I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 13: Liar Chen Hansheng

   Xiao Rongyu wished that Chen Hansheng could throw away the paper with the phone on it, but it was a pity that Chen Hansheng still put it in his trouser pocket.

   At this moment, Xiao Rongyu felt that Chen Hansheng was about to be lost, although she had never owned it, and even refused.

   Xu Zhixi was humming happily in the dormitory. The other roommates did their own things. Chen Hansheng had already left. There were packages all over the floor that needed to be sorted. Xiao Rongyu was suddenly sad and very homesick.

   She picked up her mobile phone and prepared to call her father, but in the end she endured it.

   Just now, reality taught Xiao Rongyu, who grew up in the greenhouse, a good lesson. She was the goddess of everyone in Gangcheng No. 1 Middle School, but everything was zero in the Dongda dormitory.

   At this moment, Chen Hansheng’s voice suddenly sounded at the door: “Xiao Rongyu, please come down and help me prove it, otherwise Aunt Su Guan will not let me go out.”

   Xiao Rongyu sucked his nose and stood up. She didn’t want the “worried man” Chen Hansheng to see her true feelings.

   “Let’s go.”

   Xiao Rongyu said coldly.

   Chen Hansheng took her to the corner of the second floor, and then looked at Xiao Rongyu thoughtfully.

“what are you going to do?”

   Xiao Rongyu didn’t want to look at Chen Hansheng.

   “The relationship between college roommates is much more complicated than that of high school dormitories, so be careful when you speak and act.”

   Xiao Rongyu had a small conflict with his roommate as soon as he arrived in the dormitory, which was equivalent to forcibly increasing the difficulty of his college career. Of course, the main reason was that Chen Hansheng was too mad.

   “Anyway, if you have any questions, just ask me directly.”

   Chen Hansheng said slowly.

   Hearing the concern in Chen Hansheng’s words, Xiao Rongyu’s heart moved slightly, but she thought of the joke he had just made with other girls, and she was still extremely uncomfortable when she put herself aside.

   “I see, go down now.”

   Xiao Rongyu turned around and urged against his will.

  In such a completely unfamiliar environment, especially so far away from home, there are still grievances in his heart, Xiao Rongyu actually wants to spend more time with the ruffian Chen Hansheng.

   Chen Hansheng stared at Xiao Rongyu’s slender and graceful back, thinking that the past and present life combined, I have liked Xiao Rongyu for six years.

   From a certain perspective, Xiao Rongyu almost represents Chen Hansheng’s entire youth.

   Even if he changed his mentality after rebirth, there was no way to really ignore Xiao Rongyu, so he came back to remind him.

   “We are fellow villagers after all, we should help each other, besides, if I succeed in confession that night, you are my girlfriend, and you should take care of you.”

   Chen Hansheng said sincerely, Xiao Rongyu was touched and couldn’t hold back tears.

   “Then you still make me sad. I haven’t cried twice in three years in Hong Kong City, but you made me cry twice a day.”

   Xiao Rongyu was so sad that she was crying this time, as if she wanted to vent all the grievances, homesickness thoughts, and sadness of being abandoned along the way, and to prevent others from hearing it, she could only silence her voice.

   The girls are beautiful, and they look good when they cry.

   Xiao Rongyu choked, his long eyelashes were covered with tears, as clear as a lotus flower, and the tears seemed to be nostalgic for the white skin, and he refused to fall.

   “You, you still hide other women’s phones.”

   The ghost is a mess, Xiao Rongyu also added this sentence.

   Xiao Rongyu is also confused. Chen Hansheng has nothing to do with her. You can hide anyone’s phone number, but Chen Hansheng turned his trouser pocket over to prove: “Nothing, I just threw it away.”

   Xiao Rongyu took a look. As expected, there was nothing in his trouser pocket, and he felt a little more comfortable.

   “You must have a tolerant heart when you get along with the dormitory.” Chen Hansheng exhorted again.

   Xiao Rongyu nodded to express his awareness.

   “Then I’m leaving, you can go up.” Chen Hansheng said.

   Xiao Rongyu was taken aback for a moment, and asked charmingly, “Didn’t you let me send you out?”

