I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 18: Thirty Six D's Treasure Girl

   Although the boys are eager to meet the female classmates in the class, they really come to the playground and hear the girls’ silver bells of laughter from a distance. They all embarrassedly stepped forward to say hello.

   Of course, the same is true for girls. They talk and scan the boys sideways. In the end, they all use their dormitories as small groups, and they are divided into several parts.

   Boys spy on whether there are beautiful girls, and girls observe whether there are handsome guys. Of course, the results are regrettable, because everyone is wearing bloated military uniforms, which have no characteristics and no recognition.

   “Whether our girls in this session have the worst quality in the Academy of Finance?”

   Guo Shaoqiang has sobered up, and said with a worried expression.

   “It’s possible. The elder sister I saw when I signed up yesterday was a charming girl. Now look at our class, hey!”

   Yang Shichao is also sighing.

  Chen Hansheng couldn’t help but want to laugh. It has always been human shortcomings to be thick and thin.

   The real fact is that the appearance level of the girls in the 2002 Finance College was later recognized as the highest quality class, and even Chen Hansheng and his class had a girl who was comparable to Xiao Rongyu.

   “I’m going to get familiar with them, who of you wants to be together?” Chen Hansheng said.

  A few of them are shaking their heads, they are like Wang Zibo, a typical king with a strong mouth.

   Chen Hansheng didn’t care about them, he simply adjusted his hair, and walked over with a smile to talk to Hu Linyu: “Hu Meimei, we meet again.”

   Hu Linyu was chatting with his roommates, and they were actually worried about the courage and bloodiness of the boys in this year’s Finance Institute.

   Seeing Chen Hansheng walking over, Hu Linyu was a little surprised, and then said to the girls around him: “Look, everybody, there are 27 boys in our class, but Chen Shuai is the only one who dares to take this step.”

   The other girls didn’t know Chen Hansheng, so they looked curiously.

   Chen Hansheng took the initiative to introduce himself: “My name is Chen Hansheng and I am from Hong Kong. Are there any beauties who are fellow villagers with me?”

   “Ah, I am.”

   A girl raised her hand immediately.

   Hu Linyu suggested next to him: “Tan Min, you can go home together next time.”

   Chen Hansheng knew that Tan Min was his port city fellow, or the same county.

   Of course, the two did not have much overlap in their previous lives. The main reason was that although Tan Min looked good, but did not meet Chen Hansheng’s standards, the two only maintained the relationship between classmates and fellow villagers.

   Tan Min’s roommate also joked: “Whose house is it going to go to Min Min’s house or Chen Shuai’s house?”

   Tan Min was shy, and was anxious to talk to his roommate’s mouth, causing the girls around to laugh.

   In this way, Chen Hansheng succeeded in breaking into the group of class girls. Several of his roommates looked sour and envied.

   “Chen Hansheng, this kid, must have been in love in high school, you see that he is easy to do, he is definitely a veteran.”

   Yang Shichao said affirmatively.

   “It goes without saying that girls like him. It’s a bit bad and a little bit ridiculous. Unfortunately, there is no market for good boys like us.”

   Jin Yangming very much agrees with Yang Shichao’s opinion.

   Yang Shichao took a sip, thinking that you are a **** good boy, and that Lao Tzu is the Buddha.

   Hu Linyu is very motivated to be the class leader. Although she is not comprehensive enough to consider the problem, she has the advantages of being reckless. Before Chen Hansheng mentioned it, she actively and enthusiastically helped Chen Hansheng introduce other girls.

   There are 27 boys and 27 girls in the second class of public management. It happens to be a one-to-one relationship.

  The School of Finance and Economics was merged by the Sudong Provincial Cadre Management College and the Accounting College. Although it is a two school, it has some influence in the Sudong Province system. The college leaders can control the ratio of male to female students to maintain a balance.

After    Hu Linyu introduced, he also entrusted Chen Hansheng with a heavy responsibility in the tone of the monitor: “Hansheng, there are many chores in the freshman year. I hope you can take the boys in charge. Together, we will help Teacher Guo manage the entire class.”

   Chen Hansheng nodded his head, thinking that Xiao Hu is obsessed with the monitor. I took this position and I wonder if she will hate me.

   Both of them have a keen interest in the position of monitor, but one is in the light and the other is in the dark.

  Hu Linyu is almost unconcealed, not only the counselor knows it, but the girls also know it;

   Chen Hansheng’s thoughts are not known to anyone except himself.

   “Hu Meimei, is this girl in our class?”

   Chen Hansheng pointed to a girl and broke the topic. In fact, the squad leader’s belongings ultimately depends on Guo Zhongyun, who has the right to decide.

   Hu Linyu patted his forehead: “I almost forgot. She is the girl in our class called Shen Youchu and my roommate.”

   Shen Youchu is 1 meter tall and should be the tallest girl in the class, but such a tall figure is hidden in the military uniform, and her confidence is inversely proportional to her height.

   When Hu Linyu introduced her to Chen Hansheng, Shen Youchu blushed and nodded slightly, keeping his eyes on the ground, and then another person walked away silently, as if he was isolating himself.

   “Don’t mind Han Sheng.”

   Hu Linyu helped Shen Youchu to explain the reason: “When I registered yesterday, I read Shen Youchu’s student status information. Both my parents died. I also applied for student loans when I was in university, and my personality was a little inferior…”

  Chen Hansheng thought that of course I knew it, otherwise I would have Xiao Rongyu as the base. Can the girl who re-bubble be below this level?

For this girl, Shen Youchu, the family is really miserable and not so gregarious. In the four years of university, Chen Hansheng’s impression of her is that she was wearing loose old school uniforms, eating 30 cents of rice and free soup, and she was part of the library and canteen. Silhouette.

   The only thing that is worthy of praise, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com, she has won a special scholarship in the courtyard for four consecutive years.

   It’s not surprising that she got good grades. The key is that she was admitted to Jianye University as a graduate student.

   Jianye University is the best university in Eastern Jiangsu Province. It ranks among the top five in the country. The ranking is still higher than Donghai University. It is really a fantasy for a two-year student to enter this kind of school.

   Until then, Chen Hansheng began to pay attention to this small girl who actively hid in the crowd.

   Unfortunately, it was still too late. On the day of the graduation ceremony, probably to commemorate his college career, Shen Youchu borrowed a set of clothes from others.

   So, it amazed the whole world!

Although it’s just an ordinary knee-length chiffon skirt, it doesn’t even fit well, but Shen Youchu’s skin that was exposed that day was porcelain white and smooth, her long hair naturally curled, and a pair of dark silver stilettos stepped on her seductive slender legs. She is still not used to this kind of dress, let alone everyone’s shocked eyes, her face is as beautiful as a peach blossom, confused and a little shy, almost every man has aroused a strong desire for protection.

   The most important thing is that Shen Youchu actually has 36D.

  Who would have thought that a girl with long-term nutritional imbalance could have 36D. She usually hides this figure under her old clothes, and she does not show her charming light until graduation.

   At that moment, Chen Hansheng realized that Shen Youchu was the most beautiful girl in the 2002 class of the Academy of Finance, but then she went to Jianye University to study for graduate school. Chen Hansheng was obsessed with entrepreneurship and could not extricate herself, and finally broke contact.

   “You can’t let the 36D Pearl become dusty.” Chen Hansheng thought to himself.

   If you are reborn once, and you can’t try 36D headlights, how interesting is rebirth.

   36D treasure girl, how do you say it.

   Three years of blood earned, no loss of death penalty.


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