I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 22: It's a drama all day long

When Chen Hansheng and the military training instructor asked for leave, they formally wrote the request for leave. Then they found him and said: “Instructor, I have relatives who have come to Jianye, so I want to take a leave in the afternoon. I have already greeted the instructor and now I want to invite you. Approved.”

   The instructor took the leave slip, which stated in detail the reason for the leave, the time of the leave, and the person who asked for the leave, in a very standard format.

   “Go early and return early, pay attention to safety.”

   said the instructor.


   Chen Hansheng also pretended to pay a military salute.

   Actually, even if Chen Hansheng didn’t ask for leave, the instructor’s carelessness might not be obvious, but he didn’t want to take the risk.

   This is a critical moment to close the personal relationship with Lao Guo. He doesn’t want to have any twists and turns because of a little thing.

   On the instructor’s side, first of all, Chen Hansheng had no problems with the leave process, and secondly, he greeted the counselor.

   In the end, this person is Chen Hansheng. He has a thorny temperament and speaks thorny things, but does not do thorny things.

   On the contrary, there were some boys in the military training class who were too naughty. Chen Hansheng could still help maintain discipline. Those boys were generally willing to give Chen Hansheng face, so the instructor had a good impression of him.

   Chen Hansheng left the school and sat for an hour and a half before arriving at the Gulou kindergarten. He also met Guo Jiahui, Guo Zhongyun’s daughter, but the kindergarten teacher was worried about Chen Hansheng’s identity and looked at him very vigilantly.

   “You call Jiahui’s father and verify it.”

   Chen Hansheng suggested to this cute kindergarten teacher.

   “I definitely want to verify, now please stand outside the door and wait for now.”

Teacher    was very responsible. She first dialed Guo Zhongyun’s mobile phone, and found that it was in Chen Hansheng’s hands and changed to a landline to get through.

   The female teacher explained the situation clearly on the phone, and then looked at Chen Hansheng, probably describing the appearance of Chen Hansheng.

   “Jiahui’s father asked you to say the student ID number.”

After    looks up, the female teacher conducts the final round of verification.


   After Chen Hansheng said the student number, the two sides checked it correctly. The kindergarten teacher was finally relieved. She brought Guo Jiahui over and said: “Jiahui, this brother is a student of your father. He will come to pick you up tonight.”

   Guo Jiahui is a white, tender and fat girl. She only went to the big class this year. She didn’t have any sense of precaution. The teacher did what she said. She cleverly held Chen Hansheng’s palm.

   “I’m sorry just now, I misunderstood your identity.”

  The kindergarten teacher apologized to Chen Hansheng again.

   Chen Hansheng smiled kindly: “It doesn’t matter, it should have been more strict, Jiahui said goodbye to the teacher.”

   Chen Hansheng’s mature and steady performance made kindergarten teachers surprised at his age.

   “Goodbye, Miss Xiao Yu.”

   Guo Jiahui walked up her short legs and kissed the teacher.

   “Goodbye Jiahui.”

   Teacher also kissed Guo Jiahui’s face.

   Chen Hansheng waited patiently next to him, and then took the chubby Guo Jiahui and walked out the door.

   He estimated that the kindergarten teacher would contact Guo Zhongyun. If such a move was passed on to Lao Guo through the kindergarten teacher’s tone, it would be more conducive to the improvement of Chen Hansheng’s image.

   Fortunately, Guo Jiahui is fat but not heavy. It seems that the flesh is growing on her face. She hugged Chen Hansheng’s neck and asked, “Brother, where are we going now.”

   “Can I take you to eat KFC?” Chen Hansheng asked.

   Guo Jiahui clapped her hands happily: “Okay, I love KFC the most.”

   In order to express her happy emotions, she also kissed Chen Hansheng on the cheek.

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t help thinking of the kindergarten teacher just now, so he asked: “Jiahui, brother, I have a question for you.”

   “Say it.”

   Guo Jiahui replied milkily.

   “What was the teacher’s full name just now?”

   “Teacher Xiao Yu.”

   “Not a nickname, her full name.”

   “It’s Miss Xiao Yu.”

   Guo Jiahui’s age, how can I know what the full name is?

   Chen Hansheng had no choice but to say: “Then let’s change the question and test Jiahui’s memory. Do you know the phone number of Teacher Xiao Yu?”

   “I don’t know.” Guo Jiahui shook her head.

   “What about QQ?” Chen Hansheng asked again.

   “What is QQ?”

   After a while.

   “Brother, why don’t you hug me anymore.”

   “Brother is tired, I don’t want to hug him.”


   In a KFC near the kindergarten, Chen Hansheng bought hamburger fries and chicken wings for Guo Jiahui. He ordered a cup of coffee and looked at the newspaper he had just bought.

   Guo Jiahui went to the slide after eating. There were other children there, sweating all over the place. At about 7 o’clock, the phone in Chen Hansheng’s hand rang.

   “Han Sheng, I have finished the meeting, where are you guys now.”

   “Teacher Guo, I brought Jiahui to the KFC in Gulou Square.”

   “I know the location, about an hour to arrive, thank you very much.”

   After hanging up the phone, Chen Hansheng grinned, and he finally evolved from “Chen Hansheng” to “Hansheng” in Lao Guo’s mouth.

   Around 7:30, Chen Hansheng called Guo Jiahui over, wiped her sweat and asked, “Is Jiahui sleepy?”

“I am not sleepy.”

   Guo Jiahui broke free and wanted to play.

   “No, I think you should be sleepy.”

   Chen Hansheng didn’t let her go. Since the movie has a climax, there must be a perfect ending today.

   Chen Hansheng stopped reading the newspaper. He held Guo Jiahui in his arms, thinking about the children’s story in his mind, and slowly told her.

   Guo Jiahui just played for too long, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is actually a little tired, plus there are stories to listen to, and I don’t want to sleep in consciousness, but my eyelids are fighting, and finally fell asleep before Guo Zhongyun and his wife arrived.

   Then, Lao Guo and his lover saw a picture like this.

In front of the KFC’s transparent glass window, Chen Hansheng put his arms around Guo Jiahui, his eyes were calm and kind, and his arms were gently swayed to make Guo Jiahui sleep more comfortably. The couple looked at each other and his wife said: “I didn’t expect Jiahui and you, a student Very congenial.”

   “His name is Chen Hansheng, and he has good ability and personality. I owe him favor tonight,” Guo Zhongyun said.

   At this time, Chen Hansheng also saw Guo Zhongyun walking over, and said softly: “Jiahui is very well-behaved, and I am not tired to take her at all.”

   Guo Zhongyun’s wife was very polite. Seeing her daughter’s face was rosy and healthy, she slept very peacefully, took out a bag of fruit from the car and said, “Thank you, Xiao Chen, for letting you run so far to help us bring the children.

   “Mother is too polite, I just want to come out and walk, the military training is too tired.” Chen Hansheng smiled and declined.

   “Since you have called me your mother, take the fruit back, and take time to come to our house for a meal on the weekend, Lao Guo, you must remember this.”

   Guo Zhongyun also nodded: “Take the fruit, I’ll take you to the bus stop, and I will set an example in the class in the future.”

   Chen Hansheng moved in his heart and silently responded.

   After more than an hour’s drive, Chen Hansheng finally returned to Gangneung University Town. He wanted to bring the fruit back to the dormitory, but he changed his mind when he came to the public telephone booth and dialed a call.

   “Xiao Xiao, I’m at the gate of your school. The military training has been very hard these past few days. I bought some fruits for you. Come down and get it.”


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