I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 2: who are you?

   The two swayed to the gate of the school. Wang Zibo said a lot along the way. Chen Hansheng basically did not respond. He was trying to adapt to the Hong Kong city 17 years ago.

   After graduating from university that year, Chen Hansheng felt that the economy of his hometown was not developing well, so he stayed in the provincial capital Jianye and worked hard. He occasionally went home to see his parents. He also came in a hurry and left in a hurry. There was no time to pay attention to the changes in his hometown.

  Only in the early morning of drunkenness, inexplicable touches and memories flow from the bottom of my heart, but the next day is quickly replaced by the busyness of reality.

   “What’s the point of being born again for someone like me?”

   Chen Hansheng feels very depressed. In 2019, he has money and status, has a company and subordinates, which does not meet the basic conditions of reborn people “wearing a green hat, having both parents dead, poor and hungry”.

   “A few dogs, I really didn’t want to be born again!”

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t help but cursed. Wang Zibo was talking about Chen Hansheng’s drunkenness last night, and he insisted on going to Xiao Rongyu to confess the embarrassment. He was taken aback: “Did you listen to me?”

   “Oh, listen.”

   Chen Hansheng fooled around casually, then touched his pocket, no wallet, no mobile phone, and no quick payment. He sighed and said to Wang Zibo: “Do you have any money? I want to buy something from the canteen.”

   “Are you buying water?”

  Wang Zibo is empathetic. He knows that his mouth will be dry after a hangover, and it is also very hot today.

   “What do you drink, Jianlibao or Coke?”

   Wang Zibo prepares to treat.

   “Mineral water will do, buy a pack of cigarettes by the way.” Chen Hansheng replied.

   Wang Zibo opened his eyes suddenly, and kept looking at Chen Hansheng: “When did you learn to smoke, why didn’t I know?”

   Chen Hansheng was a little impatient. Why didn’t he feel that his childhood friend was so verbose before, waved his hand and said, “In a bad mood, get a stick to relieve boredom.”

Wang Zibo hesitated and went to buy cigarettes obediently. The canteen is just outside the gate of “Gangcheng No. 1 Middle School”. Chen Hansheng looked at this spacious iron gate and thought this was my three years of high school and more than 1,000 years of memories. what.

   After a while, Wang Zibo came back: “No, your cigarette.”

   “Heh, how long hasn’t seen Hongta Mountain.”

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t help but smile. Since working, he has rarely smoked this brand. He tore open the package skillfully and handed one to Wang Zibo: “Can’t you smoke?”

   Wang Zibo struggled for a while, and finally decided to accompany his brother to smoke one.

  Wang Zibo still has a typical student mentality, and his face is thinner. Unlike Chen Hansheng, who has suffered from the torture of the society, his work scale is obviously different.

  Chen Hansheng directly rolled his trouser legs to his knees, sat down on the curb, and squinted thoughtfully at the passing students;

  Wang Zibo squeezed, turning his head when he smoked, took a quick sip, then hid the cigarette **** behind him, and then spit out wisps of smoke from his mouth, like a **** crane-mouthed pot.

  Wang Zibo smoked cautiously by himself, but he looked at Chen Hansheng, and he said, “Xiao Chen, your smoking posture is pretty cool.”

   Chen Hansheng is an old smoker, and even the soot is very rhythmic.

   “Practice makes perfect.”

   Chen Hansheng replied faintly, and Wang Zibo was even more envious. Chen Hansheng’s expression at this time was both pretending and owing, but he was really handsome.

   Before smoking a cigarette, a group of people rode up in a car not far away. Wang Zibo quickly put out the cigarette butts, and then reminded Chen Hansheng: “Throw it away.”

  Wang Zibo’s actions also shocked Chen Hansheng: “Is there a teacher inside?”

   “There is no teacher, all our classmates.” Wang Zibo explained.

Chen Hansheng had almost thrown it away, but when he heard these words, he went around and took the action back. He respected the profession of the teacher very much, but the high school classmates had anything to worry about. how?

   This group of students probably also came to get the admission letter, with a longing and yearning for university life, talking and laughing along the way, they all stopped when they passed by Chen Hansheng and Wang Zibo.

