I Heard That I’m Super Fierce

Chapter 152: .Official broke the news

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“Daddy, I wake up after having a hard time sleeping!”

The dean of instructors rolled down the hall to hell. If it weren’t for the dormitory’s threat that everyone would be punished if he didn’t go back, the boys eagerly wanted to take turns to walk down the stairs again. People wouldn’t be a dead boy.

They were rushed back to the dormitory as if they were driving ducks. Practice is no longer possible. They still discussed most of the night with relish.

Not long after he fell asleep, his howling voice awakened the entire dormitory.

“No,” the boy who got up at the beginning put on his glasses frantically, “Listen, the police car is coming!”

Several roommates are still lacking in interest, “Can’t it be patrols to catch prisoners?”

“How can there be police patrols on the boundary of our school?” The boy in glasses complained, and hurriedly slapped in front of the window. “Look, look, the police cars have stopped at the school gate.

The dormitory building was separated from the school gate by a small piece of open space. From the third floor, you could clearly see the two blue and white cars with warning lights on. The door opened, and people in police uniforms came down from above.

“…Fuck it really.”

“What’s the matter? You can call the police if you fall down the stairs?”

“Who did it?”

In the middle of the night, the instigator of this pomp of police was standing at the gate and being questioned by the police.

“The body you found?”

“Yes,” Lin Youxin said that he didn’t expect that the supernatural incident would have to be resolved by the police in the end, but there is no way. It is the fastest way to make Xue Yao’s bones visible again. “It’s me.”

“Why did the alarm call break in the middle of the call?”

“The phone is dead.” Lin You said with an innocent look.


I really don’t blame her for this. The time left is only enough for her to tell them the school’s corpse is buried and report the school’s address. It was only after she dug out the phalanx that she realized that the only poor battery on the phone was for her to contact the outside world.

There was only one chance to make a phone call. As a good citizen who abides by the law, of course she chose to call the police.

“Then I’ll change the question.” Pretty girls always make people extra tolerant, and the young policeman softened his tone. “Why would you think of going to the woods with a shovel in the middle of the night?”

Lin You: “…”

Lin You: “…a dream?”

The policeman also stared at her speechlessly.

Lin You shrugged helplessly.

Is there any way she can make it more bizarre to tell the truth?

It can’t be said that she lives in the same room with the ghost of the person involved, and helped find the bones of the person under the explicit hint of the other person.

Oh, even the stairwell key that I brought my shovel was stolen by my younger brother.

“You, and you, follow me to the woods.” The older policeman next to him couldn’t listen anymore, and ordered, and turned to Linyou, “Sorry, please go and write down the transcript with us later.”

Although the tone of voice was very polite, the eyes of these criminal policemen looked at her as a suspect in a fair manner, but Lin You was not afraid. A few years ago, Teacher Lin was not in this city, and I couldn’t find a flower even after turning over and over.

There was a faint riot in the dormitory, like the arrival of the police also alarmed the students. A circle of yellow seals was quickly put on the woods, and the students who did not know why gathered together to discuss. Some people looked out of the window curiously even though they didn’t go downstairs. The news spread all the way, and within two minutes, the principal hurried over, followed by the two little leaders.

“Well, what, comrade police,” Principal Yu is a middle-aged man in his forties, with a potbellied beer belly, now running out of breath, wiping cold sweat, and asked confusedly.” What happened to our school?”

The remaining policemen glanced at each other and then at the students who were not far away. After dealing with cases for so many years, they certainly know that they have to avoid crowded places—not to mention being a group of young people.

“Find a place to talk.”

The principal showed it to the conference room.

“To put it simply, someone called the police that you had buried a dead body here,” a policewoman explained. “We have gone to investigate.”

“How can this be–?”

Principal Yu almost didn’t come up at once.

“Comrade Police,” he said in a good voice, “how can you bury or bury a corpse in a place where you can teach and educate people!”

“Teaching and educating people?”

Lin You did not hold back, “You really deserve to say that.”

Everyone could hear the ridicule in her tone. Yu Liping realized that there was still a familiar face in the crowd. He looked up and down suspiciously and recognized the new trainee teacher, “You– “

“I called 110,” she admitted readily, “what’s the problem?”

“Why is the school sorry for you?” The principal was shaking with anger, and even the beer belly trembled. “You slander the school so much?!”

