I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 7: Black face

Task hall, where the tasks are issued.

In the inner disciple mission hall, you can earn mission points for doing missions, which can be directly exchanged for various resources.

The mission of the Outer Disciple Mission Hall, to put it bluntly, is voluntary labor. The sect provides a place for cultivation and basic resources, and the outer disciples need to complete tasks in return.

Different from the inner door, the task of the inner door task hall, you can accept it if you want, and you don’t want to accept it.

The quests of the Outer Sect Mission Hall, you can accept it, or if you don’t!

Moreover, you have to do it after receiving it.

It’s impossible to pass the level by a fool. The black face of the mission hall can’t rub the sand in his eyes.

“I’m here, I’m here!”

Qin Yang repeatedly shouted and ran into the mission hall.

In the mission hall, the outer disciples were handing over missions one after another. Seeing Qin Yang, they were all happy.

“This is a good show. Not everyone can accept the task of the main peak, and dare not do it.

? Really bold! “

“It’s nothing more than stealing and slippery in other missions. The mission of the main peak is to clean the gate… Tsk tsk tsk, Qin Yang will have to be skinned if he does not die today!”

Qin Yang’s scalp was numb when everyone heard the discussion, mainly because the black face manager gave the original owner too much psychological shadow in his memory…

“Oh, Young Master Qin is here?” The black face manager raised his head and grinned.

“Sure enough… it’s dark enough!” Qin Yang heard the yin and yang weird voice, air-cooling his back.

“What do you want to say?” The black face was in charge of the Erlang’s legs, and he didn’t need to be stern. He turned this black face, who didn’t panic?

“That…” Qin Yang stroked his thoughts, this black-faced steward was always upright in his work, one is one, and two is two. Facing such people, telling the truth is the best way.

Qin Yang coughed lightly and said, “It’s really not that I want to be lazy, it’s really because of a reason.”

The black face manager crossed his hands, as if he was listening to the story, “Speak and listen.”

The other outer disciples also stopped what they were doing and pricked their ears.

The Outer Mission Hall is a place where talents come out in large numbers. If the disciples lied, the secrets of the wandering poet on the mainland could not keep up…

Qin Yang thought for a while and said, “This matter is a long story…”

“Then make a long story short. No…you just rushed and said, don’t worry.” The black face manager grabbed a handful of melon seeds from nowhere, and the melon seeds flew around.

Qin Yang is full of black lines. This black face is just like this. You other people who watch the excitement also moved the small bench. Isn’t it too much?

“Um… what… I was going to do a task…”

“I just got off Hupao Peak, before reaching Qianzhu Peak, I was ambushed by Zhou Shi and others…”

“They killed me, took my jade pendant, and dragged me to the back mountain to bury me…”

Everyone listened with gusto, even the black-faced guy was very surprised.

“Why? Because of a piece of jade pendant?” the outer disciple asked.

“Of course not, it’s to kill chickens and monkeys…” Qin Yang continued to tell the whole story of the matter.

When it comes to fighting Sun Mu, everyone has already begun to believe it.

As for the subsequent battle with Li Niu in the Pill Medicine Hall and the alchemy competition, everyone lost interest.

“Although what you said seems to be true, it is too ridiculous!”

“You can fight Li Niu? Still a duel?”

“Do you know how to do alchemy? You also defeated Elder Zhou?”

“Originally following the previous train of thought, you said it was okay to be reliable, but now it’s fine. You’re so proud of telling stories?”

The black face manager groaned, and said, “Everything you say is reasonably reliable. But…you? Can’t do it.”

The black face manager shook his head.

Qin Yang spread his hands, “If you can’t do it, you won’t know when you inquire? You can’t panic about this.”

Everyone looked at each other, if this is true…

Soon, a new disciple from the outer sect came to take up the task, who happened to be the one who had experienced everything in the Pill Hall before.

Seeing Qin Yang, he hurriedly ran over. He was a hero and a big man praised, and the senior brother shouted from the left, a little brother gesture.

How can you tolerate unbelief?

Everyone looked at Qin Yang’s eyes, changed, full of awe.

This is respect for the strong! Qin Yang is at the outer door, and is already considered the strongest among his disciples!

The black face manager glanced at Qin Yang deeply, and suddenly asked, “Where is Sun Mu? You just said to fight him…”

Qin Yang smiled softly, “What do you think?”

Everyone took a breath, although Qin Yang didn’t directly admit it, so as not to cause trouble. But who couldn’t think of Sun Mu’s fate?

“Well, yes, your reason is valid.” The black face manager nodded.

Qin Yang felt relieved, and then raised it again.

“But that doesn’t mean you can go unpunished.”

The black face manager thought for a while, and said, “Your previous task was to clean the gate of Qianzhu Peak. Now you are fined to sweep the road up to Qianzhu Peak from the bottom of the mountain to the gate. The duration is… one month!”

“What?” Qin Yang was dumbfounded, sweeping from the bottom of the mountain to the gate, it would take at least a long time!

“Oh, poor, it’s so cruel and cruel!”

“So the facts tell us that no matter what happens, the mission must be finished! To die, you must finish the mission before you die…”

“Why? Not convinced?” The black face manager’s mouth raised, “This is just the punishment you should be punished, and it’s not counted as one of the tasks that the outer disciple needs to complete every day. In other words, you still need to receive tasks every day. Including ……Nowadays!”

The black face manager looked around, looked at the many outside disciples who were taking over the task, and slowly said, “You seem to be uncomfortable?”

The movements of all the outer disciples were neat and uniform, shaking their heads again and again.

“Why!” Qin Yang was furious. If this is the case, where does he have the least time for himself? Fortunately, it’s me. If I change someone else, I won’t even have the time to practice this month!

But this month is very important! The Outer Gate Competition determines everyone’s future destiny!

“Do you have an opinion?” The black face manager narrowed his eyes.

“Senior Brother Qin Yang, you can’t stand up to the stewardship. If you go against you, it will only be worse!”

“Yes, yes, maybe he will punish you again later!”

Several outside disciples whispered.

But Qin Yang just refused to accept it!

“Yes, and it’s huge!” Qin Yang said every word.

“It’s over! This black-faced manager doesn’t even dare to provoke Elder Zhou, does Qin Yang dare to talk to him like this?”

“Elder Zhou has to walk around when he sees this black face manager, this black face manager is no ordinary person!”

“It seems that people who have seen Hidden Peak have come here before. The disciples of the Discipline Hall came here. They are all respectful and respectful to this black face…”

The black face manager looked at Qin Yang quietly and said, “If I tell you the reason and convince you, what should I do?”

“I will do it for myself! No more complaints!” Qin Yang said, “What if I still refuse to accept it?”

“Then this month, I will help you with your tasks! Including cleaning the gate!” said the black face manager.

“Oh my god! Black face manager always only checks the disciple’s task, that is not doing a bit of work, to say that, it is simply a loss!”

“Refused! Refused! Refused!”

An outside disciple roared and said, letting the black face work, especially cleaning the mountain gate, which is even more strange than the sow going up the tree.

“Huh?” The black face manager stared, all the disciples hurriedly lowered their heads, not daring to look at each other.

“I am listening!” Qin Yang said.

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