Chen Hansheng’s current image is very sloppy. There are fatigue after a hangover and confusion after rebirth. He is sitting rumpled and leaning on his back with a cigarette in his mouth. If it weren’t for this 18-year-old face, he would be a complete middle-aged man. The image of the greasy uncle.

   The classmates all looked at Chen Hansheng in surprise. In an education-oriented school like Gangcheng No. 1 Middle School, female students are not allowed to have long hair, so smoking is almost depraved.

   “Are you all going to get the admission notice?”

   Wang Zibo felt it necessary to say something.

   None of these students spoke, they turned their attention to the girl in the middle.

This little girl is really handsome, and her knee-length skirt wafts gently in the evening summer breeze. She has a bright and lively appearance. She is at least 1.67 meters tall, and her face is rippling because of the heat. Faint blush, straight nose, rosy lips, round chin, eyes under thick eyelashes are clear and translucent, and silky hair naturally falls to the shoulders.

   When the girl stopped the orange small bicycle and walked over, Chen Hansheng could even smell a faint scent of lily.

   “Chen Hansheng, how can you smoke!”

   The voice is nice, but it is a bit angry.

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t remember who she was. He could only turn his head and look at Wang Zibo. Wang Zibo didn’t understand his intentions, and stared at him with big eyes and small eyes. Chen Hansheng had no choice but to ask: “Who are you?”


This group of cyclists sighed for a while, especially the girls couldn’t help shaking their heads. The TV series said it was true. The man changed his mind so quickly. Last night he confessed to others, but he was rejected. Can pretend not to know.

   “Han Sheng, you shouldn’t be like this.”

   Another boy walked out of the crowd, tall, with a warm smile: “Smoking is not your style. I hope you can come out of the shadow of broken love and welcome a better tomorrow. We all look forward to your progress.”

This sounds like comfort and encouragement, but there is always a hypocritical and condescending look. Chen Hansheng has been the boss for so many years. Although he is not an arrogant temperament, he is not willing to be acted upon by others, especially the two are not familiar with it. .

Although Chen Hansheng was sitting on the ground, he raised his head, his chest was straight, his eyes were calm, and he stared silently at the talking boy, until he looked at him uncomfortably, then he said with a scrutiny: “You **** Who is it again?”

A man who has a successful career has both the attitude of being unyielding and the majesty of the explosion. Isn’t it comparable to a milk doll who has not stepped into the society? Even in the state of pretending to be forced, he probably can’t see Chen Hansheng’s exhaust. So it was defeated at the first contact.

   “You are so disappointing. UU reading www.uukanshu.com”

   The boy dropped a stern word, and then said to the beautiful girl: “Rong Yu, let’s go, leave this kind of people alone.”

   The girl didn’t listen, and took a few steps closer and said to Chen Hansheng: “You have to pretend that you don’t know each other, then I can’t help it, but I made it very clear last night that I don’t want to talk about friends before graduating from university.”

   “If you smoke again, I will tell your mother.”

   Chen Hansheng was taken aback. He just returned 18 years ago and he was unwilling to greet his parents in this way. Moreover, today is the day to get the admission notice, and many passing students have stopped to watch.

   Chen Hansheng thought for a while, and obediently threw away the cigarette butt.

   The girl smiled slightly, with a hint of pride, she took out a bottle of mineral water from the basket of the car: “Wash your face and get the admission notice later.”

   “Thank you, I have it myself.”

   Chen Hansheng directly refused.

   “Cut, the old-fashioned way of trying to catch, pretend to be cold when confessing failure.” The boy just said disdainfully.

   But the girl is quite stubborn. Even though Chen Hansheng didn’t want it, she put the water at Chen Hansheng’s feet, then snorted coldly, and pushed the cute orange bicycle into the school.

   Until they completely left, Chen Hansheng suddenly realized: “She is Xiao Rongyu.”

   “Don’t pretend in front of me.”

  Wang Zibo said with some dissatisfaction: “I know that your confession is rejected and I feel uncomfortable, but we are good brothers, what can you say to me.”

   Wang Zibo also thought that Chen Hansheng had just done it deliberately, in order to save face.

   Chen Hansheng didn’t know how to explain, so he patted Wang Zibo on the shoulder: “You are already an adult when you are admitted to college, and being alone is an excellent quality of an adult.”


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