I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 9: Beauty bath

“Black Moon Flower?”

Qin Yang took out the task list and looked at the name of the herb with a headache.

Black Moon Flower, the medicinal materials needed for refining the second-grade pill, Huiqi Pill.

It grows in the moist and dark places in the forest, shaped like a crescent. It is named because of the silver glow in the dark, like a small moon.

The reason why Qin Yang had a headache was that the black moon flower was easy to find and very easy to find, but it was very hard to find if it was hard to find.

Looking up at the moon like a silver plate, Qin Yang sighed.

“Heiyuehua only shines in the dark night when you can’t see your fingers. Whenever there is a little light, the whole herb is as dark as dirt, and you can’t see it when you are blind…”

“The back mountain is so big and the moon is so round, where to find the Black Moon Flower? By the way, Zhou Shi’s dog-legs only said that the back mountain meets, which is so special…”

Qin Yang was full of black lines, so there was nothing that went well.

Qianyinzong’s back mountain does not refer to a certain mountain, but a collective name for a mountain range other than the three peaks.

Among the sects, monks often went to the mountains to hunt the monsters. As time passed, the monster beasts in Houshan seemed to be killed. Occasionally, a few of them were all low-level monsters, so they were reserved for the trial of the outer disciples.

“It’s still early, look for herbs first!”

Qin Yang based his memories on the topography of the back mountain and his understanding of black moon flowers, and identified several places where black moon flowers might grow.

“Biyuetan doesn’t seem to be within the range of the back mountain, it’s already the boundary of the Hidden Peak…” Qin Yang hesitated, and was still going to Biyuetan first.

The bright moonlight made Qin Yang’s mission infinitely more difficult, but it also illuminates the road in the mountains, making it easier to walk.

Whenever he saw the shadows, Qin Yang hurried over and looked down. There were countless piles of weeds, but the Black Moonflower did not see a single one.

“The front is Biyuetan, I hope there will be there!”

Thinking of black face in charge, Qin Yang had a headache. If the task is not completed, who knows what that guy will talk about.

“Huh? It smells good, what does this smell?”

Just under a giant tree near Biyuetan, Qin Yang was about to look down, but he smelled a strange fragrance in his nose.

It looks like a floral scent, but refreshing, and it’s exciting.

Follow the fragrance to the other side of the giant tree. A pile of clothing is placed on the stone beside the tree.

White light gauze robe, pink…

“Women’s clothes?” A strange color flashed in Qin Yang’s eyes, and he couldn’t help smelling it again. It smelled really good…

There was a faint sound of water flowing in his ears, and Qin Yang’s expression was complicated.

“Who is bathing here in the middle of the night?”

Qin Yang was very entangled in his heart, but for a while, his legs slowly approached the water pool.

“I just glanced, just glance!”

Qin Yang persuaded himself, if the other party is an old lady, wouldn’t it be a big loss?

Another sound of water came, and Qin Yang followed the sound, almost glaring his eyes.

Like a mermaid, it emerged from the water and slowly walked towards the shore.

The curvaceous curves are extremely hot, and the flawless skin can be broken. The long hair was wet and scattered on the snow-white scented shoulders, the lotus step moved lightly, every move was extremely attractive.

Qin Yang’s heart was beating, his whole body was like petrified. My hands firmly grasped the clothes, this is the clothes of that superb beauty!

The smell in his nose was like fire poison, making Qin Yang’s blood boil.

It’s not over yet, the superb beauty didn’t realize that everything about herself had been exposed to the eyes of the strange man, turned around and bent over to wash her hair.

The smooth back is completely exposed, and within that mysterious curve…

Qin Yang took a breath, almost asphyxiated. It is almost three hundred and sixty degrees without blind spots!

“It’s over! This girl is so stunning, she must not be from the outside. When she found me peeking, she must kill me…”

Qin Yang wanted to leave quickly, but his unconvincing legs seemed to have taken root, his eyes were out of control, and he didn’t blink…

“Perfect profile, look about my age…”

Qin Yang shook his head quickly, scolding himself for nothing, thinking about it! Fortunately, he finally regained control of his body.

Just about to sneak away, there was a wolf howl in my ear.

“Monster!” Qin Yang bent down quickly and followed the voice.

Beside Biyue Lake, I don’t know when a green wood wolf demon came here!

“It’s just a low-level monster, equivalent to a human body refining state.” Qin Yang breathed a sigh of relief. Then he mentioned it again.

The stunning girl also spotted the wolf demon and rushed over.

The graceful snow-white figure and the demon wolf fought together, and within a few rounds, the wolf demon was directly killed!

“Dare to take a peek at the old lady taking a bath? Slaughtered first, then come back and take your skin off!”

Lou Mengyu wrinkled her nose, jumped a few steps, and plunged into the pool again.

Qin Yang opened his mouth wide, and he was so lucky to see such a scenery!

But this girl is too tough…

Qin Yang, who doesn’t want to die or get skinned, of course, has to quickly grease the soles of his feet.

Turning around, I just wanted to put my clothes back in place, but the sound that was as crisp as a silver bell came from my ear.

“Have you seen enough?”

Lou Mengyu had appeared behind Qin Yang for some time, and what made her dream of it was that besides the demon wolf, there was still a living person peeping!

“No.” Qin Yang opened his mouth to say so, and immediately gave himself a mouth, changed his words: “I didn’t see it, I don’t understand what you said.”

“Don’t understand?” Murderous intent appeared in Lou Mengyu’s eyes, especially when his clothes were in his arms!

Ding! Copy the opponent’s Bing Xin Jue, the opponent’s current realm of Qi Gathering Realm. Higher than the host’s level, the exercises are automatically replicated, but the host’s realm is not improved.

Ding! Copy the opponent’s martial arts, the breeze blows the willow palm, beyond the host’s level, the martial arts are automatically copied, and the proficiency is increased to the peak, but the host’s realm is not improved.

“This is a higher order copy!” Qin Yang’s eyes lit up. For an instant, he felt that his body was extremely light and agile, and he also mastered a mastery.

It’s a pity that he was only in the body refining realm, and he couldn’t feel more.

“No! This is a shot against me!” Almost for an instant, Qin Yang’s heart shook. The instinctive turning around is just a palm pat.

With both palms hitting each other, the stunning girl didn’t take a step back, but Qin Yang’s entire body moved three feet straight back!

Lou Mengyu looked dazed, this guy could stop his sneak attack?

Qin Yang was also stunned. The other party’s clothes, including his daughter’s underwear, were in his arms. At this time, the other party was completely…

For a while, Qin Yang forgot about his numb hands and painful arms…

“Ah!” Lou Mengyu was obviously aware of something too, screamed, used the chasing step, and slapped it again.

Ding! Copy the opponent’s body and martial arts, chasing the wind, and automatically upgrade to the peak.

Hard work is bound to die, and the opponent is at least in the Qi Gathering Realm. I didn’t expect that I could react to the previous palm, and I didn’t use my full strength, but this palm…

Qin Yang roared, “Chasing the wind!”

Just turn around and run!

While running, he looked back.

In Qin Yang’s view, he only cared about the other party’s movements all the time, afraid that the other party would catch up with him.

Well, yes, it’s just that, no other ideas!

But in Lou Mengyu’s opinion, this little thief even peeked at himself again and again? I hurriedly covered it for a while, but I covered the top but missed the bottom, and covered the bottom and the top…

Even if the realm is in the late stage of the Qi Gathering Realm, there is already True Qi in the body, but it is so obstructive, it can’t catch up for a while.

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