I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 23: I have to seriously consider

Xiao Rongyu should have just taken a shower, wearing an elegant knee-length pajama dress, with moist hair draped over his shoulders, his skin is delicate and smooth, and his skin is fascinating under the street lamp, but he is still a bit silly. It’s good to go out to school. I saw Chen Hansheng in a while.

   “Call me out so late, I’m ready to go to bed.” Xiao Rongyu grumbled and complained.

   But when she noticed the fruits in Chen Hansheng’s hands, she was very happy again: “The fruits in the school convenience store are not very fresh. Where did you buy these grapes and cherries?”

   “Bought from a nearby voluntary merchandise center.”

   Chen Hansheng was smoking, and replied by throwing away his cigarette butts.

   “Little Chen.”

   Xiao Rongyu was moved in his heart: “These fruits are quite expensive, so don’t buy them anymore.”

   Chen Hansheng thought that there will be no more in the future. If it hadn’t been for the first time in school, I wouldn’t have had a chance to approach Shen Youchu, and these fruits would not be given to you.

   “As long as you like it.”

   Chen Hansheng said duplicity.

   Xiao Rongyu looked at Chen Hansheng in a complicated manner. Xiao Rongyu was much more prettier than Teacher Xiaoyu in the afternoon, and there was a faint fragrance just after taking a shower, and it smelled very comfortable.

   But at this moment, Chen Hansheng’s stomach suddenly “gurgled”. He drank all his coffee at night before he could eat.

   “Did you not eat dinner?”

   Xiao Rongyu also noticed.

   “I was going to eat it, but I just ran out of fruit. Did you bring any money?”

   Chen Hansheng really doesn’t need to write a draft when he tells a lie.

   Xiao Rongyu heard it, and felt that Chen Hansheng had returned.

   “I only have 10 yuan, and I am going to buy a card issuing.”

   Xiao Rongyu opened his palms and really held the 10 yuan bill.

   “For 10 yuan, I can only eat two rice cakes.”

   Chen Hansheng shook his head and sighed.


   On the road between the East University and the Caiyuan, a large number of vendors came out to set up their stalls after 6pm. They usually ate the most to solve the problem of supper for the bored college students.

   Chen Hansheng bought two whole grain cakes with eggs and ham for 10 yuan. He also forcibly took a glass of juice from the boss, found a step at random, sat down and ate it.

   Xiao Rongyu stood alive and peeling grapes, and occasionally advised Chen Han to eat slowly.

   “Xiao Rongyu classmate.”

   Suddenly there was a surprise sound from the side, and a boy walked over quickly.

   “Senior Zeng, hello.”

   Xiao Rongyu greeted him politely. Chen Hansheng raised his eyelids and glanced at him. From the perspective of his clothes, he was at least a junior, because no sophomore student would tuck a white shirt into his suit pants.

   After reading it, he continued to focus on the food and gobbled it up.

   “I just returned from an internship in the institute, and I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

   While talking, the boy looked at Chen Hansheng, and he estimated the relationship between Xiao Rongyu and Chen Hansheng.

   “I heard the teacher say that Xuechang Zeng has entered the Jianye Institute of Geology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, congratulations.”

Xiao Rongyu smiled and said, the way she communicated was very distant. This senior Zeng could feel it after chatting for a while, and Xiao Rongyu did not introduce Chen Hansheng’s intentions, so he could only ask directly: “This is a junior. ?”

   Chen Hansheng had just finished eating the cake and was about to order a cigarette to eliminate the meal. He waved his hand and said: “I am from the school opposite, Xiao Rongyu’s high school classmate, would you like a cigarette?”

   “Thank you, I won’t.”

   Hearing that Chen Hansheng is a student of the Academy of Finance and Xiao Rongyu’s fellow, Zeng Xuelong was obviously relieved. He felt that Xiao Rongyu should not appreciate this kind of smoking, rambling, and a boy from a second school.

