I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 8: See you in the back mountain

“Okay, then I’ll tell you about it!”

The black face manager suddenly stood up, and everyone felt that their eyes flashed, and they came to Qin Yang in an instant!

Qin Yang was shocked, this strength… seemed a bit scary! At least Elder Zhou couldn’t teleport like this.

“The bone age is 16, the strength body refining stage is complete, and the martial arts practice has reached the peak. And I have practiced more than one martial arts.”

Everyone took a deep breath, looking at the black face as if looking at a monster, looking at Qin Yang more like seeing a monster.

“Just like this, all the details come out? Who is this black face in charge?”

“And that Qin Yang, who has cultivated more than one kind of martial arts? Still reaching the top?”

“Isn’t it impossible! Isn’t martial arts a genius when he has been perfect? ​​How can someone practice martial arts to the extreme?”

Qin Yang heard his eyelids jump, and denied it: “I don’t understand what you mean.”

The black face smiled, and the white teeth formed a sharp contrast with the complexion on the face. “When you practice martial arts to a certain level, there will be a breath of breath when you walk. This breath cannot be hidden until you reach the master level. of.”

Qin Yang sniffed, sniffed his left and right armpits, “breath?”

The black face manager said again: “Don’t worry, this kind of aura can only be seen above the Grandmaster level, and…”

The black face manager frowned and said, “Don’t smell it, this is not a smell!”

“Oh, so what?” Qin Yang asked.

“Do you know what this means?”

Qin Yang shook his head.

“This means that you are a genius.” Black Face Manager said seriously.

Qin Yang laughed and said, “That’s natural.”

“Young arrogance is a common problem of every young genius. Having no family means you are unrestrained and unscrupulous. At the outer door of a small sect, you will never get a sense of belonging and you lack the correct guidance.”

The smile on Qin Yang’s face stopped, and his tone was harsh: “Are you saying that I lack discipline?”

“It may not be right now, but it may not be in the future.” The black face manager showed memories, and said: “I have seen too many geniuses go astray, and they have developed a surly character early on… This will be a big deal in the future. deficit!”

“It turns out that the black face is so hard-working! He is cultivating Qin Yang!”

“Being valued by the black face manager, this is a chance! Uh… Although I don’t know the origin of the black face manager.”

Qin Yang’s expression relaxed. It turned out that this black-faced manager was worried about him, but should he be worried?

“With your qualifications, no one in this little Thousand Hidden Sect can hold you down. The Body Refining Realm is only the foundation of cultivation, and there is a long way to go.”

“Although you and Zhou Shi have a duel of life and death, breaking through the Qi Gathering Realm is no longer a matter of cultivating and not working hard. Awakening your spiritual thoughts depends entirely on chance and talent.”

“I seem to punish you to clean the gate, but in fact it is for you to sharpen your xinxing step by step, so that you can settle down, maybe you will break through with a sweep?”

“The way of cultivation, remember to be impetuous. If it is not polished, no matter how good the embryo is, it will not be a good jade.”

Like Tang Seng reciting the scriptures, Qin Yang’s brain was about to explode.

The disciples of the outer sect looked at the black face with admiration, and even more, wanted to go to the teacher on the spot.

The black face was accustomed to things, and said: “I never accept disciples, or I have a lot of disciples…”

Contradictory words make everyone unable to understand.

Blackface didn’t explain things, and laughed, “If you are capable, we will meet in another place in the future.”

“Another place? The inner door? Shouldn’t it?”

“Is the black face in charge or someone from another sect?”

“If he is, he must be an expert, but why is he in our Thousand Hidden Sect now?”

Qin Yang looked helpless, everyone was convinced, but he still refused! But you can’t tell if you are dissatisfied, you can’t tell others that you have come through, your xinxing is already mature, right?

What’s more, the image of the black face in charge of affairs has risen in everyone’s mind, and it is even more mysterious.

