I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 38: Detoxify you

All the elders are as if they have seen a ghost, and those geniuses from Zhongzhou who are proud of all parties are even more frightened.

What is going on in this world?

Elder Wu and Jin Wanshan looked at each other speechlessly, as if they had nothing to do with them.

“Where is Meng Gaofei?” Qin Yang blocked an inner disciple and asked.

The disciple was already scared and his face was bloodless, he pointed his finger in one direction, his mouth trembled and couldn’t speak.

Qin Yang frowned and ran directly in that direction.

Under the hidden peak, Biyuetan.

“You have followed me all the way to this point, what do you want to do?” Lou Mengyu’s face was expressionless, and his eyes were cold.

Meng Gaofei grinned and said, “Of course it is doing something good!”

After that, he took out a jade bottle from his arms and slammed it at Lou Mengyu’s feet.

The red powder spread quickly, like a thick fog.

Meng Gaofei inhaled the mist, his eyes became more enthusiastic, even a little crazy.

Lou Mengyu gradually became murderous, and asked Senran: “Fire snake flower poison?”

“Not bad!” Meng Gaofei laughed as he held the winning ticket, “I know that you have an extraordinary background, but the more an extraordinary family, the more famous you are! As long as I cook mature rice with you, your family will I have to accept me, and I will…”

He gave a speech, but he clearly didn’t notice that the pink mist could not get close to Lou Mengyu’s body.

The clothes Lou Mengyu wore looked very ordinary, but from the inside to the outside, they were all yellow-level magic weapons.

Even if the temperature can be controlled, how can you get this kind of superficial conspiracy?

“You’re thinking too much.” Lou Mengyu came to Meng Gaofei and pointed out.

“Yo, you have to resist? Haha, I want to see how long you can last! You won’t have to beg me then!” Meng Gaofei’s face became more and more ferocious. Inhaling too much fire snake flower venom has already made him lose his mind.

A palm was slapped out, and the palm of his hand was numb, and then the entire palm was unconscious.

For an instant, Meng Gaofei seemed to think of something, and a brief sobriety appeared in his eyes.

His other hand was abolished by Qin Yang with the same fingering! Now his hands are all gone!

“Fire snake flower poison?”

Suddenly, a familiar voice came into their ears.

Immediately afterwards, Meng Gaofei let out a painful cry, and Qin Yang pinched his neck and lifted him up.

“Sure enough, cutting the grass should eliminate the roots, and the evil cannot stay.” Qin Yang’s eyes were murderous.

“You…you dare to return to the Thousand Hidden Sects? You are dead, you can’t leave alive!” Meng Gaofei struggled.

The corner of Qin Yang’s mouth raised slightly, “Oh? Then who can stop me from leaving alive? Elder Zhang? Or Sect Master?”

“You’d better let me go, if I plead for you, maybe I can leave you a whole body!”

“When you die, you can’t see the situation clearly. Who do you plead with?” Qin Yang snorted and said, “No matter who I plead with, I can send you to see him now!”

As soon as the voice fell, Qin Yang twisted his five fingers hard.

Meng Gaofei’s eyes widened and died on the spot.

“Are you a fool? Meng Gaofei came to call you, do you dare to go with him?” Qin Yang looked at Lou Mengyu, stretched out his hand and slapped gently in front of his eyes.

The wind is strong, the fire snake flower venom has dispersed.

Lou Mengyu knew that Qin Yang cared about himself, and his heart warmed, he took out the sky order, and said: “This token can not only count the number of kills when the monster tide starts, but it can also be used for temporary communication.”

Qin Yang looked up, and two words appeared on the back of the token: “Quick return”.

“What do you mean?” Qin Yang asked in confusion.

Lou Mengyu explained: “This is Teacher Wu who is sending me a message, otherwise I won’t be able to go with Meng Gaofei.”

Qin Yang took out his token, but there was nothing behind the token.

“Why does he only send you a message? Where is he?” Qin Yang asked.

Lou Mengyu shook his head, “Since I came to Qianyinzong, I haven’t seen Teacher Wu. He doesn’t know what he is doing again.”

Qin Yang nodded and started walking into Lou Mengyu.

Lou Mengyu had no doubts at first, but as Qin Yang got closer, Lou Mengyu began to back up slowly. Soon Lou Mengyu noticed something was wrong.

“What do you want to do?” Lou Mengyu asked.

“Detoxify you!” Qin Yang said.

“Detoxification? Detoxification? Could it be…” Lou Meng’s ears became red, and he scolded, “Bah, I am not poisoned!”

“Impossible, after the Grandmaster Realm, the true energy can be released. The wind was so strong just now, you can’t avoid it at all.” Qin Yang said seriously: “Don’t worry, I definitely don’t mix any personal feelings, it’s purely detoxification. “

“You are shameless! You rascal!” Lou Mengyu crushed the silver teeth. At this time, Qin Yang was a realm higher than her, how could he resist?

What’s more, there is still such a high-sounding reason!

“I’m really not poisoned! What I wear is the magic gauze you bought for me!” Lou Mengyu said.

“That’s not okay! This clothes is only a yellow-level magic weapon, not necessarily comprehensive. In fact, the real effective defense is the black silk that you don’t want to wear… You must be suppressed by running the Bingxin Jue after being poisoned, right. Right?” Qin Yang asked.

He had already forced Lou Mengyu to the edge of the pool, and he would fall down if he took a step back.

“I…” Lou Mengyu blushed. How could she say that she really wore the thin, almost transparent black silk inside?

“Look, you also said that you were not poisoned. Why did you blush if you were not poisoned?” Qin Yang reached out and gently stroked Mengyu’s delicate white cheeks.

Lou Mengyu seemed to be electrocuted. Wanting to avoid him, Qin Yang stretched out his hand abruptly and hugged it fiercely in his arms, as if he was about to rub it into his broad chest.

“You…you let me go!”

“Don’t have a burden, it’s not that you haven’t done it.”

“You beast!”

“That’s better than a beast.”

Lou Mengyu was under the control of Qin Yang, unable to break free, and could only be at his mercy. No matter how she explained, Qin Yang didn’t believe it.

“I am a descendant of the Qin family. I believe it or not. We are just right together. If you are really embarrassed, I can confuse you first, and then…”

“No!” Lou Mengyu shook his head helplessly.

The corner of Qin Yang’s mouth rose slightly, and then he laughed. Reaching out and tearing it hard, the yellow-tier magic weapon coat was torn apart.

“Ah!” Lou Mengyu exclaimed, and the black tulle magic weapon worn next to his body made his body more attractive.

“Aren’t you not wearing it?” Qin Yang smiled maliciously.

Since it was worn, Lou Mengyu was really not poisoned. But the matter is now, where is there room for maneuver?

The last layer of clothing was too thin, and Qin Yang was afraid of hurting Lou Mengyu, and whispered in his ear: “Remove the defense yourself, don’t force me to move.”

Lou Mengyu feels soft, where will he follow?

Qin Yang continued to launch an offensive, and his hands, no matter where Lou Mengyu could stand it, soon he was confused.

Seeing that it was about to break through the last line of defense, the air between heaven and earth suddenly became more than ten times heavier!

As if the clouds were burning, they turned into a sea of ​​flames, a phoenix screamed for nine days, and a fire phoenix hovered and soared, as if it was about to dive down at any time.

The wings spread out, full of tens of feet, waving up and down, the flames are like ocean waves.

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