I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 4: Pill Alchemy Test

In the Pill Hall, all the outer disciples inhaled air-conditioning.

“When you die, you still think about the pill?”

“Maybe it’s a broken jar, a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water?”

Zhou Shi coldly snorted and said, “Even if you give you all the deducted pills, can you still fail to advance to the Qi Gathering Realm?”

Qin Yang shrugged, “I won’t bother you if I advance, it’s just…”

One word at a time: “I don’t want to take away the things that belong to me!”

“Give it to him.” Elder Zhou gave Qin Yang a deep look and ordered.

Li Niu quickly took out the jade bottle and handed it to Qin Yang.

Qin Yang opened the jade bottle and saw that it was full of Guyuan Dan. I have been detained at most a dozen, but here is only a lot more!

“My Guyuan Pill is complete, but what about everyone?” Qin Yang said.

“Qin Yang, don’t take too much of an inch!” Zhou Shi said viciously.

“Impressive? Are you kidding me? I’m fighting for the benefits that everyone should get. This is also called imperceptible?” Qin Yang laughed.

The outer disciples looked at each other, their faces filled with expectations.

If their pill can also be replenished, the Outer Sect Competition in a month will definitely show their talents!

It’s just that the expressions of Elder Zhou and Zhou Shi are obviously not going to give.

Outer disciples can only look at Qin Yang hopefully, Qin Yang will be their life-saving straw! As long as Qin Yang said a few words, their future destiny might be different!

Of course Qin Yang won’t disappoint everyone. He shook his head and said again and again: “It’s a pity, a month later, I’m afraid it will be your death date.”

When I said it, everyone was at a loss and couldn’t understand.

“Oh?” Elder Zhou’s eyelids twitched, “What does this mean?”

Qin Yang played the taste: “Life and death duel is not a trivial matter, not to mention it should be held during the outer gate competition. Inner gate elders and even the sovereign may be present, aren’t they curious?”

Speaking of this, Qin Yang paused and continued: “If you let them know about this life-and-death duel, it’s because you are detaining the medicine, and I stand up and resist…”

“Enough!” Elder Zhou shouted angrily and said: “Reissue all the pills for everyone!”

“Great! Qin Yang, you are a hero!”

“Allow Elder Zhou to give in, you are the first person in the outer door!”

“From then on, I am only Zhang Dazhuang, Qin Yang, and Qin Yang! Qin Yang said one, I will never say two!”

“Me too, me too!”

The disciples of the outer sect were all convinced by what people wanted.

Qin Yangda can only care about himself, but he doesn’t!

In the life and death duel a month later, the outer disciples hoped that Qin Yang would win.

“It’s a pity, only one month is left.” Someone sighed.

“Even if Qin Yang died in battle, I will sacrifice and burn incense for him every year!”

Qin Yang was full of black lines, and he was intoxicated by the praise of everyone just now. How could he burn incense in a blink of an eye?

Li Niu hesitated at this time, his eyes dodged.

Elder Zhou frowned and said, “What are you still doing?”

Li Niu whispered: “No…there are not so many pills.”

“What?” Elder Zhou was furious, “Is the pill that you have all eaten as jelly beans? Even so, it is time for a pig to advance to the Qi Gathering Realm!”

Li Niu cowered and said, “The extra pill… has been sold for exercises and martial skills.”

Elder Zhou’s face went dark, if he didn’t make up the pills, things would be exposed in a month.

If it can be made up, this matter can be fooled. Elder Zhou took a deep breath and said: “Everyone’s medicine should be registered first and will be reissued slowly in the future.”

“No! When will it be in the future? Wait until after the outer gate? Then you should wait for death!”

“Yes, we also urgently need to improve our strength! The night is a huge loss!”

“It turns out that our medicine has been used by you to change your martial arts and martial arts, so you won’t be afraid of being condemned by heaven if you do this!”

Qin Yang looked at all this with a smile, and he was about to let Elder Zhou spit out all the pills he had detained today!

The life and death duel is settled, Zhou Shi and others will definitely stop this month. Qin Yang’s purpose is to let them not stop and continue to trouble themselves!

Otherwise, how could he continue to copy his exercises and martial skills, and how would he advance to the Qi Gathering Realm? Does it really have to wait a month?

Therefore, he has to keep pressing.

“If there is no pill, just refine the pill! As far as I know, Elder Zhou himself is an alchemist, right?”

Qin Yang chuckled and said, “Even if the pill hall does not have finished pill, there are still a lot of herbs. With the strength of the elders, I am afraid that it will not take a day to supplement the pill of disciples?”

“Are you asking me to personally refine the pill for these outer disciples? Are you ordering me?” Elder Zhou looked cold.

“No, no, the elders have misunderstood. How dare I order the elders? I’m just making suggestions for the elders, pointing out the way.” Qin Yang Youyou said.

Elder Zhou was anxious, but regretted that the life and death duel had been postponed until a month later. How good would it be to kill this kid right away?

Lian, he lost his face. If you don’t practice, who knows what else Qin Yang can do?

Originally thought that he could control everything, but because of the little Qin Yang, he was in a dilemma.

“Anyway, you are also a dying person. Why should I care about you?” Elder Zhou chuckled and said: “It’s just that this alchemy is not trivial. Even if it is a first-order pill, the Guyuan Pill, it can’t be refined for a day carry out.”

Qin Yang blinked and said, “Is it difficult to make alchemy?”

Elder Zhou sneered and said, “Ignorant kid, do you know how to make alchemy?”

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “What’s so strange about the first-order pill, I can refine it with my eyes closed. And it’s definitely better than what you refine!”

“What? Qin Yang can also refine alchemy?”

“Isn’t it possible? Although the first-order pill refining realm can be refined, you only need to use a special pill furnace. However, people’s energy is limited. At the beginning of cultivation, where will energy be placed on alchemy?”

“Looking at Qin Yang’s cultivation level, if he will practice alchemy again, he… is it that the evildoer is not successful?”

Elder Zhou laughed as if he heard the joke.

Zhou Shi and the others all laughed forward and closed together.

“Qin Yang, don’t flash your tongue when you speak big words!” Zhou Shi laughed and said, “You have only one month to live, so you have no scruples?”

The corner of Qin Yang’s mouth raised slightly, and said, “Don’t use your eyes to measure me, I am different from you.”

“Since you are so confident, why don’t you compare it with me?” Elder Zhou said, “I have a pill furnace specially used by disciples of the body refining realm. I also use this kind of pill furnace. We will refine the first-order pill at the same time. Gu Yuan Dan, how?”

“Shameless! Elder Zhou is a cultivator in the Qi Sea Realm. Without talking about the true Qi in his body, his spiritual thoughts are also very powerful. And Qin Yang has nothing, it’s embarrassing to compare with a trial pill?”

“Although all the special pill furnaces are used, it makes no difference to Elder Zhou!”

Elder Zhou’s expression was also a little uncontrollable, and he said: “You and I are practicing alchemy at the same time. As long as you can make it, even if you win. I just stay awake, don’t eat or drink, and I have to make up everyone’s pills. how is it?”

“A word is settled!” Qin Yang laughed.

Elder Zhou changed his voice and said, “If you can’t make it…”

Qin Yang said directly: “I don’t want my own bottle of Guyuan Pill! And the matter of life-and-death duel, I will never get involved with the Kekou Pill!”

“Good!” Elder Zhou’s eyes lit up.

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