I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 15: University must wave

   The boys’ dormitory was allocated in advance when registering, and personal identification information was posted on it. Chen Hansheng’s bed remained unchanged, and it was still the one near the balcony.

   There are advantages and disadvantages to this location. The advantage is that you can overlook the entire dormitory and he can see clearly what the roommate is doing; the disadvantage is that the boys’ balcony is dirty and smells bigger in summer.

   Especially now the balcony still has the “babies” left by the previous seniors, beer bottles, cigarette cases, old books, and a few underwear with holes in the buttocks.

   Chen Hansheng put down his luggage, glanced at him and said, “My name is Chen Hansheng, a native of Hong Kong, Sodong Province. Where are these gods?”

   Chen Hansheng opened up, everyone still introduced each other very friendly.

  The oldest person is Yang Shichao, a native of Liaobei; followed by Guo Shaoqiang, a native of Guangling in Eastern Jiangsu Province; and then Dai Zhenyou, a native of Jingbei.

   Chen Hansheng ranks fourth in age. The next two are Li Zhennan from Eastern Guangdong and Jin Yangming from Jianye.

   After having a simple understanding of each other, everyone will praise each other’s hometown specialties. The two schools are so embarrassed that they can’t praise each other’s college entrance examination results.

   After chatting for a while, the “boss” Yang Shichao took out his cigarettes and scattered them one by one. Guo Shaoqiang and Chen Hansheng took the initiative. Dai Zhenyou hesitated and took them. Li Zhennan and Jin Yangming both refused.

   Yang Shichao was rejected the first time he was dispersing cigarettes, and he couldn’t live up to it. He persuaded: “We are already college students, what’s the matter with smoking?”

   Guo Shaoqiang also said: “There are already four smoking guns in the dormitory. If you two don’t want to smoke second-hand smoke, you can just smoke one hand to fight us.”

   Seeing the embarrassed expressions of the two “brothers”, Chen Hansheng smiled and said nothing.

   After graduating from university, he basically had no contact with Jin Yangming, but the friendship with Li Zhennan has continued from the university years. After graduation, this kid returned to his hometown to speculate in stocks and then in coins, earning a lot of money.

   Chen Hansheng went to East Guangdong on a business trip to find him by the way. This dog day is already a frequent visitor to the 998 package of the entertainment club, not to mention the trivial matter of smoking.

   But the current Anan is immature. He couldn’t stand the persuasion or lit one, and immediately coughed heavily. Yang Shichao and Guo Shaoqiang looked at each other and laughed. They didn’t have any bad thoughts, just thought it was funny.

   Jin Yangming also teased next to him: “This kind of cigarette is only a few dollars a pack, and it must choke your throat. The first time you smoke, you should try Zhonghua and Su Yan. It is mellow and fragrant.”

   Li Zhennan blushed and nodded. Yang Shichao was a little unhappy beside him. Jin Yangming said that his cigarette was too bad.

   “My hometown smokes this kind of cigarettes. I haven’t smoked other good cigarettes.”

   Yang Shichao said dullly.

   Jin Yangming also knew that he had made a mistake, so he turned his head and said nothing.

   The dormitory suddenly quieted down, only Chen Hansheng was smoking a cigarette, thinking that college students are so **** cute, they can all create conflicts about this coercion.

   But he didn’t persuade him. It’s hard to avoid bumping into each other in college. In fact, many of the people involved didn’t care much. There were always some clumsy jumps out to be good people to persuade him, but it turned out that nothing happened.

   Chen Hansheng stood up, flexed his muscles, took up the broom and mop and walked to the balcony.

   The balcony on Gou Ri was too smelly, and the smell of smoke almost couldn’t stop the smell there. Before, the entire dormitory had to be cleaned after a month, and I don’t know how six people could endure it.

   Chen Hansheng is very hands-on, and soon got up to work on the balcony. Roommates watched him flushing from the toilet again and again, and some couldn’t help it.

   Li Zhennan took the lead: “Should we help Brother Chen? After all, it’s everyone’s dormitory, so he can’t clean it alone.”

   Before the others spoke, Jin Yangming said: “The balcony is so small, we used to make trouble in the past. Tomorrow, I can ask Brother Chen for breakfast.”

   Yang Shichao thought for a while, and also supported Li Zhennan’s opinion: “We should indeed do it together.”

   The Liaobei people are still very quick to move. He said here, and there he opened the balcony door: “Fourth, do you want to help?”

   Chen Hansheng is washing the black solid on the balcony floor. I don’t know if it’s a dog-day flying here. It’s hard to wash.

