I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 5: Is alchemy difficult?

The refining materials of the first-order pill, Guyuan Pill, were prepared and placed on the table with two copies per person.

No matter how advanced the alchemist is, he will not guarantee the success of every pot of pill. What’s more, the pill furnace uses a special pill furnace.

There is no need for qi to activate, as long as the spirit stone is installed, it can operate automatically.

But this will test the monks’ control over the heat, whether they have spiritual thoughts, it will be very important!

This is why all the outer disciples couldn’t help but scold Elder Zhou as shameless!

At the same time, this is also the reason why disciples in the body refining realm never learn alchemy!

Only the Qi Gathering Realm can awaken Spiritual Mind, and start learning alchemy early with half the effort. Wouldn’t it be better to hurry up and make breakthroughs?

“If you admit defeat now, you won’t be too embarrassed!” Zhou Shi dismissed.

Dare to compete with his grandfather to refine pill? It is simply not knowing how high the sky is.

“I don’t know who is embarrassed!” Qin Yang smiled.

“Would you like to prepare more materials for you? Or that sentence, as long as you can make it once, you will be considered a winner.” Zhou Elder was calm and relaxed. There was no suspense in this alchemy trial.

“No, if you are ready, then start.” Qin Yang urged.

Everyone was taken aback.

“Oh my God, is he waiting for Elder Zhou to be ready?”

“By the end of the day, he is still so calm and calm, does he really know how to make alchemy?”

“If he really knows how to make alchemy, even if he loses the outer door and fails to enter the top three, he will have enough qualifications to join the inner door!”

Zhou Chang said angrily: “Why should I prepare? Let’s start!”

After all, Zhou elder buckled Lingshi on the special pill furnace, the formation was activated, and the fire of the pill furnace slowly rose.

Elder Zhou was doing it while paying attention to Qin Yang, watching Qin Yang’s movements, his heart suddenly sank.

I saw that Qin Yang also activated the pill furnace, and his actions were not unfamiliar!

“Our outer disciples don’t have much chance to get in touch with the special pill furnace. Why is Qin Yang so skilled?”

“Looking at his movements are very random, they are exactly the same as Zhou Elder!”

“Is he already skilled enough to be the same as Elder Zhou?”

In the face of speculation by others, Qin Yang was happy, this is not worth mentioning in front of the invincible replication system! At this time, it’s just a copy of the action. What’s so strange? What he really wants to do is… it can be refined faster than Elder Zhou, and the quality of the pill is better!

Waiting quietly for a while, when the pill furnace heated up, Elder Zhou moved, and the same material was thrown into the pill furnace.

Ding! Copy the refining formula of the first-order Guyuan Dan and automatically upgrade to the perfect formula.

Ding! Copy the refining technique of the first-order Guyuan Pill, and automatically promote it to the peak.

Qin Yang was surprised by the two prompt sounds, followed by surprise!

The invincible replication system will improve the proficiency of the refining technique. Qin Yang has already prepared for this, but can the formula be optimized?

I’m afraid the only flaw in the fly in the ointment is that copying formulas and techniques will not help you improve your realm. The advanced requirements still need to copy exercises and martial skills.

Qin Yang moved too, and the same material was thrown into the pill furnace, and the system copied it, and it seemed to others that there was not even a blink of an eye.

Therefore, the scene is like the inside and outside of a mirror, and Qin Yang and Elder Zhou move synchronously, not bad at all.

“My God! He really knows how to make pills!”

“It looks like it’s not worse than Elder Zhou!”

The outer disciple exploded the pot, his face was full of surprises and surprises. If Qin Yang can win, this will be an epic victory for the outer disciples!

Zhou Shi and others were frightened, Qin Yang was so evil?

Li Niu snorted, and said in his heart: “It’s not easy to say that this kid is not easy to say, it is Zhou Shi who chose the wrong person to kill the chicken and the monkey. I see how Zhou Shi receives…No, I am on the same side with Zhou Shi…”

Compared to the onlookers, Elder Zhou couldn’t calm down at this time.

It is even said to have set off a monstrous wave!

