I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 11: Train Station Story

   I had lunch at a tavern by the Changshou Lake. The area was only 20 square meters. There were two sets of mahogany tables and chairs with slightly peeling paint. The decoration style was simple and natural.

   There is an advantage here. As soon as you look up, you will see the shining longevity lake. The tide beats gently on the shore. It is very leisurely.

   Xiao Rongyu originally wondered why Chen Hansheng took him so far, but now he feels peaceful and comfortable here, but he doesn’t know how the food tastes.

   “Xiao Chen, how did you know there is a restaurant here?”

  Wang Zibo also thinks the environment is quite good, but the boss is not enthusiastic at all, and he doesn’t know how to take the menu when he sees the customers, he just takes a look and just cooks.

   “What a strange shop.” Wang Zibo murmured again.

   Xiao Rongyu and Wang Zibo have never seen this style, but Chen Hansheng knows that this place will become a famous private kitchen and restaurant on the edge of Changshou Lake in more than ten years.

  What is a “private kitchen”, it only serves one table of guests at a night, and you need to line up at least 2 months in advance to make an appointment.

   Chen Hansheng was too lazy to explain. He stood up and walked to the back kitchen. At this time, the tavern owner had not created the consciousness of a private kitchen, and the cooking place was free to enter and exit.


   Chen Hansheng passed a red gold tomb. The middle-aged boss was cooking. He raised his head and glanced at Chen Hansheng. He silently took the cigarette, but did not smoke it on the shelf.

  The owner is from Wuzhong. Wuzhong cuisine pays attention to freshness and peace, and its shape is uniform. Therefore, when the sweet-scented sweet-scented lotus root, red diamond chicken head rice, squirrel mandarin fish and chicken broth are served, it is really delicious.

  Wang Zibo and Xiao Rongyu were hungry a long time ago, and immediately started, while Chen Hansheng and the shop owner smoked at the door.

   The two had almost nothing to talk about. The shop owner said little, and he thought that Chen Hansheng was just a college student, so there was not much talk.

   Chen Hansheng didn’t bother, he silently finished smoking and sat at the dinner table, but was stunned. There were only a few dishes, and the squirrel mandarin fish had only the bones.

  Wang Zibo almost swallowed his job. Xiao Rongyu had a better food appearance, but his mouth was swollen and his eyes looked innocently at Chen Hansheng.

   She also felt that the action was a bit rude, but she couldn’t let go of the melting fish, so she simply lowered her head and learned that Wang Zibo pretended not to see it.

   “As for?”

   Chen Hansheng hurried to fill his stomach with food, and soon the three dishes and one soup on the table were completely wiped out, and the porcelain bowls could be used as mirrors.

   The food is delicious and the price is not cheap, a total of 156 yuan, Wang Zibo secretly smacked his tongue, unexpectedly so expensive.

  Wang Zibo wanted to start a counter-offer, but was stopped by Chen Hansheng. This store has always accounted for it. From now on, this order will cost thousands of dollars, and some styles cannot be measured by money.

  Wang Zibo and Xiao Rongyu have no idea of ​​AA. This kind of social habit was relatively rare in 2002, and they both plan to make it back at the next treat.

   It doesn’t matter if Chen Hansheng doesn’t make up for it. He stored his luggage in this hotel, and took Wang Zibo and Xiao Rongyu to stroll around Changshou Lake Park.

  Longevity Lake is actually not big, but Wang Zibo is tired after walking for a while.

   “This is so close to the train station and the bus station, we should just play it before we go home next time.” Wang Zibo suggested.

   “Don’t push too much, this is the first time in your life to visit the Longevity Lake, maybe the last time.” Chen Hansheng said affirmatively.

  Because he has already experienced it, Chen Hansheng has been studying in Jianye for four years and has been working for ten years. He has been to almost all the scenic spots, except for the Changshou Lake.

At first, he had the same idea as Wang Zibo. Before going home from the holiday, he always took a hurried ride every time. The most familiar place was limited to the Changshou Lake Square opposite the passenger terminal. Even the private kitchen was someone else. Brought him here.