   “Then I will go back first. Tomorrow the professor will take us to apply for an important topic, and I will help him prepare the documents.”

   After    looked plain, but inadvertently boasted, and then turned back to school without looking at Chen Hansheng.

   “The senior in our college was optimistic by the Chinese Academy of Sciences before he officially graduated. Once he came to our class to find a laboratory assistant.”

   Xiao Rongyu paused when he said that, Chen Hansheng looked up and asked, “What about then?”

   “He picked me.”


   “But I didn’t agree.”

   Xiao Rongyu smiled suddenly, somewhat proud.

   But seeing that Chen Hansheng didn’t say anything, she was a little unhappy: “You know smoking, you didn’t have this habit before.”

   “It sounds like you know me well.”

   Chen Hansheng gave a chuckle, stood up and said: “I’m gone, I’ll take you back to school, it’s more verbose than my mother.”

The learning atmosphere of Tunghai University is much better than that of the Finance Institute. The self-study room in the teaching is brightly lit, and students are reciting English aloud under the street lights on the campus. The artificial lake is like a mirror reflecting the clouds and moon in the sky, which seems to form a brightly colored picture. Ink painting.

   The breeze is coming slowly, the water is not happy, and my heart is extremely quiet.

“It seems that there is a reason for classmate Zeng to look down on me. The difference between 985 and the second edition is not only in the quality of teaching, but also in the level of student consciousness. After all, Shen Youchu is still a minority. Explore the body structure of men and women in the corner.”

   “What are you whispering about?”

   Xiao Rongyu who was walking in front suddenly turned his head and looked directly at Chen Hansheng.

   In the moonlight, Xiao Rongyu’s long eyelashes trembled slightly, and the artificial lake water reflected in his eyes, as if there was a stream of light and then turning, there was a breathtaking charm on the melon seeds that could be broken by blowing.

   Chen Hansheng was in a daze, and Xiao Rongyu probably realized that the two were too close. She hurriedly turned her head, leaving only a slender back.


   Chen Hansheng coughed, breaking the silence and changing the subject by the way: “How is your dormitory?”

   “That’s it.”

   Xiao Rongyu replied a little lonely, it seems that the complexity of the university dormitory relationship is more than she expected.

   “What about you~www.snovelfree.com~What are your plans and plans recently?” Xiao Rongyu asked.


   Chen Hansheng thought for a while, and thought it would be nice to talk to Xiao Rongyu.

   “I want to chase a girl seriously.”

   Xiao Rongyu was visibly startled from the back, and asked, “Is that girl very beautiful?”

   “For so many years, I have never met more beautiful than her.” Chen Hansheng said.

   From the perspective of Shen Youchu’s figure, appearance, and temperament, even Xiao Rongyu can draw at most.

   “For so many years.”

   Xiao Rongyu repeated it silently. How old is Chen Hansheng? Doesn’t this just explain his previous 18 years of life.

   She continued to ask: “If a girl just wants to learn, she still won’t accept you.”

   This is a problem. Shen Youchu can be admitted to Jianye University as a postgraduate from the Academy of Finance. There must be a lot of hard work behind this.

   “The big deal is just waiting for her, anyway, I won’t give up.”

   Chen Hansheng said decisively, how could the 36D treasure girl let her slip away at will.

   Xiao Rongyu’s pace seemed to be unstable.

   “What should I do if my parents disagree?”

   Xiao Rongyu’s voice suddenly trembled.

   Chen Hansheng thought that Shen Youchu’s parents were dead, so why didn’t they agree.

   “It’s not necessary for her parents to agree, she just wants to.”

   There was another long, long silence. When she was about to go downstairs in Xiao Rongyu’s dormitory, she suddenly decided to say: “Han Sheng, thank you for your kindness, but I need to think about it seriously.”

   After Xiao Rongyu finished speaking, he went upstairs without looking back, leaving Chen Hansheng blankly at her back.

   “Damn, I want to chase Shen Youchu, and she needs to think about it.”



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