Just now, he was afraid that Qin Yang would still steal the lesson and deliberately made a slight mistake in the amount. For himself, he could still make a pill, but for Qin Yang, if he still steals the lesson, he will undoubtedly lose.

but! The amount Qin Yang used was flawless, not bad at all!

The most important thing is that Qin Yang’s actions are like clouds and flowing water, and some steps are even ahead of him! How can this be!

Elder Zhou’s hands couldn’t stop trembling. After seeing the dosage of Qin Yang’s last few herbs, Elder Zhou calmed down a bit, and he was relieved.

“Hmph, I said that you really know how to make alchemy. It turns out to be blind! Those few herbs are very important, and they are not bad. I have refined countless solid pills of this order, and Qin Yang’s dosage is doomed to fail! “

So far, Elder Zhou no longer cared about Qin Yang and concentrated on refining his own medicine. After all, he did small moves before, but now he has to concentrate on ending.

Everyone held their breath and waited quietly. Time is slowly passing…

After a while, it was not just who yelled, “It’s done! It’s done!”

Immediately afterwards, the pill hall became lively.

Elder Zhou was taken aback and said angrily: “Pill formation is an inevitable thing, why make a fuss? It disturbed my alchemy…”

Before I finished speaking, I realized that it turned out that it was not him that was said by others, but…Qin Yang!

Qin Yang took the lead in becoming a pill one step at a time, and there was a crystal clear milky white pill lying in the pill furnace!

The fragrance of the medicine is overflowing. Looking at the color of this pill, it is so perfect that no one has seen such a grade of Guyuan Pill!

Elder Zhou couldn’t help but tremble all over, he didn’t pay attention, the last step of alchemy was wrong, and a burnt smell came out of his alchemy furnace.

Elder Zhou looked at the pill furnace in front of Qin Yang with a dull gaze, and repeated inconceivably: “The best… the best…”

There was an uproar in the pill hall!

The elixir is divided into seven levels, and each level is divided into low-grade, medium-grade, high-grade, and top-grade.

Among them, skilled alchemists can refine middle-grade pill. Top alchemists can refine top-grade pill. The best quality, you can meet but not ask for it!

This requires not only the technique, but also the formula!

“Fuck! Qin Yangguo really didn’t let me down, I knew he would do it!”

“Fuck you, when did you say he could become it? You said it was your kid who burned incense!”

“Qin Yang! You are the best!”

“The body refining stage was completed, refined the first-order pill, and defeated the elders of the Qihai stage! This section will eventually be recorded in the sect history!”

“One month later, Qin Yang will also win! We have confidence in you!”

Qin Yang looked at the top quality Guyuan Pill with satisfaction, smacked his lips, and said in his heart: “It’s a pity, Guyuan Pill can strengthen the body and help cultivation. But I don’t need it at all…”

Looking at the burning pill furnace next door, Qin Yang stretched out his hand and slapped his nose in front of his nose, and said with a puzzled look: “Elder Zhou failed in alchemy? Strange, is alchemy difficult?”

“Isn’t it difficult to make alchemy? My God, is this Qin Yang really a monster?”

“Extreme quality, I’m afraid that the most advanced alchemist in the sect can’t make it, right?”

When Elder Zhou heard this, his anger attacked his heart. A mouthful of old blood spurted out and his body was shaking.

“Grandpa!” Zhou Shi’s expression changed, and he quickly stepped forward to help.

Qin Yang sighed, and slowly said, “Don’t forget the previous agreement. You must refine the disciples’ pills without sleeping, eating or drinking. Unfortunately, your level of alchemy is too poor…”

After hearing these words, Elder Zhou couldn’t help it anymore, and when he rolled his eyes, he fainted alive!

All the outer disciples looked at Qin Yang with enthusiasm! They witnessed the birth of a miracle!

In contrast, they still need to prepare for the outer gate competition in a month’s time, and Qin Yang’s entry into the inner gate is already a certainty!

Qin Yang scanned the audience, his eyes rested on Li Xiaoqian who was equally shocked.

“Accounts, you have to do all the sums, now it’s up to you!”

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