I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 10: Oh, man!

You must know that today is not only the day when Tunghai University but also the college students of the School of Finance and Economics reported. Almost all colleges and universities in Eastern Jiangsu Province signed up today. There should not be too many students in the passenger terminal. Everyone is basking in the sun while carrying luggage. I was already very irritable when I was queuing out of the station.

   But Xiao Rongyu’s cries, these prospective college students, who are young on the surface and coquettish in their hearts, are suddenly excited, as if they have discovered important gossip news.

  Xiao Rongyu, beautiful and beautiful, and his aggrieved appearance is really pitiful;

  Chen Hansheng, wearing a toad mirror can’t see his appearance, but looking tall and tall, people should not be ugly;

  Wang Zibo, who is dark and sleek, standing next to him helplessly, he is definitely not the leading actor and can be ignored.

So everyone focused on Chen Hansheng and Xiao Rongyu. Those who had just passed the college entrance examination and were in adolescence were divergent thinking. Just based on the phrase “You promised my dad to take care of me”, they immediately conceived a picture of scum. The man abandons the infatuated woman.

   Chen Hansheng was anxious when he heard it. How to tease her seriously, he quickly whispered: “Don’t cry, there are so many people.”

   Xiao Rongyu actually did not shed a few tears, mainly because she was anxious and angry, but she didn’t want to forgive Chen Hansheng so easily, even if she was joking.

   Xiao Rongyu wiped the corners of his eyes with the back of his hands, turned around and said nothing.

Jianye is known as the four major domestic stoves. September 1 was the end of the fire. Xiao Rongyu was unwilling to go because he was so petty, but Chen Hansheng didn’t want to bask in the sun. He touched his hot scalp and said with a sigh “Let’s go quickly. If the voice just made others misunderstand me and you, it might affect my finding a girlfriend in the future.”


   Xiao Rongyu suddenly raised his head and looked at Chen Hansheng in disbelief. This is a three-year high school classmate, a suitor who has a crush on himself?

   Look, is this human?

   She was crying, but Chen Hansheng was worried and could not find a girlfriend.

   Chen Hansheng was shocked when he saw Xiao Rongyu staring at her suddenly, but later she didn’t think it was enough, she had also refused herself.

   “Well then, I’ll take you to the train station, and then watch the bus. That’s it.”

   Chen Han added fuel to the fire and seemed to continue teasing Xiao Rongyu.

   “Still leaving me?!”

   Xiao Rongyu is about to explode with anger, his breathing speed has increased significantly, and his tops are supported by the ups and downs of his chest. This obvious female characteristic makes many virgin college students dry.

   “If you don’t speak, then there is no objection. I will help you take your luggage to the train station.”

   Chen Hansheng stretched out his hand and was about to pick up Xiao Rongyu’s bag, but it was too late. It was fast, Xiao Rongyu actually grabbed Chen Hansheng’s wrist and bit down without saying a word.


   Chen Hansheng couldn’t help but yelled.

   Xiao Rongyu didn’t show any mercy at all, and his face turned red. Chen Hansheng felt pain in his arm, but he couldn’t hit him, and he was afraid of hurting Xiao Rongyu.

   It happened that those college students who watched the excitement were still cheering.

“it is good!”

   “Good bite!”

   “Kill this guilty man!”


   The crowds onlookers felt that Xiao Rongyu’s love for the country and the city. When I cried, it made me feel pity. Mentally treated her as a victim and a disadvantaged party. The boys with sunglasses are naturally a guilty man.

   “Bah, Chen Shimei!”

   “There are no good students who wear sunglasses. They look like gangsters, but it’s a pity that such a beautiful girl is.

   “How fateful a beauty is since ancient times”

   Some parents who accompanied their children to report took the opportunity to warn: “Did you see it? Puppy love is the end of it. You study me obediently in college and don’t fall in love!”

   Chen Hansheng didn’t dare to take off his glasses anymore, and even decided that he would not wear this suit in the future, for fear that the reputation of “the scumbag man at the passenger terminal” would accompany his college career, so how did he get lost?

   But Xiao Rongyu is weak in the end, and Chen Hansheng has thick skin. Even though her jaw is sore, Chen Hansheng’s arm still hasn’t bleeds, but the two rows of deep tooth marks will not disappear for a while.

  Wang Zibo was in a sluggish state throughout the whole process. It is difficult for him to understand why the goddess in Port City No. 1 could do such things as biting people under the public. But thinking about it from another angle, it may be Chen Hansheng that is too annoying.

However, once an angry person finds a way to vent, the anger will slowly come off. Xiao Rongyu feels furious when he bites, and when he calms down, she feels unbelievable. Especially when there are so many people around, her heart starts to “dump.” Boom” jumped up.

   Looking at the tooth marks on Chen Hansheng’s arm, Xiao Rongyu was also blaming himself. Chen Hansheng had the right to find a girlfriend, so why bother to be so angry.

   “Little Chen······”

   Xiao Rongyu raised his head in tears, not knowing whether he should apologize or say something else.

   Unexpectedly, Chen Hansheng stared at her for a while, and then smiled: “Did you lose your breath?”

   Xiao Rongyu shook his head first, and then nodded again. Wang Zibo hurriedly rounded off next to him: “It’s okay, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is okay, let’s get out of the station first.

   Wang Zibo took the initiative to carry most of his luggage, Chen Hansheng also took a lot, Xiao Rongyu carried a small bag, and the three of them left amidst the gaze of many eyes.

   With the exit of the hero and the heroine, the crowd watching the excitement quickly dissipated, and the bus station resumed its usual hustle and bustle.

   Outside the station are complex four-way intersections and viaducts. Watching the continuous flow of vehicles, Wang Zibo and Xiao Rongyu were immediately lost, and they could only passively follow Chen Hansheng.

  Wang Zibo is going to be honest. He was worried about what another moth would be produced, and tentatively asked: “Xiao Chen, where are we going now?”

   “Go for lunch, are you hungry?” Chen Hansheng asked rhetorically.

   “When we go to Changshou Lake Park that afternoon, we can’t leave Rongyu.” Wang Zibo persuaded.

   Chen Hansheng rubbed the tooth marks on his arm, and put on a show: “You can take her to play.”

  Wang Zibo was very happy to hear that, he turned around and said to Xiao Rongyu: “Look, Xiao Chen agreed to be together.”

   Xiao Rongyu smiled first, and then felt a little sad. He looked up at Chen Hansheng’s back. When this Sao Bao passed by the Changshou Lake Park Visitor Center just now, he bought a paper fan with 10 quick cash.

   I walked all the way with a fan, wearing sunglasses, and walking at a chic pace, how happy I came.

   “Oh, man!”

   Xiao Rongyu sighed in his heart. Chen Hansheng paid much attention to himself before, but since that rejection, he obviously felt that the weight in his heart had dropped sharply.

   can be said now, there is almost no place.

   Xiao Rongyu, an 18-year-old girl, saw Chen Hansheng’s cruelty and ruthlessness for the first time. She thought that today was the bottom line, but it was just the beginning…


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