I Have Hundreds of Millions of Full-level Accounts at the Beginning

Chapter 920: Say goodbye to each other, leave each

“Let’s go, we will get to the Misty Palace first.” Li Jun said.

True Monarch Xuan Ye was corroded by the mist of the nirvana, and his longevity was severely exhausted, and he was already unconscious at this time.

Since the latter was a disciple of Nuwa, Li Jun would naturally not be saved from death, urging Zixia, so he took Zhenjun Xuanye towards the Misty Palace.

As soon as Li Jun walked on the front foot, Qin Ziling’s figure appeared on the shore on the back foot.

Then Qin Ziling flew a few times over Tianxing Lake, and then rushed into the giant ditch.


As soon as Qin Ziling entered the ditch, a cloud of black air flew out of the cracks in the rock and directly penetrated into Qin Ziling’s body.

“Uncle Shi died?” Qin Ziling was taken aback.

Immediately he frowned and said, “This person is really tricky.”

Shaking his head, Qin Ziling also suddenly urged the flying sword, set up the long sword, and flew up and left the trench.

Li Jun, who has returned to the Misty Palace, naturally knows nothing about all this.

After bringing True Monarch Xuan Ye back, Jun Li personally input a source of power to that Monarch Xuan Ye.

Before that Xuan Ye was careless, he was overwhelmed by the sacred mist of nirvana, and seeing his vitality was about to be swallowed up by the demon from that day, I don’t know, at this moment, Li Jun suddenly appeared, without saying anything, he sacrificed the Thunder Flame Sword and saved him Down.

Otherwise, that Xuanye would have died in the hands of Taoist Lianshan.

At this time, after inputting the power of his own origin into True Monarch Xuan Ye, the latter’s originally gray face, at this time, looked a little better.

“Master…” Xuan Ye woke up and turned around.

Seeing Li Jun in front of the bed, he said gratefully: “Thank you, Master, for your life-saving grace.”

Li Jun waved his hand and said, “You should take a break for now. It’s best not to activate the true essence these days, otherwise, the power of extinguishment in your body is likely to re-emerge.”

“Master, what is the black energy that the Taoist Lianshan urged?” Xuan Ye asked.

Li Jundao: “When every world is born, two powers will accompany it, one of which is called the power of the primordial beginning, and the remaining one is the power of death.

These two powers are opposed to each other, the power of the primordial beginning can evolve into thousands, and the power of death can destroy everything.

The power that Taoist Lianshan has never attacked you before is the power of destruction. “

Li Jun explained slowly.

Xuan Ye was speechless for a long time, and seemed to still be shocked by the strength of Taoist Lianshan.

“You don’t have to be shocked. The power of extinguishment is not the magical power that Taoist Lianshan has urged, but the things possessed by him.” Li Jun said.

“What did the master say? There is a second will in the body of Taoist Lianshan.”

Li Jun said.

“There is a demon hidden in this person. I don’t know who it is. The strength is extraordinary. From my experience, the strength of the demon is that no one in the world of Shushan is his opponent.”

Hearing this, Xuan Ye was shocked and said: “Fortunately, the master made the move. Otherwise, the demon will fully grow up that day, I am afraid that there will be another catastrophe in the world of Shushan.”

Li Jun nodded.

After a moment of silence, he said: “By the way, I heard you say that you have been looking for Nuwa, I wonder if you have any clues?”

Xuan Ye said solemnly: “Yes!”

Li Jun’s eyes lit up and he said, “Speak carefully and listen.”

How dare Xuan Ye hesitate? He immediately said, “Master has disappeared in the world of Shushan for five hundred years. During this time, the disciples have been looking for Master. Although the process is difficult, the result is not bad.”

“Forty years ago, a dragon clan once said that they had met Master in the East China Sea, but when the disciples went to look for him, they had never found the Master in the East China Sea. Since then, the disciples have never heard of the Master. “Xuan Ye said.

“Donghai?” Li Jun whispered, saying.

“Master, did you think of anything?” Xuan Ye asked.

Li Jun moved his head away and said: “The Taoist Lianshan is also a monk in the East China Sea. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the disappearance of Nuwa.”

Xuan Ye said: “Master suspected that Taoist Lianshan trapped Master?”

Li Jun disdainfully said: “What is the Taoist Lianshan? Why is your master’s cultivation so advanced? It is impossible for a Taoist Lianshan to threaten your master.”

Having said this, Li Jun couldn’t help but sighed again and said:

“If I had known that your master had disappeared in the East China Sea, I shouldn’t have killed Taoist Lianshan so easily. At least I should ask this person if there is your master’s whereabouts, but now…”

Having said that, Li Jun turned his head and said: “You want to rest. You don’t have to worry about your master’s affairs. I know to find him back.”

After saying this, Li Jun turned and left Xuanye’s bedroom.

Although it is now known that Nu Wa disappeared in the East China Sea, apart from this information, there is no other useful information.

In this way, it is obviously impossible to say that Li Jun is not worried about Nuwa’s safety.

Go back to the room.

The white fox is meditating cross-legged.

The nine tails all emerged, like a peacock opening a screen, unfolding behind him.

That Baihu didn’t seem to notice that Li Jun came back and practiced on his own.

Li Jun was tasteless, and fell asleep on the bench.

Until the next morning.

Li Jun woke up, before eating, then Li Yingqi came to his room.

“Junior Brother, Senior Sister Ziling left last night.” Li Yingqi said.

Li Jundao: “Why are you leaving in such a hurry?”

Li Yingqi said: “I don’t know, Sister Qi just left a letter, or Sister Qi found it this morning.”

Li Jundao: “Where did she go?”

Li Yingqi said: “It should be back to Emei.”

Then he said, “Junior Brother, when shall we return to Emei?”

Li Jundao: “You can go back anytime.”

“But, Master confessed our mission…” Li Yingqi frowned. He hasn’t borrowed the armillary sphere until now, and doesn’t know the whereabouts of Youquan.

How can I explain to Master?

Li Jundao: “Youquan is already dead, so there is no need to borrow any more armillary spheres.”

Li Yingqi was taken aback and said, “What? Youquan is dead? How did it die?”

After that, Li Yingqi couldn’t help looking at Li Jun with a weird expression.

Li Jun touched his nose and smiled bitterly: “This has nothing to do with me, it was killed by Master Lianshan.”

“Uncle Lianshan?!” Li Yingqi was shocked, and said, “Uncle Lianshan’s cultivation level is not comparable to that of his ancestor. How could it be Youquan’s opponent?”

Li Jun smiled, and did not tell that Li Yingqi Lianshan Taoist had been taken into the body by the Heaven Demon, and became one with the Heaven Demon. With the strength of that Demon, it was not very difficult to solve Youquan.

“Senior Sister, you should go back to the sect first. I have to go to the East China Sea.” Li Jun said.

“Go to the East China Sea?” Li Yingqi’s expression changed. He looked at the white fox on the bed with a trace of jealousy in his eyes, and said, “With her?”

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