   Chen Hansheng smiled: “Just find a good reason to call you out. Your girls’ dormitory is almost the same as the vegetable market now, and you are free to enter and exit.”

   “Chen Hansheng, you are such a liar.”

   Xiao Rongyu’s voice was muffled.

   Chen Hansheng stretched out his hand to help her wipe her tears, Xiao Rongyu subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but he hesitated, and finally stood in place pretty, the skin that can be broken by blowing a bomb feels the temperature of Chen Hansheng’s fingers.

   Then, both of them did not speak tacitly, one went upstairs and the other went down.

   After Chen Hansheng walked out of the girls’ dormitory, he unexpectedly took out a piece of paper from his jacket pocket. It was the one Xu Zhixi had just given.

   This **** deceived Xiao Rongyu again.


The school area of ​​the    Finance Institute is much smaller than that of Tunghai University. Chen Hansheng did not need a sign, and he came to the University Student Activity Center from memory. This is the place where the freshmen of the Finance Institute report.

Chen Hansheng first lined up at the payment office to pay the money. The payment office is like a hospital, able to see the world’s ills and vacancies. Middle-aged parents see not only the joy of their children entering university, but also thousands of dollars. Reluctant to give up tuition.

   After paying the tuition, Chen Hansheng took the receipt and went to the second class of public administration in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences to register.

   There are two tables in the registration office. There are a man and a woman sitting there. The man is middle-aged and the woman looks like a college student.

   “Classmate, are you in the second class of public administration?” the female college student asked.

   “My name is Chen Hansheng, and I work in the second class of public manager.” Chen Hansheng replied with a smile.

   As the saying goes, Chen Hansheng is not ugly by himself if he doesn’t hit the smiley person. Although he is a little dark in farming, he is healthy and vigorous.

   “My name is Hu Linyu, and I am also a college student this year. From now on we will be classmates.”

   The girl introduced herself enthusiastically.

   Of course, Chen Hansheng knows Hu Linyu. According to the normal development, Hu Linyu will be the monitor of the four-year university. After graduation, he will become a selected student and enter the system.

Hu Linyu’s appearance can only be said to be average. In schools such as the financial institution, it is the kind that can not be found in the crowd. It does not talk about doing things but is very active. He has short hair and speaks quickly, giving people a very capable a feeling of.

   “This is our counselor Guo Zhongyun.”

   Hu Linyu introduced the middle-aged man next to him.

   “Old Guo, don’t be too familiar with it in the future.”

   Chen Hansheng said in his heart.

   Guo Zhongyun wears gold-rimmed glasses. For the students in the class, he is still at the stage of observation. UU Reading www. uukanshu.com smiled and said hello to Chen Hansheng, then took out a few registration forms and said: “Fill in the identity information and help you arrange the dormitory by the way.”

   When Chen Hansheng filled in, Hu Linyu was a little strange: “Did your parents not come with you?”

   “No, I came by myself.” Chen Hansheng replied.

   “It’s so amazing. Only you and another girl in our class signed up separately. It’s really admirable.” Hu Linyu praised it sincerely.

   Hu Linyu said that it was fun, but there were several parents who accompanied their children to sign up.

   These are all future classmates. They were a little embarrassed when they heard it. They raised their heads and looked at Chen Hansheng and Hu Linyu.

   Hu Linyu didn’t know his faux pas, and was still busy sweating profusely.

   “Not great at all.”

   Chen Hansheng said calmly: “I was also forced to be helpless. Originally, my parents had bought the tickets to Jianye. Suddenly, my hometown was a little delayed.”

   Hu Linyu was stunned, she didn’t even realize what Chen Hansheng meant, but the faces of the students around him looked much better.

  Guo Zhongyun, the counselor, glanced at Chen Hansheng, but said nothing.

   After finishing the formalities, Chen Hansheng finally officially became a college student. He greeted Hu Linyu and left straight away.

   The Hu Lin language platform was very good at the time, and the selection qualifications started, but because of his personality problems, he was hit by the system and finally resigned.

   There is always no shortage of hard-working people in this world, but the harvest is far less than imagined.

   In fact, if they are willing to raise their heads in their busy schedule, take time to observe and think, broaden their minds, and absorb feedback from the surrounding environment, maybe their lives can be more brilliant.


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