I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 17: 0: people have 0: faces

There is a Yiwu Commodity Center near Jiangling University Town. The things here are cheap and affordable, and there are Internet cafes, billiards rooms, restaurants and cafes, and rows of hotels, which can basically meet the needs of college students for eating, entertainment and sleeping. .

   Chen Hansheng didn’t take the car. They walked to the street with bragging rights, and immediately there was a waiter who greeted him loudly: “Classmates, our beer is discounted. Do you want to try it.”

   The boys in the same class all looked at Chen Hansheng. After all, he was the leader. Chen Hansheng looked at Guo Zhongyun again. This is the big guy worthy of flattering.

   Guo Zhongyun shook his head: “This Kung Pao chicken does not taste good, we have diarrhea, let’s go to another one.”

   Chen Hansheng smiled in his heart, Lao Guo has been a college counselor for so many years, no matter which class activity he will be attracted to, he really knows which food stalls around the school are delicious.

   followed Guo Zhongyun to the selected restaurant. 27 boys sat at 3 tables. The proprietress walked over and said, “Mr. Guo, this is your new student.”

   Guo Zhongyun nodded, and then said in a familiar way: “The food is still the old rules, pay attention to cleanliness.”

   “Teacher Guo, don’t worry, what wine would you like to drink?”

Now I can stop Lao Guo from asking. He just said he would not drink, but it is impossible not to drink on this occasion. Just when he was hesitating in his heart, Chen Hansheng said loudly next to him: “One box of beer per table, more If you don’t make up for it, you don’t have enough. Give us some peanuts first.”

   Chen Hansheng came out to round the field, Guo Zhongyun can still maintain the majesty of the teacher, he nodded and said: “Then listen to Han Sheng, one box per table, and firmly can’t make more.”

  Some people actually don’t want to drink, they just want to meet the counselor and classmates, but when they hear that the counselors agree with Chen Hansheng’s opinion, everyone can’t say anything.

   At first, the tables were a bit deserted, but after the hot beer dishes came up, the atmosphere changed immediately.

   There are not many things that boys in college can compete. The family conditions are the same, the facial features are the same, the speed of changing girlfriends is the same, and the last thing is drinking.

   Now everyone can’t see each other’s family conditions, and their looks are not as handsome as Daniel Wu, and there is no talk of changing girlfriends just after school.

   Therefore, the amount of alcohol is an important criterion to test and measure the status of a male dormitory. Many people are full of energy and start drinking.

  Counselor Guo Zhongyun has a good drinker. He also believes that the quality of wine depends on character. He eats vegetables while waiting for his classmates to toast, while paying attention to the students in the class.

  Some people really can’t drink it. For example, Li Zhennan looks like a good boy. After two glasses of beer, he feels homesick in tears;

   Some people can drink more or less, but they like to sneak and sneak, for example, Jin Yangming, he obviously has half a catty, and he has to pretend that he is only three or two, and anyone who clinks a glass will only drink half of it, and sneak a little.

  There are also a lot of people who drink boldly, Yang Shichao, Guo Shaoqiang, and Chen Hansheng are at least one and a half catty.

   But among these students who can drink, there are differences in performance.

   Yang Shichao and Guo Shaoqiang, two bastards, relied on their alcohol intake to find those classmates who can’t drink to clink glasses. Whenever someone vomited, they screamed happily.

   They are accustomed to “do not drink, do you look down on me” as an excuse. Others who do not drink can not do it. Even Jin Yangming and Li Zhennan in a dormitory have not escaped, and they vomited and slept one by one.

   Chen Hansheng also toasted, but he clinked glasses with his classmates with poor drinking capacity, and he just touched it and he never forced it; Chen Hansheng also tolerated others serving tea when he met someone who really didn’t want to drink.

   He aimed at his classmates like Yang Shichao, who had a good drinking and noisy spirit.

   “Lao Yang, what’s going on with your dog days? If you say Qingdao doesn’t fall, I won’t fall, and if the snowflakes don’t float, I won’t float. Where can I go?

When Chen Hansheng picked up the sixth glass of wine in a row, Yang Shichao couldn’t hold it anymore, and his tongue began to knot: “Dog, dog stuff Chen Hansheng, I, I can see it, you just poured me tonight. “

   After saying “boom”, Yang Shichao buried his head and fell asleep.

   put another one down, and Chen Hansheng turned to Guo Shaoqiang again: “Come here, Shaoqiang, let’s talk about our ideals in life.”

