wanted to enslave his soul, and now the entire province of Qin Yang’s efforts.

The huge divine formation at his feet was the reincarnation formation. After Qin Yang checked that it could be used, he directly urged the death formation.

As if opening a door to the underworld, after the heavy mist, a woman walked out slowly.

Like Ao Kerr, he has dragon horns on his head. Although it is a spirit, it also reveals grace and luxury.

“Mother!” Ao Kerr cried directly into tears, and rushed over.

As soon as he took a step, Qin Yang grabbed his arm, “Don’t worry.”

Immediately, Qin Yang laid the soil of the undead at the core of the reincarnation formation, squeezing the fingers and urging the formation.

The soul was directly inhaled into the undead soil, and the undead soil gradually rose up, mixing like a mud into a human form, and then, as if carved like heaven, a lifelike stone statue appeared.

The eyes opened, and Mother Dragon looked at all this suspiciously. As the divine light in her eyes flickered, her body also changed. Although the essence was different, she could not see that she was actually a stone statue on the outside.

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