Qin Yang’s mood at this time is like a dumb eating coptis, and there is no bitterness to tell.

“How? Are you convinced?” The black face manager asked.

Qin Yang rolled his eyes, but on the surface he could only arch his hands, and said unwillingly, “Take it.”

“To be obedient is to obey, and to refuse is to obey. What do you mean by ‘right’?” The black face manager frowned.

Qin Yang curled his lips and bit out a word: “Serve!”

The black face manager still didn’t resist, and said earnestly: “Don’t think that your qualifications are already great. In my opinion, you are still far behind.”

“Yes, yes, the kid will definitely cultivate more diligently in the future.” Qin Yang said quickly: “Well, if that’s the case, then I will take another task today, and I will do it immediately after cleaning the gate.”

In this mission hall, Qin Yang really didn’t want to stay too much for a moment, this black face was in charge, he didn’t want to see each other again!

After picking up a task of collecting herbs, Qin Yang left directly.

The black face manager wanted to say something and stopped. Originally, he still wanted to… but Qin Yang didn’t seem to listen to what he said, so it seems that he still needs to investigate.

He took out an exquisite jade medal, the black face manager frowned slightly, and put it back.

A sharp-eyed outer disciple saw it, and hurriedly asked: “Well, what is your jade medal? What do you do?”

The black face manager waved his hand and said, “When will you reach Qin Yang’s level, come and ask me again.”

“Doesn’t it mean that the body refining stage is perfect? ​​We can’t reach it!”

“That is, I am afraid there are already consummate cultivators in the Body Refining Realm!”

Hehehe said, “I mean martial arts training to the extreme!”

Suddenly, everyone stopped talking.

At the foot of Qianzhu Peak Mountain, Qin Yang looked up at the road up the mountain with a broom on his shoulders, his expression increasingly ugly.

“What’s the use of talking so much nonsense? Isn’t it changing the law to let me work?” Qin Yang couldn’t help cursing in secret, and could only sweep it step by step.

“Oh, isn’t this Qin Yang, an outer genius? Why, is he still sweeping the stairs?”

The strange sound of Yin and Yang sounded, Zhang Hu, one of Zhou Shi’s dog legs.

Qin Yang kept moving his hands and said, “Do you want to fight?”

Zhang Hu’s face became stiff, and he couldn’t help taking a step back. “It’s impossible to fight with you in a fight. I’m just here to send a message.”

“If you have something to say quickly, if you have a fart, quickly let go.” Qin Yang said.

Zhang Hu’s face was ruthless, and soon calmed down, and said, “I will meet you in the back mountain at midnight.”

Qin Yang was taken aback and couldn’t help laughing.

“Why? Are you scared?” Zhang Hu recalled the excuses he had prepared all the way, no matter what, he wanted to urge Qin Yang to pass. But at this time, only the beginning was said, and the rest was not used.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely go, but your message is very problematic.”

“What’s the problem?”

“The time and place are there, but there are people who want to do something, you have to explain it? Even if it’s a trap, at least you have to panic. You are a dumb word, change it. Who is a bird of ordinary people?”

Zhang Hu’s face flushed, and angrily said: “As long as you dare to come…”

“How? Kill me?” Qin Yang was not afraid. He was looking forward to Zhou Shi’s taking the dogs to set a trap for himself. If there were a large number of opponents, it would not be a problem to break through the Qi Gathering Realm on the spot.

Zhang Hu’s expression changed and he laughed strangely: “That’s not true, it may be a good thing for you.”

After speaking, Zhang Hu turned and left.

“Huh? Strange.” Qin Yang was confused. After looking back at the unreachable mountain gate, he sighed heavily and could only continue sweeping the floor.

Too much happened today. When Qin Yang finished sweeping the ground, the sky was already dark.

“Damn, there is one more task to do, and you have to go to Houshan…Huh? Just on the way!”

Qin Yang cleaned up and walked to the back mountain.

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