I Have Hundreds of Millions of Full-level Accounts at the Beginning

Chapter 921: Assassinate the white eyebrow

Li Jun rubbed his temples.

Feeling a headache.

What Li Yingqi’s gaze meant, he knew better than anyone else, he must be jealous.

If I didn’t explain it, it would be hard to guarantee that this woman would not quarrel with me.

With a wry smile, Li Jun said: “Senior Sister, I have a major issue to deal with when I go to the East China Sea.”

“Humph!” Li Yingqi snorted and said, “No matter, if you go with her, then I will go too.”

Li Jun smiled bitterly and said, “Why do you want to go with me?”

Li Yingqi said: “You are my junior, I have a responsibility to protect you!”

These words made Li Jun even more wry smile. He said that as far as your cultivation is concerned, I can protect you pretty much. How can it be your turn to protect me?

Shaking his head, Li Jun said: “Sister, are you really going?”

Li Yingqi said: “Of course, I can also travel to the East China Sea. I have long wanted to meet those monks in the East China Sea.”

Li Jundao: “Okay, then we will leave tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Li Yingqi showed a hint of joy on his face.

the next day.

Then Li Jun, Qi Lingyun and others all explained, telling them that they were going to the East China Sea.

Qi Lingyun and others had no opinion.

The main purpose of this group of them is to investigate the whereabouts of Youquan’s body, but now that Youquan’s body has been killed, and everyone’s task has been completed, naturally there is no need to stay in the Misty Palace.

Therefore, since the task has now been completed, Qi Lingyun naturally has no reason to interfere with where Li Jun is going.

When everyone said goodbye to the Misty Palace, they saw Qi Lingyun flying up with Yan Renying and Zhou Qingyun and disappearing into the Misty Palace.

Later, Li Jun said goodbye to Xuanye.

Originally, Xuan Ye planned to go with Jun Li, but the power of extinguishment in his body had not been fully refined, and he did not dare to urge Zhen Yuan. Even if he went to the East China Sea, he would not be able to help Li Jun. On the contrary, he would delay it. His hind legs.

After some consideration, Na Xuanye also gave up his plan to go to the East China Sea together, staying in the Misty Palace and waiting for Li Jun’s good news.

It was said that after Li Jun bid farewell to True Monarch Xuan Ye, he stepped on the flying sword and left the Misty Palace directly with the white fox and the second daughter of Li Yingqi.

Originally, the white fox wanted to return to the Tianhu Palace, but at the invitation of Li Xuan, the ghost and the gods agreed to come down, planning to go to the East China Sea together.

In this way, the three of them flew to a small town more than 800 miles away from Tianshan in the morning.

Anyway, the main purpose of going to the East China Sea was to investigate the whereabouts of Nüwa. Now Li Jun could not be sure whether Nüwa was in the East China Sea. After all, Xuan Ye discovered that Nüwa had appeared in the East China Sea forty years ago.

After so many years, unless Nuwa encounters some trouble, it is impossible to stay in the East China Sea.

Master Li Junxing moved the crowds to fly away, and it was very likely that he would go to the air.

Two days later, Qin Ziling was already flying back to Emei.

This woman was originally only Sanqingjing’s cultivation base, but her escape was surprisingly fast, and she had returned to Emei in just three days.

When Baimei saw that Qin Ziling was the only one coming back, thinking that Li Jun and the group had encountered something unexpected, he immediately passed Qin Ziling to his cave.

I don’t know, after listening to Qin Ziling’s words, Bai Mei didn’t hear the accident that happened to everyone, but heard from Qin Ziling that Li Jun beheaded Taoist Lianshan!

That Lianshan Taoist was from the age of Emei’s ancestor Master Changmei. After the long eyebrows soared, Lianshan Taoist also rose with them.

It’s a pity that the Taoist Lianshan’s cultivation was not as long as his eyebrows. During his ascent, he was chopped off by the tribulation. Hundreds of years have passed since, and he has not recovered. He has been recuperating in Ziyun Palace.

That Baimei was still waiting for the Taoist Lianshan to recover and revive Emei’s power.

However, now I heard that my disciple had killed the Taoist Lianshan!

It is a felony to deceive the master and kill the ancestor in Emei!

Even if Baimei favored Li Jun, it would never be possible to protect him.

Therefore, after listening to Qin Ziling’s words, Baimei’s face was gloomy, and he only spoke when he was indulging in a stick of incense, and asked:

“Ziling, are you sure, it was Li Jun who really killed Uncle Lianshan?”

Qin Ziling half-kneeled on the ground and said decisively: “It is true!”

Bai Mei didn’t dare to make a ruling for a while, and said, “For such important matters, how can the old man make a ruling on Li Jun based on your own words? How about this, when your junior and brothers come back together, the old man will let him and you Face it.”

Heard this.

Qin Ziling’s mouth cracked, revealing a sullen smile, and said, “So, Master doesn’t believe the disciple anymore?”

White eyebrows frowned, only to feel that Qin Ziling smiled just now, making herself feel like falling into an ice cave, Sen Han is extremely cold.

“Ziling, what’s the matter with you?” Baimei asked.

Qin Ziling got up from the ground loudly and said, “The disciple is very good.”

Stop talking.

Then Qin Ziling suddenly raised her hand and twisted her fingers, and there was a snowflake, which was silently pinched.

In the cave, the temperature dropped suddenly, and a chill came out of Qin Ziling’s body.


The cold air surged, and the gate of the cave was quickly frozen at a speed visible to the naked eye. After that, Qin Ziling’s wrist flicked and an ice gun was held in his hand.

Qin Ziling raised the spear and stabbed, taking Baimei directly to the chest.


A scene that surprised Qin Ziling appeared.

I saw the ice gun pierced Baimei’s chest, without even shaking the latter in the slightest!

The tip of the gun broke, and the ice gun was broken by Baimei’s chest!

“Heart shield?” Qin Ziling’s face was dark, and said angrily.

“what are you doing!”

Baimei was furious.

At that moment, he didn’t even react to Ali.

Then Qin Ziling wanted to assassinate him!

This woman is a disciple of Emei!

Actually assassinated him in front of him!

The white eyebrow was shocked and angry, and for a while, he couldn’t believe the picture in front of him.


Qin Ziling didn’t mean to answer Baimei, so she took a deep breath and exhaled suddenly.

The sound of the wind suddenly rose, and the snow and ice **** mixed with the wind, and at the same time it blew towards the white eyebrows.


Bai Mei’s reaction was not unpleasant. In an instant, golden light gushed out of his body, raised his hand, and patted Qin Ziling.

However, at the moment when the white eyebrows came out of the palm, the whole body was covered with a layer of frost.

The white eyebrow’s body stiffened, and the true essence in his body became obscure for an instant, and could no longer be moved.

at the same time.

I saw that the ice layer on the white eyebrow’s body became thicker and thicker. After just a few breaths, the white eyebrow turned into an ice sculpture, which was directly suppressed by a huge ice.

“Hmph, you dare to question my report, old fellow, you are completely tired of life.” Qin Ziling said, her voice was very strange, it was the voice of a man and a woman talking at the same time.

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