I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 6: But you are not worthy

As the focus of the audience, whoever Qin Yang looked at naturally became the focus.

“This Qin Yang… is it interesting to Li Xiaoqian?”

“On the bar with Zhou Shi, could it be that the strong man became angry with his face?”

“It is also human nature to express yourself in front of the one you love.”

Li Xiaoqian has not been so noticed by the public. At this time, after listening to the words of other outer disciples, the whole person was a little fluttering, and her legs were soft and a little unable to stand.

“If I could have a generous embrace for myself to snuggle at this time, it would be perfect.” Li Xiaoqian thought.

Obviously, this embrace can no longer be Zhou Shi.

Li Xiaoqian’s eyes are full of spring, full of affection. There are so many outer disciples, but she is the only one who is admired by Zhou Shi, she is still confident in her appearance.

Seeing Qin Yang walking slowly step by step, Li Xiaoqian even guessed what the plot would be next.

“People…I’m not ready yet, you are too direct!” Li Xiaoqian pretended to be shy, kneading the corners of her clothes with both hands.

Qin Yang’s face was dumbfounded, and when he saw Li Xiaoqian’s attitude, he felt sick. Reach out and spit out two words gently: “Get it.”

Li Xiaoqian knew what to bring, and held the jade pendant around her neck with both hands, pressed it tightly to her chest, and said with a soft voice, “I really like this jade pendant. I will definitely treasure it!”

Qin Yang frowned and was not angry, but Li Xiaoqian spoke again.

“I was wrong before, so I should have told you directly. This is all to blame for you, you are so low-key in normal days, who would have thought you were so good.” Li Xiaoqian looked at Qin Yang with a peach in his eyes.

Defeated Li Niu with one punch and made alchemy more than Elder Zhou. Such people will definitely be cultivated vigorously in the sect. Where is the future comparable to that of Zhou?

Qin Yangqiang held back his vomit and reiterated: “Bring it!”

Li Xiaoqian pouted her mouth, reluctantly took off the jade pendant, and took it out honestly, with some expectation in her eyes.

Qin Yang took the jade pendant and his eyes lit up. It is the first time that he has seen this “family jade pendant” since he traveled through it. He didn’t expect this jade pendant to be so exquisite!

The body is flawless and white as crystals. Start softly, as if holding a beautiful girl…


Qin Yang abandons distracting thoughts that shouldn’t be in his mind. This jade pendant is shaped like a dragon and is alive. If the eyesight is good enough, every scale can be seen clearly!

If it is magnified a hundred times or a thousand times, this is simply a living dragon!

The only fly in the ointment is the eyes. There is a blank in the eyes and there is no look.

“The finishing touch?” Qin Yang thought of an idiom and shook his head quickly. Such an exquisite jade pendant, you can’t do it randomly…

Li Xiaoqian said quietly, “You must be interesting to me, you want to personally give me the family jade pendant, right?”

Qin Yang couldn’t help but laugh, looked at Li Xiaoqian playfully, raised his jade pendant, and said, “Do you like it?”

Li Xiaoqian nodded again and again, excitedly about to rise to a fairy.

With such a large crowd, she guessed that Qin Yang would woo her, and Li Xiaoqian felt very happy.

“If you like it, just say it, why bother?” Qin Yang said again.

Li Xiaoqian’s face was full of grievances like a little girl, and she stomped her feet lightly, “Hate! I didn’t know it before!”

“Do you really want it?” Qin Yang asked.

Li Xiaoqian looked shy, “If you are willing to give it to me, I…I promise you anything!”

“Oh, since ancient times, heroes have been saddened by Beauty Pass!”

“It’s really enviable, with strength and talent, and now there are beauties!”

“It’s also an outer disciple, why is the gap so big!”

The outer disciples were envious and jealous, but they were also convinced.

“But…” Qin Yang’s voice changed.

Li Xiaoqian’s heart tightened and she said: “I know what you are thinking, but you are not afraid of Zhou Shi at all. You have done this for me, what else is good?”

Speaking of this, Li Xiaoqian has regarded herself as Qin Yang’s person, and continued: “You have proven that you are worthy of me. After we enter the inner gate, this elder Zhou is not worth mentioning.”

Qin Yang couldn’t help it anymore, and said, “But…you don’t deserve it!”

