I Heard That I’m Super Fierce

Chapter 151: .Save the child

The purchase ratio of Chapter V has not reached 60%, please make up or watch again after thirty-six hours~   “I brought my dinner back from the cafeteria.”

The girl shook her hand in the packed plastic bag, “Is it on the table for you?”

“Ah, um, okay,” Lin You was still a little uncomfortable, she sat up, and the thin quilt slipped off her body, “Thank you.”

“That said, the teacher is sick.”

The rustling friction sound.

The round-faced girl stood by the table with her back to her, taking the lunch boxes out one by one. Considering the patient’s appetite, he doesn’t eat too much, and two vegetarians and one meat are served with porridge. Lin You sat down on the chair, and the aroma went up. When she hesitated to pick up a few vegetables, she almost broke the chopsticks when she put them in her mouth.

It’s as dark as a canteen in the world.

Lin You was biting the half-baked beans with a dark face, and she thought that she was not afraid of food poisoning.

But the girl who lived with her was still watching with concern, so she had to pick up a few bites of food, and then pushed the lunch box aside by being sick.

“I don’t have much appetite,” Lin You said, “Let it go first, I’ll eat it later.”

“Why don’t you go back to bed and lie down?” the girl asked with concern.

“I’ve been lying down for a long time, it’s okay, I’ll look through the lesson plan.”

Saying that watching the lesson plan is just a pretense, Lin You turned the page back and forth one after another, and Yu Guang aimed at the negative state marked “cold” on his status bar. In his heart, this game is not about smell and taste. Even the feeling of being top-heavy is so real.

Not dreaming, not crossing. The holographic game “Box”, which began its public beta a week ago, has been well received since its release. The word-of-mouth accumulated since the internal beta exploded, breaking through 100,000 active users in just three days.

As a horror and thriller survival game, it is said that the manufacturers have negotiated a lot of copyright cooperation, which also greatly increased the richness of the plot plot that the system can automatically generate.

The game strives to be absolutely real, and it has become a big challenge to cardiopulmonary function. But how fun is really fun. How many people were so scared that they smashed the game pod offline today, betting that they would just jump from the outside without touching a finger in the game again, and wait until the next day——

——Hi, friend, do you play “Box”?

——It’s really exciting to play.

Everyone said that the spicy chicken game ruined my youth, but the body was honest and not too high. As a veteran horror game enthusiast, Linyou is not far behind. As soon as the game helmet arrives, he can’t wait to dismantle the express delivery experience.

In this copy, she was inserted as an intern teacher who had just arrived in this high school. Because the teacher dormitory was not enough, she lived in the same room with the second-year high school girl named Fan Jingshu. I felt uncomfortable when I woke up this morning, but the school leader was refreshed and granted her three days of sick leave.

If it were changed to reality, Lin You would probably wait for her hands to be raised above her head to applaud the leader, but the name of this novice copy is “School Strange Story”.

Let go of everything else-yes, novice copy.

Speaking of this, I have to mention that in addition to the richness of the plot and the high gameplay, the most distinctive feature of “Box” is its career upgrade system.

Players can gain certain skills and gains through their occupations. There are rumors that each profession has been customized with an exclusive upgrade route, and the categories are also diverse. In addition to the popular professions listed in the brochure, there are many weird and hidden professions. Lin Lin always adds up to say less. Thousand.

As for how to choose, the official has already made preparations.

Once a player is registered, they will be placed in a single-player copy with different content and the same difficulty. After summarizing the actions of the player, the brain center can automatically analyze his/her most suitable occupation.

Lin You is still curious about what she will match.

Of course, her gaze swept across the room, and she had to clear the newbie instance first.

Only the two of them lived in the four-person dormitory, and the other two beds were empty. If the memory in my mind is correct, the house number of this dormitory is “402”, which means it is on the fourth floor.

After pondering and pondering, Lin You decided to ask the ready-made intelligence source in front of him for more information-Fan Jingshu is a sophomore in high school. He must know more than her “new trainee teacher”.

“Jing Shu,” she said, “May I ask you something?”

The girl turned around after hearing the sound.

“it is good–“

She hadn’t even uttered the word “ah”, and there was a burst of electricity flowing through.

The chandelier went out with a “pop”.

Lin You: “…”

Fan Jingshu: “…”

The sky is dark, and when the light is off, you can’t see your fingers. The two stood and sat, staring at each other in the darkness, no one could see who was clearly.

Ma yeah.

Lin You “slapped” the lesson plan in his hand—this unreliable school had a blackout at night. Isn’t this the opening of a standard ghost movie?

Wait, she seems to be playing a horror game.

“Jump…” Fan Jingshu whispered, “Did you trip?”

“should be?”

After all, he was mentally prepared from the beginning, and Lin You was able to adjust quickly now.

“You wait,” she heard the noise outside and stood up neatly, “Uh, I’ll go to the door to have a look.”

There were already people in the corridor outside. When his eyes adjusted to the darkness, Lin You could see that the girls gathered in front of their dormitories in twos and threes, whispering bitterly.

“Power cut again!”

“Annoying, how many times have you been this month?”

“I’m a little scared in the middle of the night, isn’t our school like that…”

“Then what” mean haunted?

Before Lin You eavesdropped on what dumb riddles they were playing, a white light swayed over.

“Go go!” The auntie who was walking here yelled as she drove a duck back to the students, “What are you doing here? The circuit is being repaired. Go, go back to the house. Stay and go!”

Lin You relied on her identity to walk back in no hurry, and when the aunt came to her, she called the other person aloud.

“Ms. Wu, do you have any extra flashlights?”

The auntie squinted her eyes, recognized her, and touched her waist with a sound of “Ouch”.

