I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 21: Official and private

   After 10 laps in the playground, Chen Hansheng’s underwear was soaked, but when he came back, several boys quietly gave thumbs up. These people may not understand the meaning of Chen Hansheng’s actions, but thank Chen Hansheng for protecting their hair.

   Even the kid Jin Yangming came over quietly and said admiringly: “Brother Chen, you are too awesome to resist the instructor.”

   “What is a hard resistance instructor.”

   Chen Hansheng did not want to deepen the rivalry between his classmates and the instructor, and said with a grin: “Zhu Chenglong, this rammer, has long hair and doesn’t know how to put it away, so I ran 10 laps in vain.”

   Chen Hansheng deliberately told Zhu Chenglong to listen to it. Zhu Chenglong turned his head and smiled “hehe”: “Squad leader, I will invite you to dinner tonight.”

   Yang Shichao listened and said quickly: “Don’t forget your Uncle Yang.”

   This incident was really uncovered in this way, and under Chen Hansheng’s deliberate consumption, there was really no bad effect at all.

   Hu Linyu witnessed this incident with her own eyes. She felt a lot of pressure. The boys seemed to be united by Chen Hansheng. It seemed that they could only use the power of the girls.

   Without military training after dinner, Hu Linyu bought some soft drinks, desserts, and fruits to walk between the girls’ dormitories. In the process of getting closer, Hu Linyu once again expressed his wish to run for monitor.

  This method is actually a bit humble, and it is too abrupt and realistic for these freshmen just now.

   After Hu Linyu left, some female classmates ate free snacks while saying, “Hu Linyu wants to be an official too, so he uses this method to buy people’s hearts. No wonder some people say that university is a small society.”

   “That’s right. Actually, I think Chen Hansheng is good and very manly. He and the instructor are super handsome when they fight for reasons.”

   “He is not ugly, but it is a lot of inconvenience for boys to be class monitors. There are some things in the class that can’t be directly communicated. You can’t go to the boys’ dormitory so far.

   “Also, for the sake of these fruits, when I run for squad leader, I will vote for Hu Linyu.”

   When Hu Linyu moved something, Chen Hansheng didn’t do nothing. He also bought a gadget.

   Two sets of 3 yuan playing cards.

   Every eight or nine o’clock after the military training, Chen Hansheng naked torso with a cigarette in his pocket, poker in his pocket, and stepping on his slippers to push open the door of other boys’ dormitories. Soon there was a tumult of restlessness.

   “Sleep your sister, get up and play cards!”

   “Stop watching AV, play cards and play cards!”

   “Does the tractor know how to teach you.”


   At first, there were not so many people who responded, but when the cards were put together, in this era when computers and mobile phones were not popular, single college boys quickly fell in love with this group activity.

  So that after the second and third days of military training, the boys are already looking forward to making a table of cards.

In the process, apart from two pairs of poker, Chen Hansheng didn’t bring a bottle of water, and didn’t buy a pack of cigarettes. Instead, he mixed up with a lot of local products. Moreover, he didn’t mention a word of running for squad leader. Instead, other boys believed that he was the squad leader , And jokingly asked Chen Hansheng to tilt the good things in the class.

   This is the operation of Chen Hansheng and Hu Linyu in their circles for the monitor. The effect is actually similar, because the girls also have their own considerations.

   But in terms of human heart and dignity, while maintaining his own image, Chen Hansheng also maintained his image as a “squad leader”.

   But the silent wrestling does not stop there. Sometimes the counselor Guo Zhongyun occasionally comes to check during military training. This is a rigid requirement of the school.

   Lao Guo is a lazy man, every day he comes to order a punch, and leaves within ten minutes.

Both Hu Linyu and Chen Hansheng knew that the person who made the final decision was Guo Zhongyun, so in these limited ten minutes, Hu Linyu either helped his classmates correct their military posture, or loudly reminded them to wear their military uniforms neatly, or support students who showed signs of heatstroke. Come to the shade.

   In short, she seized every opportunity to show her enthusiasm and dedication.

   Chen Hansheng, he smiled and stood smoking with Lao Guo under the shade of the tree, looking at Hu Linyu who was sweating profusely.

   “Exercise too hard, the gain is not worth the loss.” Chen Hansheng said silently in his heart.

   “The boys are playing poker in the dorm lately?”

   Guo Zhongyun asked suddenly.

   Chen Hansheng glanced at the counselor, and replied without flushing, “It’s just playing puzzle games.”

   Old Guo almost couldn’t hold back a laugh, this kid was too thick-skinned, he could openly describe card game as a “puzzle game”, but college students play cards normally, and he didn’t go into the reason.

   “I heard that on the afternoon of the first day of military training, the boys in our class almost clashed with the instructor?”

   Guo Zhongyun asked the second question.