  Guo Shaoqiang was flustered when he watched. Chen Hansheng was killing him. Several boys who can drink have never drunk him. Chen Hansheng is not walking now and speaks clearly, obviously he has not reached the top.

   Guo Shaoqiang immediately admitted: “The fourth child, I think it’s almost okay. We can talk about our ideals at any time, but we drink too much and no one takes care of our classmates.”

   Chen Hansheng looked at the clock on the wall, it was almost 1 o’clock, and thought that Guo Shaoqiang was really down, and there was no labor to help me.

   “Write it down this time, and count it together next time.”

   Chen Hansheng deliberately left some words to shock Guo Shaoqiang.

   Guo Zhongyun has been watching sideways. He thinks that Chen Hansheng’s drinking method is really good. It can maintain the lively atmosphere at the wine table and does not bully the classmates who can’t drink.

  The most important thing is that he drinks wisely, so he just leaves.

   Originally, Guo Zhongyun was going to checkout, but Chen Hansheng was the first to pay. Some students who hadn’t drunk saw this scene, and they were hesitating whether to pay by head.

   But in the end Chen Hansheng didn’t mention it, so they pretended not to know.

   Chen Hansheng went out to find two taxis and asked Guo Shaoqiang to send his drunk classmates. He walked back to school with Guo Zhongyun himself.

The moon was like water, and the road seemed to be coated with a faint silver surface. The two chatted all the way. Guo Zhongyun said that he had a little daughter, and Chen Hansheng also briefly described his family background. The current relationship is not suitable for talking too. deep.

   But when saying goodbye at the school gate, Guo Zhongyun took out four hundred yuan and said: “This meal makes no sense for you to ask for it. My counselor still wants face.”

   Chen Hansheng declined at first, but in the end Guo Zhongyun forced the money into Chen Hansheng’s hands and turned back to the teacher’s dormitory.

   Lao Guo is also very interesting. The other boys thought that Chen Hansheng paid for the meal, so the unclear favor was left to Chen Hansheng.

   “If you have a chance, it’s better to take Lao Guo to make a small fortune.”

   Chen Hansheng originally planned to take a walk in the school, but he caught a glimpse of several couples in the shadow of the dense trees.

   In the middle of the night, in addition to Xia Chan’s call, there was also a faint groan.

   I could hear that I was deliberately depressed, but it was even more tempting.

   “Damn you, can’t you go to the hotel? I’m **** it.”

   Chen Hansheng didn’t dare to go shopping anymore. He had a lot of figures flashing in his head just now, and finally stayed on Xiao Rongyu. Thinking about the scene of her morning run that day, she was really in good shape. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

   When they returned to the dormitory, the others were already asleep. Chen Hansheng took a bath without rushing, and then he fell into a dream with his memories.

   Early the next morning, Chen Hansheng was awakened by the phone ringtone of “I would rather you be cold to the end, let me forget it, I would rather you be unkind to the end, let me give up completely”.

   “I’m sorry, I’m bothering you, this phone ringtone is too big.”

   Jin Yangming quickly apologized, but there was no guilt on his face.

   “A few dogs, for fear that others might not know that he has a mobile phone.”

   Chen Hansheng shook his head, got up from the bed and lined up to wash his face and brush his teeth. When he was about to go to eat breakfast, Li Zhennan reminded: “Brother Chen, today is going to hold a new student meeting in the playground, and he needs to wear military uniforms.”

   “I almost forgot, Lao Guo specially reminded me last night.”

   Chen Hansheng put on an ugly and wide military uniform, and walked in the forefront, Li Zhennan closely followed.

  Dai Zhenyou was attracted by Jin Yangming’s mobile phone, and he was very stubborn to come to play; Yang Shichao was deflated, but when he saw Jin Yangming who was so pretending, his heart began to get upset; Guo Shaoqiang hadn’t sobered up yet, and walked listlessly at the end.

   In short, a thousand people have a thousand faces, and each has its own splendor.

   In fact, Jin Yangming has some regrets. In his heart, Dai Zhenyou is a passerby. If Chen Hansheng can beg to play with a mobile phone, then the sense of vanity is really overwhelming.

   As for why Chen Hansheng is the background object, Jin Yangming is also unclear.

   “Brother Chen, why go so fast.”

   Li Zhennan can’t keep up.

   “Go early, say hello to the beauties of our class.” Chen Hansheng said with a smile.

   The roommate at the back is right to think about it, the beauty of the financial institution is so famous, you have to look at the babies in your class.


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