In the pill hall, there is silence, and the needle drop can be heard.

While talking, Qin Yang wiped the jade pendant on his dirty robe, as if it had been soiled by something disgusting before.

“This reversal… is too strong!”

“I just said, how could Qin Yang watch last week’s playthings?”

“Before that a strong man was angry as a confidante, a hero is sad for a beauty pass, what did you say? Seeing the wind and steering the rudder, you are really slippery than anyone!”

Li Xiaoqian’s face was pale, and she stared at Qin Yang incredulously, “I… Did I get it wrong? You must have deliberately said that because you wanted to completely conquer me, right?”

“Bah! Disgusting!” Qin Yang broke out and said angrily: “What are you? Just like you, you can only follow Zhou Shi at best. You like my family jade pendant, and one sentence will make Zhou Shi Qian Come to **** it. You are not much better than Zhou Shi, what a nest of snakes and rats! It’s extremely dirty!”

“Good scolding! We can’t get used to this little green tea for a long time! Relying on her a bit of beauty, she is tired of Zhou Shi every day and dominates us. She also does all the bad things on weekdays!”

“Yes! This person is filthy from the depths of his soul. It is a shame that he is an outer disciple with him!”

“Hey! Brother, what you said is a bit too much, didn’t you think of Li Xiaoqian badly before?”

“That’s me, can Qin Yang be like me?”

“That’s true.”

The wall fell down and everyone pushed, and they didn’t do good things on weekdays, and they had deep grievances. Originally, the outer disciples were still worried that Qin Yang might like Li Xiaoqian. Now it seems that it is impossible. Who would be merciful?

Li Xiaoqian was ashamed, she couldn’t wait to find a mouse hole to get in.

It turns out that all the previous conjectures were her own passion!

Li Xiaoqian trembled all over, staring at Qin Yang, and said: “You really mean nothing to me? I’ll give you another chance. If you tell me everything, I don’t have to worry about you. Otherwise, you will never want to chase. I!”

Qin Yang shook his head speechlessly, this person is really stuck in his own world and can’t help himself!

“Don’t dream, even if you are a maid for me, you are not qualified!” Qin Yang said contemptuously.

Li Xiaoqian’s eyes turned red, and finally thought of Zhou Shi, who was crying at this time, and ran over with Yu, “Brother, he bullied me!”

“Fuck off!” Zhou Shi was so angry that all five were burned, especially when Li Xiaoqian just wanted to fall into Qin Yang’s arms? How could he treat Li Xiaoqian like he did before with such a sloppy and ridiculous situation?

“While I’m still sane, you’d better disappear for me as soon as possible.” Zhou Shi’s teeth were itchy with hate.

Li Xiaoqian was stunned, in the end there was nothing on both sides! Where does she have face left? Hurry to escape in shame.

Qin Yang’s eyes met Zhou Shi, and a dangerous spark appeared in the air.

“Qin Yang, we are not finished with this!” Zhou Shi’s voice seemed to be bitten out of his teeth.

“It’s a duel of life and death, how do you want to drop?” Qin Yang smiled, his eyes full of meaning.

“There is no doubt that you will die in a month, but before that…” Zhou Shi did not finish, but the threat was not hidden.

This is exactly what Qin Yang wants! At this time, Qin Yang pretended to be scared and exaggerated, “Oh, people are so scared!”

“Hahaha!” As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Yang couldn’t help laughing, and walked away.

The disciples of the outer sect all laughed along with it, it was so happy!

Just out of the gate of the Pill Hall, an outside disciple rushed over.

“Qin Yang, you can make me easy to find!”

“Huh?” Qin Yang was puzzled for a while, he was not very familiar with him, and he didn’t know why he was looking for himself.

The disciple gasped for breath, changed his breath, and said, “You took the mission from the Mission Hall to clean the gate of Qianzhu Peak, but you were lazy and slippery, and didn’t do any work. The deacon of the Mission Hall was furious and said who would find you? , Just reward one month for not doing anything!”

“Huh?” Qin Yang was dumbfounded, and quickly searched his memory. The task he received, and the appearance of a black-faced man, appeared in his mind.

“Fuck! It’s over!” Qin Yang slapped his forehead abruptly, and rushed to the mission hall violently.

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