   “No, I can do it alone.”

   Chen Hansheng refused.

   “Brother Chen, I’ll go in and help too.”

   Li Zhennan insisted, he took off his shoes.

   Chen Hansheng wiped the sweat off his face, and said impatiently: “If you don’t use it, you don’t need it. Go get the cigarette from Lao Yang’s desk.”

   It was the first time that Yang Shichao heard someone call him “Lao Yang”. He read it twice in silence and thought this nickname was pretty good, so the name “Lao Yang” accompanied Yang Shichao for the entire four-year university.

   Chen Hansheng got the cigarettes, and then drove out Li Zhennan, who was desperate to be a working people, and continued to stir up humming songs that were not tuned.

   Jin Yangming in the dormitory smiled and said, “Look, I’m right, Chen Ge looks straightforward and honest.”

  Guo Shaoqiang also nodded: “The fourth child is indeed very real, and he should be the kind of thing he is used to doing at home.”

   The two grandsons didn’t talk a few words when they met, and they gave Chen Hansheng the impression of “reality.” This is also a common problem of college students. They just label people indiscriminately with just one or two small things.

   “Then let Brother Chen be the head of the house.” Jin Yangming suggested.

   The dean of the university is actually not good. Jin Yangming is purely trying to be lazy, hoping that Chen Hansheng can contract all the sanitation of the dormitory.

   Chen Hansheng washed for an hour and a half before the balcony was thoroughly washed out. Only when he came out did he realize that he had been given the important task of being the head of the house by Jin Yangming.

   “Brother Chen, after our unanimous recommendation, we decided to let you be the head of the room and lead our 602 to a better tomorrow.” Jin Yangming said triumphantly.

   “There is no recommendation, we can take turns to be the head of the house.”

   It’s Li Zhennan again. He is the only one who speaks against him. Probably none of the other roommates want to do labor.

   Chen Hansheng smiled and flicked the cigarette **** in his hand and said, “No problem, then I will be the head of the house.”

   The head of the house does not have any rights in itself, but it depends on who gets it, and someone can exert a huge influence in an inconspicuous position.


   Chen Hansheng finished cleaning the balcony, and his stomach became hungry again, but the cafeteria was closed and there was no takeaway. He rubbed his chin and said suddenly, “It’s not 10 o’clock now. Let’s find a food stall for supper.”


   Several roommates raised their heads one after another. Someone was ready to go to bed.

   “It’s too late, Han Sheng.” Dai Zhenyou said.

   “What’s late, this point is for supper, change clothes and leave.” Chen Hansheng urged directly.

   Yang Shichao and Guo Shaoqiang both have a heart of turmoil. They always have a kind of yearning for university, but the first day of registration was too ordinary, and they always felt that something was missing.

   Now Chen Hansheng reminded them, and they immediately reacted. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

   Lack of restraint, how can a university be like a high school student, Yang Shichao quickly agreed: “The fourth child said that we meet each other in the world, we still have a drink.”

  Guo Shaoqiang is already changing clothes. The two are active, and Chen Hansheng has to deal with the others.

   For the first dormitory dinner, no one should be left behind, otherwise he would be easily isolated.

   Dai Zhen said in a friendly manner that he has always had no opinion, as long as everyone else goes, he will definitely go too.

   As for Jin Yangming, before he objected, Chen Hansheng said: “Jianye is a city that never sleeps. You local should not go to bed so early, right?”

  Jin Yangming is right when he thinks about it. As a resident of a superior provincial capital city, he can’t give this group of outsiders a look down.

   “Who is going to bed, I’m wondering if I want to ask my cousin to drive over and take us to the 1912 bar for a jump.”

  Jin Yangming, this dog boasts B is not slippery at all.

   “It’s alright, let’s reunite with classmates, let your cousin stop.”

   Chen Hansheng turned to Li Zhennan after speaking.

   Li Zhennan has changed into pajamas: “Brother Chen, I really don’t go anymore. First of all, I can’t drink, and secondly, I am also used to sleeping at this point. What are you doing…”

   It turned out that Li Zhennan hadn’t finished speaking, but Chen Hansheng actually climbed onto the bed and picked him up: “If you don’t go, I will take off my pants and put my arms around you to sleep all night.”

   Facing such threats, Li Zhennan would rather drink to death on the wine table than let Chen Hansheng succeed.

   Several other roommates were laughing, but none of them realized that Chen Hansheng’s methods of persuading different people are different, and they still retain the original character that belongs to Chen Hansheng.

   This is emotional intelligence.


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