I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 16: I want to be the monitor

   Chen Hansheng got his roommate down, and when he changed his clothes, he felt slimy.

   “I’ll take a shower and wait for me for two minutes.” Chen Hansheng frowned and said.

   This irritated Yang Shichao and Guo Shaoqiang complained: “Hurry up, it’s just you.”

   “I am the head of the house, what happened to you waiting?”

   Chen Hansheng cursed, picked up a change of clothes and rushed into the bathroom.

   When the sound of the shower sounded, Yang Shichao muttered: “I’m still the boss of the dormitory.”

   I probably know the reason for going out for a while. Regardless of whether they want to go or not, the adrenaline is now subconsciously mobilizing hormones, and the hormones turn into excitement.

   So the dormitory was very lively, even Yang Shichao and Jin Yangming, who had just had a conflict, reconciled unconsciously.

   Chen Hansheng washes slowly and carefully. This is the Jiangling University Town. There is no shortage of everything but no shortage of beautiful women. If you are drunk, you may have an affair.

   “Although the possibility is relatively small, but we still have to be prepared, bullets are loaded at any time, and you can’t let a female fairy!”

   Chen Hansheng trembled twice and suddenly felt quiet outside. He thought for a while and felt something was wrong. He walked out after wearing a pair of pants, his face was taken aback.

   Counselor Guo Zhongyun stood in the middle of the dormitory. Several of his roommates were the same as Shuang’s eggplant, their heads hanging down and afraid to speak.

   “You guys are wearing red and green, what are you going to do?”

   Guo Zhongyun let go of Chen Hansheng with wet hair and asked the other five people.

   Jin Yangming glanced at Chen Hansheng quietly, because it was Chen Hansheng’s proposal, but he still resisted not telling the secret in person, so no one answered Lao Guo’s question.

Guo Zhongyun was a bit weird, but before he asked him again, Chen Hansheng, who was already wearing a T-shirt, came over and said: “Mr. Guo, we just cleaned the balcony and felt a little hungry, so I proposed to go out for a snack. night.”

   Hearing that Chen Hansheng took the initiative to take the responsibility, several roommates were quietly relieved. Not only that, Chen Hansheng also generously assigned the credit for cleaning the balcony.

   But what Jin Yangming and the others didn’t expect was that Guo Zhongyun’s focus was not on supper, but on the balcony.

   He went over there and took a look, and said admiringly: “The 602 dormitory is well done. I just saw all the boys, and only you took the initiative to clean the balcony.”

   “Don’t delay your supper, go and return quickly, pay attention to safety.”

   Guo Zhongyun was about to leave after speaking.

   Except for Chen Hansheng, several other roommates did not expect the counselor to let go of having supper so easily.

   Their thinking is still in the high school stage. At that time, the teachers not only looked after their studies but also took care of their lives. Their work and rest schedules were strictly regulated, but this was a university, and the instructors had to constrain college students when they were free.

   Guo Zhongyun, who has been a counselor for several years, has long understood this truth, and he is too lazy to take care of the private lives of a group of adults.

   Just when Guo Zhongyun was about to step out of the dormitory, Chen Hansheng suddenly shouted from behind: “Mr. Guo, let’s be together tonight.”


   Jin Yangming almost yelled, and finally sent away the counselor. Why did he get him back? Besides, Guo Zhongyun would definitely not agree.

   Chen Hansheng has his own demands and considerations, and he is sure that Guo Zhongyun will agree.

   Sure enough, Guo Zhongyun pretended to hesitate: “You can’t drink, then.”

   “No problem, you have the final say.”

   Chen Hansheng agreed happily, thinking that when you came to the banquet table, you can’t afford to face so many lads. Besides, you came to “inspect” specifically, not just to meet the boys in the class to facilitate future management.

   Hearing the exchange between Chen Hansheng and the counselor, several other roommates looked at each other. If Chen Hansheng’s bold invitation surprised them, then the counselor’s answer made them understand the college lifestyle.

   is relatively loose, not free, and requires a certain degree of effort, and all actions must be within the scope of legal constraints.

   After a few people went out, Guo Zhongyun hesitated while looking at the 605 dormitory not far away.

   605 is also the male dormitory of the second class of public administration. Chen Hansheng understood it after thinking about it, and asked, “Should I call all the boys in our class? It is an early class meeting.”

   “This is not good, right.”

   Guo Zhongyun hesitated, although Chen Hansheng’s proposal was in his arms.

   “What’s wrong, I’ll shout.”

   Chen Hansheng kicked a pack of cigarettes and walked over without hesitation.

Guo Zhongyun thought he needed to come out on his own, but in less than 2 minutes, there was a commotion in 605, and then he saw Chen Hansheng leading 6 boys out. Someone was wearing clothes while walking, apparently pulled up from the bed. .

   Next, he didn’t know what method Chen Hansheng used. He called out the boys in the other three dormitories.

   “Mr. Guo, all the 27 boys in the second public administration class are here!”

   Chen Hansheng said loudly.

  Guo Zhongyun glanced at Chen Hansheng, thinking that this student has great organizational skills. You must know that they are all strangers, but Chen Hansheng can call someone who doesn’t fall. It must be a brainstorm.

   But Guo Zhongyun didn’t entangle the details. The university teacher is good at this point. UU reading www.uukanshu.com only looks at the results and pays little attention to the process, so it is easy and not tiring.

“set off!”

   Guo Zhongyun said vigorously.

   So, a group of boys arrogantly walked on the road to the campus. When passing the school gate, Guo Zhongyun took the initiative to show his ID.

   There was an endorsement by the counselor, and the security guard opened the door happily.

   Before leaving, Chen Hansheng walked over and handed a cigarette to the security guard, and then he didn’t know what he was talking about.

   After Chen Hansheng returned to the team, Guo Zhongyun asked: “What you said to the security guard just now, I greeted them.”

   Chen Hansheng had a cigarette in his mouth and gave Guo Zhongyun a respect. Then he smiled and said, “I’m not sure when to drink tonight. I told him to keep the door when changing shifts. Don’t lock us out to feed mosquitoes.”

   “This kid really can.”

   Guo Zhongyun looked at Chen Hansheng earnestly, his heavy lenses against the dim yellow light of the street lights, thinking that Chen Hansheng had the ability to organize and work well. He was also very good at talking when signing up in the afternoon, and his comprehensive ability was above Hu Lin’s.

   Originally, Guo Zhongyun planned to let the proactive Hu Linyu be the monitor, but now he thinks Chen Hansheng is more suitable.

  The squad leader is an important role in the university, he can share many things for the counselor, and of course he has hidden gains.

   Now the key is whether Chen Hansheng has this intention, because the university monitor is actually very tired, and I don’t know if he can convince the crowd.

   “Observe for two more days.” Guo Zhongyun thought secretly.

   In this way, Chen Yingjun became one of the monitor candidates preferred by the counselor. This weight is much more important than the leader.

   Chen Hansheng wants to start a business in the university, and the monitor is a must-have. Otherwise, what would he bother to show?


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