I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 1: Drink without driving

   In the splendid box of Jianye International Hotel, a group of well-dressed men and women push their cups and change their cups, their faces flushed.

   “Mr. Chen, please take care of your future business.”

   “President Chen, I will buy you another glass, you are free, I will do it.”

   “Chen, I wish you a lot of money and prosperity in the future.”


  The protagonist on the wine table is called Chen Hansheng, and basically toasts or flattery have something to do with him.

   “I don’t know which woman is so lucky to marry a man like Mr. Chen.”

   A red-faced woman raised her glass and said delicately.

   Thirty-five-year-old Chen Hansheng is at the peak of a man’s energy, experience, and abilities. His social status gives him a relaxed mentality, coupled with good conversation, and it is common to attract women’s attention.

   “Ms. Zhang doesn’t know yet, Mr. Chen hasn’t married yet, he is the real diamond king.” Someone sang together immediately.

   “That must be President Chen’s vision is too high to look down on us rouge fans.”

   The woman smiled and replied, and then handed over a business card with both hands. Water dripped as her eyes flowed, and she said softly: “Mr Chen has done a lot of business, but we must also find a balance between family and career.”

   Chen Hansheng accepted the business card politely, but the moment the two touched, he suddenly felt an itchy palm. It turned out that Miss Zhang stretched out her index finger and gently slid her palm, then stared at herself affectionately.

   Chen Hansheng smiled, and sat down calmly.

   After the entertainment, most of the people on the wine table were drunk. When the beautiful woman surnamed Zhang left, she gave Chen Hansheng a reluctant look.

   Chen Hansheng knows and makes a call gesture, and then she smiles.

   Subordinates came over and said: “Chen, I will send you back.”

“No need to.”

   Chen Hansheng waved his hand: “I bought a new house in the opposite community, and I can drive it back by myself, which is less than 100 meters away.”

After    his subordinates left, Chen Hansheng slowly walked back to the tiger car and leaned his head back on the leather seat, his face showing deep fatigue.

   Every time after socializing, apart from the stomach full of drinks, the mood is always depressed inexplicably, and there is even a kind of emptiness at a loss.

People in the arena involuntarily.


   Chen Hansheng exhaled a heavy breath. If you use money to evaluate happiness in a vulgar way, you are actually happier than most people, so you shouldn’t complain more.

   When I turned on the car stereo and fastened his seat belt to start, Chen Hansheng suddenly touched a hard object in his pocket. It turned out to be the business card of that beautiful Miss Zhang during socializing.

   “Zhang Mingrong, the name is not bad.”

   Chen Hansheng smiled, and then with a light flick, the delicate business card slid an arc in the night and fell on the ground, and then Land Rover tires rolled over without mercy.

   Adult Vanity Fair always has to act on the spot, whoever takes it seriously is a fool.

   In the Land Rover, the melody of “Five Hundred Miles from Home” floats back and forth.


  If you cross my train


   you will know that I have gone away


   you can hear it screaming


   away a hundred miles


   The lyrics of this song are far from Chen Hansheng’s current life, but his artistic conception has deeply infected him. The frequent use of numerals and repetition means expresses the hardships of life.

   Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign people who have left their hometowns to seek a life, some are rich and some are poor, but whether they are rich or poor, the sadness in their hearts is always indelible.

   “It’s been a long time since I saw my father and mother, so why don’t you go see them overnight.”

   Thinking of this, Chen Hansheng turned the steering wheel subconsciously under the influence of the stamina of the foreign drink.

   Suddenly, a dazzling white light shone from the side. With a loud “bang”, Chen Hansheng didn’t know anything.


   “Han Sheng, wake up soon, the bus is about to arrive.”

   In a daze, Chen Hansheng was awakened by a voice, opening his eyes is the dazzling sunlight, and his head is the sting of drinking.

   “Damn, I will never drink so much next time.”

   Chen Hansheng frowned and cursed.

   “Yesterday was the last class party in high school. Everyone drank a lot. It doesn’t matter if you are frustrated and drunk.”

The person who was talking was a teenager of about 17 or 18 years old with a fat body and dark complexion. He grinned again: “I have long advised you not to confess to Xiao Rongyu. You have to try before the college entrance examination is over. how about it?”

   “Like her so much, you are also a vain ghost.”

   The fat black man gloated, and saw Chen Hansheng looking straight at him. He was still a little unhappy: “Say two bad things about Xiao Rongyu, and you are angry?”

   “We are the playmates who grew up together. You and she have been high school classmates for three years. I suggest that you treat the events of last night as a memory and let it go with the wind.”

   Seeing that he was going to keep nagging, Chen Hansheng couldn’t help but interrupt: “Who are you?”


The young man’s expression was surprised at first, and then turned into anger. After the vehicle arrived, he pulled up the vain Chen Hansheng and got out of the vehicle, and said loudly, “Loss of love is not amnesia. I’m your good brother Wang Zibo. I forgot my name is Chen Hansheng!”

   “Wang Zibo?”

   Chen Hansheng does have a good friend named Wang Zibo, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, but he is currently not in China.

   “Isn’t Wang Zibo in Iraq?”

   “Chen Hansheng of Dog Day, Iraq is so chaotic now, Yankees are about to beat Saddam, are you cursing me to die sooner?”

   Chen Hansheng stopped talking this time because he was staring at the reflective glass on the bus stop in a daze. The reflection on it was also a teenager, familiar but strange, with a little shaggy beard on his mouth.

   The sky is blue and cloudless, the road is still muddy, the flying dust can be seen clearly under the sun, and the barbershop horn on the side of the road presumably plays the tweeter.

   “I will accompany you to see the meteor shower falling on this earth, let your tears fall on my shoulder…”

Combined with the scene in front of him and the songs played on the streets and alleys, Chen Hansheng’s head suddenly became a little dizzy. This clichéd bridge actually happened to him. Suddenly, there was a surge in his stomach. Chen Hansheng couldn’t help but walk to the side of the road. Threw up.

  Wang Zibo didn’t dislike him, he walked over and patted his back to comfort him and said: “It’s all right after vomiting.”

After    all the things in his stomach were vomited, Chen Hansheng gradually became sober, and Wang Zibo’s current image and memory finally gradually overlapped.

   “Where are we going now?” Chen Hansheng raised his head with difficulty.

   “Go to school and get the admission notice.”

  Wang Zibo is not surprising now. The strangeness of him being a good friend comes from the beginning and end of the confession last night.

   Saying this, Chen Hansheng really remembered that he had gone to school with Wang Zibo to get the admission notice. He was a normal two, and Wang Zibo was the same.

   This year is not 2019, it is 2002.


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