“Yes, it’s just a little bit smaller.” She stuffed the things into Lin You’s hands, “Xiao Lin, help me watch it. It’s not easy to run back and forth after a power outage—”

After another two complaints that the students are difficult to manage, the aunt continued to bang people in the corridor.

Um, the first prop at the beginning of the show is in hand.

Lin You lowered her head and smiled, turned around with a small flashlight, and pushed on the switch. The room became a little brighter. Through the light, she saw Fan Jingshu’s face turned pale.

The girl in the same room heaved a sigh of relief, “…fortunately there is a flashlight.”

Lin You ignored her, and only absently responded, still thinking about the words of the few students just now.

Since it was called “Academy Strange Tale”, it must have been haunted by the fact that she hadn’t run away. She was just curious about what would happen in this school.

When she was in middle school, the spread among the classmates was that there were headless female ghosts in the toilet on the third floor. The cleaning aunt on the fourth floor mopped the floor with a head. The school was built on a cemetery. The head teacher’s face always appeared in the back door window. Going up-no one really saw it except the last one anyway.

Of course, regardless of the fact that power outages are commonplace among the students, this is the first power outage after the game starts. Lin You can guarantee that according to the usual urinary **** in the horror film, there will definitely be some mess. Come on.


Fan Jingshu over there saw her meditating on her own, and couldn’t help but cry in mourning, “Are you talking to me?”

She called Lin You back to God with this sound. Although he knew that the other party was an NPC, Lin You still had a good impression of the little girl who took the initiative to bring food when she was sick.

“Afraid of the dark?” She asked with a smile, and helped to pour a glass of water.

The little girl took the water glass and nodded hurriedly, “A little bit.”

“Then let’s tell a ghost story?”

Fan Jingshu: “Puff——”

“Cough, cough cough cough cough,” she coughed and wiped the water, “Teacher you—”

It is really thoughtful.

“Just kidding.” Lin You still smiled, “If you’re afraid…what about your phone? Take it out and take pictures together.”

“Teacher, did you forget? The school doesn’t let us bring mobile phones.”

… She really didn’t know.

Lin You slapped haha, and hurriedly asked the other party if she remembered where she put it. The memory that the system has inherited from her is not so clear, there are not many details, only probably what happened in the past few days.

Fan Jingshu really remembered that under her guidance, Lin You was groping for her mobile phone on the bed. Feeling it, she suddenly realized that besides the rubbing of the quilt and the cloth, there was another sound coming into her ears.

She stopped, and Fan Jingshu, who was sitting on the opposite bed, also seemed to dare not come out, and subconsciously covered her mouth.

——It’s like someone is scratching a wooden board with nails.

With a pale face, Fan Jingshu made a silent gesture. Lin You took the flashlight and walked over to the sound source step by step.

She finally stopped by the bookcase by the door.

From the very beginning, Lin You guessed that this dormitory with four beds but only two people might be a bit wrong. This is a horror game. To put it a bit exaggerated, who knows if there are people living in the two empty beds. There is a power outage now, but don’t really think of something.

…Lin You thought for a long time, but still couldn’t wake up any desire to survive.

Anyway, it is an entry-level novice copy, it is unlikely that she will be killed at the beginning. Moreover, death is dead, the big deal is GAMEOVER, she at least has to die to understand.

Thinking about this, the small flashlight in her hand dropped a little, and the scene behind the bookshelf was clearly photographed.

Lin You took a breath of air subconsciously.

There was a gap between the back of the bookshelf and the wall, and in this gap, a flat face was squeezed there.

The dark circles under the eyes are too heavy. This is the immortal who has been repairing for a long time-no, but as a result, Lin You slapped herself in her head first, and the focus was wrong!

The woman’s face was pale, her lips were black and her eyes turned up abnormally.

It can’t be a living person no matter how you look at it. One hand scratched the back of the bookcase, the sawdust fell off the nails, and the fingers were still moving forward inch by inch.

She wants to climb outside.

In the next second, Lin You realized that the other party’s purpose was more than this.

Only after working hard to go outside, the inhuman sharp nails grabbed her door. She took a step back in her conditioned reflex, watching the sharp nails dart past her eyes, and then looking down, she met the puffy eyes that were looking at her bitterly.

The initial feeling of hairy endured, Lin You calmed down.

The choice before her was very simple, she couldn’t let this guy climb out. Her gaze swept from top to bottom, and she exhaled slowly and slowly, even with a little expectation.

——After watching horror movies for so many years, she wanted to do it a long time ago.

“Come and not be indecent.” She pityed, “Don’t worry, I will do it lightly.”

The female ghost in the crevice shivered inexplicably.

Still watching Fan Jingshu here tremblingly: “…Teacher?”

“It’s okay,” Lin You turned her head, showing a very kind smile at her, “small problem.”

The female ghost was agitated, and under the control of her strong desire to survive, she began to crawl out more desperately.


One, two–

Lin You moved his neck, moved his shoulders, adjusted his posture, and hit the bookshelf with one side.


Several books fell out of the book, and under a lot of momentum, the bookcase also leaned against the wall, and directly clamped the left hand of the female ghost trying to get out.


Lin You read the words on the paper silently again. She folded the note again without saying a word, and instead of putting it under the vase, she stuffed it into her pocket.

…Who is “he” referring to?

She couldn’t help but looked up at this small apartment room again, and her eyes were covered with ashes as the vase.

The landlord must have not cleaned the place properly, and threw all the work to her newly moved guest. Of course, this attitude and the position where the apartment building is blocked by a telephone pole are also consistent with the definition of a cheap apartment.

If Lin You really came to the tenant of the rental house with big bags and small bags, it might be a headache for him. But she is not, it has become a good thing for her.

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