I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 19: Talking boys are liars

   The freshman conference was as boring as it always was. The leaders of several colleges and universities took the stage to give a speech, and the freshmen were sweating in the sun.

   “It’s **** hot.”

   Chen Hansheng muttered.

   “Fourth, you complained a fart, why didn’t you talk about hot when you chatted with your sisters?”

   Yang Shichao choked sourly beside him.


   Jin Yangming also said quickly: “Brother Chen treats for lunch at noon, each with a glass of Sprite.”

   This kid is actually the most depressed. The girls in the class just talked to Chen Hansheng. No one paid attention to his mobile phone, and no one looked at him.

   Finally, the freshman conference is over. Below are the activities of each class. The counselor Guo Zhongyun led his students to the teaching building.

   The boys were winking at each other along the way, because several of the girls in the class had very good looks;

   The girls knew that their male classmates were spying on them, and still pretended not to see them, but the smile and proud expression at the corners of their lips had already betrayed their inner thoughts.

   In college, it’s not just boys who get bored.

   The only exception here is Shen Youchu. She lowered her head and followed the girl, seeming to want to blend in, but she was isolating herself.

   After sitting down in the classroom with the dormitory as a unit, the head of the house, Chen Hansheng glanced around and asked, “Where is the sixth?”

   “He went to the toilet.”

   Dai Zhenyou replied, complaining again: “I’m having a good time when I go to the toilet and get my phone.”

   However, everyone still underestimated Jin Yangming’s ability to act and force. Just when Guo Zhongyun was about to start the first class meeting, Jin Yangming appeared at the door.

   He held the phone in one hand and said loudly, “Hey, hello, I can’t hear what you are saying, can you speak louder? Forget it, let’s talk after class.”

   This action immediately caught everyone in the class. Jin Yangming hung up the phone and apologized to Guo Zhongyun with an innocent look: “Teacher is sorry, I just went out to answer the phone.”

   How many college students have Guo Zhongyun brought, and he has never seen any pretense routines. He just nodded slightly and signaled Jin Yangming to advance to the classroom.

   Jin Yangming sat down and complained to Dai Zhenyou angrily: “The signal is really bad. The phone with more than 7000 yuan, but the phone can’t be called.”

   Dai Zhenyou is also an iron licking dog, and immediately scolded mobile communications.

   Looking at Jin Yangming who was very involved in the play, Chen Hansheng was a little admired.

   In my previous life, I must have worked in an inflatable doll factory, and I was still responsible for the dolls on the assembly line. It was so mellow that it was so mellow that I had to show off that I had a mobile phone.


   With Jin Yangming interrupted, the atmosphere in the class became lively. Guo Zhongyun coughed and began to explain the more important issues. Freshmen have to face many chores, such as military training, book reading, and electronic data entry.

   Guo Zhongyun doesn’t repeat his words at all, and immediately transitions to another after one thing is said.

  Repetition is the practice of high school teachers, because they try to make sure that every student can understand. The university teachers only complete their tasks and don’t ask students’ feedback.

   After the explanation, the next step is for the students to introduce themselves. Everyone is obviously interested in this agenda.

   “Hello everyone, my name is Zhang Xiaoxian, I am from Pengcheng, Sodong Province…”

  Starting from the leftmost seat, everyone takes turns to introduce the stage, the format is similar, all are “Hello everyone, I am XXX, from XXX······”

  Some girls are very confident about their looks. They took off their military training hats when they introduced them and showed a beautiful face. At this time, the boys always pushed each other’s shoulders and smiled excitedly.

   Chen Hansheng is not very interested in other people. He leaned back in a chair lazily. Only when Shen Youchu was on stage did he sit up straight, leaning forward slightly, and staring at him with piercing eyes.

   Shen Youchu is different from other girls, his face is completely hidden under the military training cap, and he dare not look straight ahead, his voice is as small as a mosquito.