Co-authoring this is necessary for her to slander.

“Don’t dare to be, then you have to ask your good nephew.”

Lin You raised her eyebrows.

“Hold on to the girls and finally killed them to pieces-you won’t forget the girl who disappeared a few years ago?”

Principal Yu was choked by these words and obviously remembered something. His complexion was blue and white, and he seemed to be amazed how this young man knew about the rumors that his nephew once pestered the girl.

“Qiu Liang has just had an accident not long ago. Don’t just pour dirty water on his head because of the dead being unable to distinguish!”

He was angry and anxious, his face almost suffocating the color of pig liver, “What happened back then? A slap can’t make a sound. If she really doesn’t want to slap her, she can’t refuse it? That’s because she first seduce Qiu Liang with a slapstick——”

A crisp “pop” interrupted Yu Liping’s next words, and the entire conference room was silent.

Principal Yu’s left face was hot, he glared at Lin You, “You fucking—”

“Does it ring?” Lin You asked coldly.

“If you feel asymmetry, I can help to make up for the right side.” She said, “Listen to whether or not what a principal should say.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the conference room was knocked twice. Then someone pushed the door open.

“We found the victim’s body in the woods.” It was the old criminal policeman who had seen him before. He looked around the meeting room sternly. “There are also knives that are suspected to be used to smash the corpse, and bring them back to the bureau. Inside inspection should be able to detect fingerprints.”

This sentence was taken away, and President Yu, who was still carrying a little fluke, was the last bit of strength, and he slowly slumped on the chair, unable to say a word.

Lin You calmly accepted the detective’s eye, but she suddenly reacted.

“Am I fighting in front of you just now?” She quickly admitted her mistake in a good manner, “What responsibility is I willing to bear.”

The police looked at each other. To tell the truth, if it weren’t for their identity that they couldn’t beat people, they all wanted to do it.

The only female policewoman blinked.

“Did something happen just now?”


The truth of a missing missing case has emerged, and there is a lot of follow-up work. Although one eye was closed for the beating, Lin You was taken to the local police station.

As for why she knew what happened back then, Lin You bite to death by turning over and over again.

The fingerprints analyzed on the murder weapon were consistent with the fingerprints registered by Yu Qiuliang, and the time and motive of the crime were also matched.

She naturally cleared the suspicion. As for Tuomeng, there was a haunted story in the school. Lin You’s 402 is a weird one of the weird again, no matter how you can be suspicious, maybe things are really so mysterious sometimes.

After finishing the transcript, she can leave the police station, where only President Yu and a few teachers are left for details of the year.

As soon as she walked out of the door, Lin You saw a couple running hurriedly.

Looking at the dress of the dusty servants, they obviously came from the country overnight, with bloodshot eyes.

She guessed the identity of the two, “Are you Xue Yao’s parents?”

The couple shook together.

“You, who are you,” Xue Mu asked tremblingly, “Do you know where our Yaoyao is?”

Lin You knew that the police did not tell them all the truth on the phone.

In fact, the past few years have passed, how could I have no hunch in my heart. But before the last step, there is bound to be a glimmer of hope.

She looked at the quietly standing shadow behind them.

“I’m her teacher.” Lin You said, “Go in, the police will tell you.”

Xue’s father and Xue’s mother repeatedly thanked, Lin You sighed behind them. She looked at Xue Yao, who was still quietly looking in the direction where her parents were leaving-probably because the remains were taken to the police station, and her scope of activities was not limited to the two dormitory buildings.

No longer the **** appearance in the middle of the night, she now looks exactly like the ID photo. Reminiscing about the sadness a few hours ago, Lin You always felt that it was a long time since seeing this face again.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Xue Yao pretended to be annoyed. “Of course I can control what I become.”

…But this one cannot be controlled.

Xue Yao raised her head, and the bright red liquid slipped from the corner of her eyes like tears.

“Teacher,” she said softly, “thank you.”

As the voice fell, the scarlet color turned lighter, until it turned into truly clear tears. The grievances were washed away, and the soul standing there quietly smiled.

There was a soft “ding”, until the inorganic synthetic sound of Zhi Brain echoed in her ears, Lin You realized that this was the sound that sounded in her mind.

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When the first ray of sunlight in the early morning shines through the glass windows and enters the lobby on the first floor of the apartment, the three players who were awakened by the system early have gathered downstairs.

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