   Chen Hansheng nodded silently, and then replied briefly: “It’s okay.”


   Guo Zhongyun nodded slightly, Chen Hansheng’s answer had a power that made people want to believe.

   Chen Hansheng didn’t ask why Lao Guo knew so many things. Guo Zhongyun had been a teacher in the Academy of Finance for so many years. As long as he wanted to understand some things, he must not be able to hide it.

“Jingle Bell”

   Just when Guo Zhongyun was about to urge him to leave, his mobile phone suddenly remembered that Guo Zhongyun is a college teacher with a staff, and it is normal that he can afford a mobile phone.

   “Today is Friday, and kindergarten ends early.”


   “The school will have a meeting tonight. The head of the department will attend in person. I’m not good to ask for leave.”


   “Can’t you help me take it, I’m busy with the hospital all day.”


   “I said to ask a nanny, and you are worried about child abuse.”


   It was inferred from the content of the call that Guo Zhongyun’s wife should be on the opposite side, probably because Lao Guo had an irresistible meeting tonight, and his wife’s hospital also had a task, and no one answered her daughter.

   Guo Zhongyun, who hung up the phone, was full of sadness. Judging from Old Guo’s personality, family affairs must be more important than work.

   “Master’s phone number?” Chen Hansheng asked.

   Guo Zhongyun frowned and nodded.

   “Why don’t I pick up your daughter?”

   Chen Hansheng didn’t make too many bends, and straightly said his thoughts.

   Guo Zhongyun was taken aback, looked at Chen Hansheng in surprise, and then shook his head resolutely: “No, you need military training.”

   “I can ask the instructor and instructor for leave.” Chen Hansheng replied.

   “Don’t talk nonsense, you are not familiar with Jianye.”

   Guo Zhongyun refused again.

   “I have a relative in Jianye. I stayed at his home for a summer vacation before I checked in, and I was very familiar with the city.” Chen Hansheng found another reason.

   Guo Zhongyun still did not agree. At this time, his wife called again, and the two quarreled again. Finally, Old Guo hung up angrily.

   “Let me try, Teacher Guo.”

   Chen Hansheng is very persistent.

   Old Guo looked at Chen Hansheng seriously, and suddenly asked, “Do you know where the Gulou Kindergarten is?”

   Chen Hansheng converged to his usual style of being a fool, and asked calmly: “Which district is the Gulou kindergarten, Minjiang Road, Lijiang Road, or Yanjing West Road.”

   “Yenjing West Road.”

   Hearing Chen Hansheng suddenly said several kindergarten branches, Lao Guo’s expression was a little relaxed, which shows that Chen Hansheng should be really familiar.

Chen Hansheng recalled, and replied: “Take the 737 from the school, then change to Route 33. There is a duck blood fan chain store near the Gulou Kindergarten, and a four-star hotel is opposite. The plane trees nearby are very dense… ····”

Originally, Chen Hansheng just wanted to prove that he was really familiar with the city. UU read www.uukanshu.com instead. He was immersed in his memories and talked about the scenery around the Gulou kindergarten. Guo Zhongyun couldn’t help but interrupt in the end: “Your home Does the relative’s house live near there?”

   “Hey, Teacher Guo guessed exactly.”

   Chen Hansheng replied “frankly”.

   Guo Zhongyun hesitated on his face. He already believed that Chen Hansheng was indeed familiar with the situation there, but he was still worried about whether he could take good care of the children.

   Chen Hansheng seized the opportunity and continued: “After I arrive in kindergarten, you can contact the teacher there, and I will report my student ID at that time. If I agree, I can guarantee that no one will pretend to be.”

   This method is indeed good. Both parents’ names and work units can be faked, but such a long student ID is not Chen Hansheng who can remember it.

   “The mobile phone is here for you to contact you. The meeting will end at 7 o’clock at most.”

   Finally, Guo Zhongyun decided to give it a try, thinking that in the future, when his parents are away, he will definitely ask for a nanny.

   Chen Hansheng took the phone calmly. At this time, he must behave to make Guo Zhongyun very relieved.

   In fact, Guo Zhongyun is willing to trust Chen Hansheng for three reasons. The first is that Chen Hansheng is very capable, and the second is that Chen Hansheng’s family relationship is relatively simple, and his parents are unit employees. Finally, he is familiar with city information and will not get lost.

Before leaving, Chen Hansheng saw Hu Linyu, who was still busy with class affairs and was sweating profusely. He thought that no matter how well his official business was done, Lao Guo felt that this student was very responsible, but he would owe him if he helped Lao Guo in private matters. Favor and increase personal relationships.

“Sorry, Xiao Hu, not only is the monitor of the class, but I can also become the spokesperson for Lao Guo in the class. I hope that through this incident, I can call you on and let you know the real mask in society more clearly. “


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