   “Hello everyone, my name is Shen Youchu, from Sichuan and Chongqing, thank you.”

   With such a simple sentence, Shen Youchu stammered twice, then lowered his eyebrows pleasingly.

   “I can’t see clearly, so I can only give it a 2.15 point, which is totally sympathy.”

  Guo Shaoqiang is like a referee. Every female student goes up and he has to score, and he must be accurate to two decimal places. At present, Shang Yanyan is proud of the group with 8.85 points.

   The inflatable doll assembly line forced the young classmate Jin Yangming to hesitate for a while and shook his head and said: “More than 2 points, she is quite tall, although she can’t see her face, but her hair is so smooth, she needs to score at least 4 points.”

   Chen Hansheng was a little surprised, thinking that he is a native of Jianye, who has a higher aesthetics than Guo Shaoqiang.

In fact, Shen Youchu is also a strange flower. In the four years of university, due to financial constraints, she rarely gets fishy. This kind of nutrient-deficient state can grow 36D headlights and such a **** S-shaped figure. The hair is not yellow, only It is said that since ancient times, there have been beautiful women in Sichuan and Chongqing.

   After the introduction, the next step is to determine the squad leader. Hu Linyu was appointed as the squad leader at this time, but now due to Chen Hansheng’s deliberate performance, Guo Zhongyun has begun to hesitate again.

   After his observation, Chen Hansheng’s organizational planning, proper speaking, and ability to handle affairs are better than Hu Linyu, but Hu Linyu is not without merits. She is passionate, active, proactive, and even has some dedication. These are also attributes that a university monitor needs.

   Guo Zhongyun glanced at Chen Hansheng and Hu Linyu again.

   Hu Linyu stared at himself blankly, his face full of expectation;

   Chen Hansheng didn’t care, he was joking with his roommate.

   Guo Zhongyun weighed in and said, “I should have elected the squad leader today, but since everyone is relatively unfamiliar, I set the time in a week.”

   “A week later, we elected the monitor of the second class of public administration.”

   Old Guo left after speaking, and the classroom immediately started to noisy.

   Yang Shichao’s voice is loudest: “Fourth old, you have to compete with this squad leader, you can cover us with anything in the future.”

   Even Jin Yangming agrees with this point very much: “If you are the monitor, you will sign in later, skip class, UU reading www.uukānshu.com credits, these problems must be solved for the brothers.”

   Actually, Yang Shichao and Jin Yangming didn’t understand why Chen Hansheng was elected. In short, they didn’t want to be, if it were someone else, it seemed that there was nothing more suitable than Chen Hansheng.

   Their logic is very simple. After all, Chen Hansheng is the head of the house. If he can be the head of the class again, the good things in the class will never escape.

   Now everyone is still groping and understanding. At this time, you can see the effect of Chen Hansheng’s organization of drinking and entertaining last night. The other boys have almost the same thoughts. Since Chen Hansheng is supported and he does not hate it, it is better to just him.

   After all, everyone is in the boys’ dormitory, and it is easy to communicate with anything. This seems like the helpless act of “choosing a general from the 矬子”, but the opinions are unified.

   Hu Linyu heard these words and his eyes suddenly became complicated. She never thought that the competitor was from Chen Hansheng. She had a good impression of this boy.

   “Knowing people, knowing faces, not knowing heart.”

   Hu Linyu sighed, her goal in life is very clear. Starting from the position of monitor, selecting students from the school, and finally entering the system, the monitor is very important to her.

   After thinking about it for a long time, Hu Linyu stood up and prepared to go back. Now that there is a challenger, he can only prepare for the challenge.

   She turned her head and saw that only Shen Youchu was still there. This roommate was very lonely, and often the last one left.

   “You Chu, I told you that talking boys are liars, you must keep in mind.”


   Shen Youchu raised his head for a moment, then answered silently.

   It is a pity that no one can see, under the military training cap is a charming face, which is not inferior to Xiao Rongyu.


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