Xiao Rongyu thought it was good. Changshou Lake is a small inland lake, surrounded by dozens of high-rise buildings, and two stations with huge traffic. In such a place, there is a clear water bay with willows fluttering on the bank. From time to time, some bright lotus flowers pop up. This green and rosy scenery shows the humanistic atmosphere of the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties.

   But this kind of fantasy was quickly shattered by reality. At about 3 in the afternoon, Chen Hansheng and the others were going to the school to report. When passing by Jianye Railway Station, several people entangled.

   “Man, do you need accommodation?”

   “Does the beauty rest?”

   “There are fun things here, would you like a handsome guy to take a look.”


   They are not underworld. The public security environment in Jianye is much better than that in eastern Guangdong. It is just that a few 50-year-old women holding “accommodation” signs ask each passer-by one by one.

   Chen Hansheng walked in the forefront, and he wore sunglasses like a tourist. This single young man was an important target, so the old woman decisively directed all firepower at Chen Hansheng, and her words became more and more explicit.

   “Handsome guy, our girl is very beautiful.”

   “The service is also very good.”

   Someone else directly talked about the price: “80 belt service at a time, guarantee not to remind the clock, see if you are handsome, 60 yuan to do it?”

   Xiao Rongyu blushed and took a quick walk past here. It was the first time that Wang Zibo encountered such a thing. He himself had no guts to go, but he was curious.

  Wang Zibo’s idea is that it is best for Chen Hansheng to give it a try and then tell him the process. If Chen Hansheng knew that Wang Zibo had such an idea, he would definitely take off his pants and throw them into the chicken house.

   Chen Hansheng only smiled and refused: “Sorry, we are in a hurry, please let me.”

   A few aunts really couldn’t stop them and had to give up. They were still unwilling to shout out from behind: “Handsome man, since you are traveling, you have to play boldly.”

   Xiao Rongyu went faster and faster, and finally stopped at the bus stop. It seems that the first impression given to her by Jianye Railway Station is not very good. Of course, it is because she has too little social experience.

   Here we have to face a difference again. Wang Zibo’s Jianye University of Technology is on the Xianning campus. He needs to take the 97 bus. The schools of Xiao Rongyu and Chen Hansheng are both in Jiangling University Town, and the 137 can be reached directly.

   “Xiao Chen, I will go to Jiangling to find you in the future.”

  Wang Zibo waved his hand, his eyes were very disappointed. UU reading www.uukānshu. com

   “Okay, good, pay attention to safety.”

   Chen Hansheng said lightly, sooner or later Wang Zibo will be familiar with the city that he is familiar with.

   sent away Wang Zibo, Chen Hansheng turned around and said to Xiao Rongyu: “The annoying light bulb is finally gone, and the rest is our two-person world.”

   “Be serious, don’t talk nonsense.”

   Xiao Rongyu was a little embarrassed to see Chen Hansheng staring at herself, although she couldn’t see clearly under the sunglasses, it wouldn’t be too good anyway, so she added: “Don’t think about it!”

   “My head is thinking, what can I do?” Chen Hansheng said with a smile.


   Xiao Rongyu choked, there was really no way to get Chen Hansheng now. When 137 came by, she didn’t wait for Chen Hansheng to go straight up.

  Chen Hansheng slowly moved all his luggage onto the bus, only to find that Xiao Rongyu had also taken a seat for him, but there were several mensao male college students standing around, and it seemed that they wanted to sit next to Xiao Rongyu.

   Xiao Rongyu stared at the door nervously, and when he saw Chen Hansheng coming up, he quickly waved his hand and shouted excitedly: “Xiao Chen, come here.”

   Chen Hansheng thought that a group of virgins were too courageous. He walked over and sat down. This kind of clear “territory” behavior made these college boys who were eager to extinguish the fire and quickly dispersed.

   “Xiao Chen, aren’t all boys in college so hungry?”

   Xiao Rongyu asked in a low voice.

   “How is it possible, I am not that kind of person.”

   Chen Han Shengyi’s retort.

   “Okay, I believe you, but can you take your hand off my shoulder first.”

   Xiao Rongyu said sadly.



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