I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 20: You pressed my hair

   This afternoon is the official military training. Military training is actually a relatively easy part of accidents. Heatstroke, anemia, and girl relatives all need special care. I did not expect that the second class of public management also had disputes due to hair problems.

   There is a boy named Zhu Chenglong who has long hair and can almost cover his ears. An experienced instructor would not care about such trivial matters. The instructor who led the team training this year was a young guy.

   The instructor criticized Zhu Chenglong for two sentences. Zhu Chenglong was not convinced. He thought that the counselor did not say anything, so why did you care about me, so he contradicted him.

   The young instructor felt that Zhu Chenglong was challenging his authority. He angrily found a pair of scissors and said that he would cut Zhu Chenglong’s hair himself.

   Chen Hansheng was not there when the incident happened. He and Yang Shichao went to the convenience store to buy cigarettes. When they came back, the dispute had already occurred.

The classmates have never experienced this kind of thing, either they are looking stupidly, or they are standing on Zhu Chenglong’s side with the same hatred, and seeing the tense getting bigger and bigger, Hu Linyu is ready to report to the class teacher and the instructor superior, just hitting him. Chen Hansheng came back.

   “Why go in a panic?” Chen Hansheng asked.

  Hu Linyu briefly talked about the matter, and when he was about to leave, Chen Hansheng stretched out his hand to stop him. Yang Shichao, who thought Chen Hansheng was molesting women, also learned to stretch out his hand to stand firm in front of Hu Linyu.

   “Chen Hansheng, now is not the time to make a joke, let go.”

   Hu Linyu said anxiously.

   “You know a hammer, report to Lao Guo and the instructor superior, maybe Zhu Chenglong and the instructor will have to punish them, this matter must be resolved with the door closed.”

   Chen Hansheng dropped these words and squeezed into the crowd and shouted, “What are you doing?”

   The instructor took a look. The student who spoke was wearing a military uniform, tall, with a cigarette in his mouth, just like a ruffian.

   “Who are you?” the instructor asked, frowning.

   Chen Hansheng threw away the cigarette butt. It was obvious that the instructor was very disgusted with smoking. Since he came to solve the problem, he couldn’t let both parties resist.

   “Hello instructor, my name is Chen Hansheng, a student in the second class of public administration.”

  Chen Hansheng first stated his identity, and then said: “I have a suggestion, let’s talk about whether we can put down the scissors before, so as not to accidentally poke ourselves or others.”

  Although the instructor didn’t mean to hurt people, it was inevitable that people would lose control of their emotions when they were angry. The tooth marks on Chen’s arm still exist, who would have thought that Xiao Rongyu bit it.

   The instructor’s self-esteem is very strong, and he glanced at Chen Hansheng coldly: “Military training is not allowed to grow long hair, I will help you shave your head!”

   Zhu Chenglong, the hanging man, probably the most valuable part of his body is his hair, and he became very angry when he heard it: “I won’t cut it, what can you do with me?”

   “Noisy, can you shut up first!”

   Chen Hansheng turned his head and cursed Zhu Chenglong unceremoniously.

   Zhu Chenglong gave Chen Hansheng a lot of face, and he kept his head silent.

   One is because Chen Hansheng invited them to dinner, which is regarded as owing favor; second, Chen Hansheng’s style is obviously a “social man”. Zhu Chenglong is not necessarily afraid of instructors, but Chen Hansheng, who is very drunk and speaks wildly, is a little confused.

   Seeing Zhu Chenglong calm down, Chen Hansheng continued to persuade the instructor, but this time he spoke a little bit differently.

   “Instructor, you are the school invited to help us exercise our body and spirit. You have your own tasks and responsibilities. If the chief sees you holding scissors, what will he think?”

   Chen Hansheng finished speaking, and stretched out his finger at the instructor superior not far away.

   The instructor was taken aback, and he was really not calm just now. If this scene is seen by the leader, it will be 100% criticized.

   But he didn’t pass the scissors to Chen Hansheng, and silently put it in his pocket.

   Chen Hansheng nodded, it doesn’t matter where you put it, as long as you don’t hold it in your hand, things are slowly calming down, because both Zhu Chenglong and the instructor have scruples, and the rest is to solve the rationality of “long hair”.

   Chen Hansheng certainly supports long hair. First of all, he is not a flat head. Secondly, Shen Youchu also has long black hair hidden under his hat.

   Just imagine, if the two open a room in the future, Shen Youchu said shyly, “You pressed my hair”, it sounds so beautiful.

   Chen Hansheng was thinking about the nasty things, but he preached to the instructor sternly: “You said that long hair is not allowed, but which law and which stipulates that college students must be flat-headed in military training.”

   “If there are regulations in black and white, I, Chen Hansheng, promise to be the first to implement it!”

   Chen Hansheng took off his hat, revealing a neatly drawn haircut back.

   The instructor choked. Actually, there is no clear stipulation. Originally, he only said a few words to the students, in order to reflect his authority.

   Chen Hansheng saw the instructor not speaking, and suddenly softened his attitude, and said in a negotiating tone: “Instructor, do you think this will work? We hide our hair during military training, which will not affect the beauty and unity. What do you think?”

   Until then, the instructor’s look that had been in the face did not relax slowly. Chen Hansheng walked up to Zhu Chenglong while the iron was hot and whispered: “Jackie Chan, you go and apologize to the instructor and let this matter pass.

   “Why should I go? I didn’t cause trouble.” Zhu Chenglong said unwillingly.

   Facing Zhu Chenglong, Chen Hansheng’s attitude is much more casual: “You have so many problems during the day of the dog, how can the instructor put on our class shoes during the military training? Besides, you don’t have to be too sincere. You just need to live up to your face.”

   Hearing this, Zhu Chenglong hesitated and walked over and said perfunctorily: “Instructor, I’m sorry.”

   Chen Hansheng turned his gaze to the instructor. He has achieved this level, and his face has been saved~www.snovelfree.com~ The seriousness of the matter should also be understood. Normal people know how to choose.

   Sure enough, after the instructor was silent for a while, he suddenly shouted: “Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Public Management, the second class, all lined up to start military training!”

The sound of    also means that the matter has been officially revealed, the dispute has disappeared and everyone’s long hair has been preserved.

   “Chen Hansheng!”

   However, just when Chen Hansheng was about to return to the team, the instructor suddenly called him.

   “You smoked during military training and violated school regulations. You are fined to run 10 laps in the playground!”


   Chen Hansheng turned his head in surprise, thinking that this dog’s instructor’s mind is too small, the mother won’t punish Zhu Chenglong, what the **** does he punish Laozi.

   But if Chen Hansheng resists any more, the instructor’s face will definitely be swept to the Nantian Gate, and then I don’t know what else will happen.

   “Running ten laps can calm the instructor’s anger, continue to maintain his majesty, maintain the stability of the class during military training, and not lose!”

   Chen Hansheng weighed it in his heart and decided to come down, of course he didn’t want to run by himself.

   “Report to the instructor, I reported that Yang Shichao also smoked just now, can you make 5 laps for him!”

   Yang Shichao heard that Chen Hansheng was about to be punished, and was making faces with a smiley face in the team. He was instantly sluggish when he heard these words.

   “No way!”

   The instructor vetoed: “Yang Shi is out of the list, you also run 10 laps together.

   On the hot and windless playground, two boys in military uniforms were running sweating like rain.

   “Chen Hansheng of Dog Day, why did you pull Lao Tzu into the water.”

   “It’s too boring to be alone, I invite you to a bottle of soda for dinner.”

   “I don’t drink soda, but Red Bull!”



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