I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 24: Step 1: of the Long March

   The days of military training are always boring. I didn’t have any encounters with beautiful senior sisters, and I didn’t have any accidents with charming female teachers. I didn’t have many opportunities to talk with the girls in the class. Fortunately, I finally got through the first week.

   Today, there is an important activity in the second class of public management-the selection of the monitor.

  The meeting was presided over by the counselor Guo Zhongyun, who was both the host and the referee.

   “Dear students, after a week of familiarity and acquaintance, everyone should have a deeper understanding of each other. We encourage self-recommendations. Students who are interested in serving the class please take the initiative to speak.”

   After Lao Guo finished speaking, everyone looked at each other, and finally the girls focused on Hu Linyu, and the boys all looked at Chen Hansheng.

  Guo Shaoqiang was afraid that Hu Linyu would become the squad leader, and he kept urging Chen Hansheng: “Fourth, hurry up, we will have a good life when you are the squad leader. Let a chick be the boss. How the **** will I skip class in the future!”

   Chen Hansheng was not in a hurry, and smiled slightly: “Ladyfirst.”

   Jin Yangming curled his lips. Chen Hansheng was actually better than himself. He was pretending to be the stuff on the bright side. Chen Hansheng was bored and sullen.


   Jin Yangming scolded, since Chen Hansheng started the “puzzle game” of card playing in the class, not many people care about him, a teenager with a mobile phone.

   However, Jin Yangming still supports Chen Hansheng as the squad leader. It is good for boys to be the squad leader. Jin Yangming will not have trouble with himself.

   There was a sound of “wow,” this is the sound of the bench moving backward.

  Hu Linyu originally wanted to be more stable and wait until his competitors acted before making plans, but until Guo Zhongyun began to frown, Chen Hansheng still leaned back in his seat indifferently.

   Hu Linyu didn’t dare to wait any longer, she was worried that Guo Zhongyun was upset, and in the end everyone would not be the monitor.

   Therefore, the five elements are uncertain. If you lose it cleanly, Chen Hansheng’s mind is that even if the election aborts today, he will definitely not be the first to go up.

   “Hello classmates, my name is Hu Linyu, I believe everyone is already familiar with it, because it is me who assisted everyone in registering…”

Hu Linyu came onto the stage. She started with the check-in on September 1. In fact, this was a good strategy, because everyone was very impressed with Hu Linyu at that time. Then she explained her contribution in military training and her future for the class. Hope.

“······I am enthusiastic, cheerful, united with classmates, and caring. If I can be a class monitor, I will use my vigorous energy and a clear mind to be a good helper of Mr. Guo and a servant of the classmates, and manage Class II for the public Create a bright future.”

“thank you all!”

   After Hu Linyu finished speaking, he bowed to Guo Zhongyun in applause.

  Guo Zhongyun commented: “Thank you Hu Linyu for the wonderful speech. Hu Linyu’s active help during the registration made me remember. I hope everyone can learn from her spirit. Who else would like to speak on stage?”

   Hu Linyu’s mood has been very tense after he went down, even a little trembling, Shen Youchu sitting next to her silently raised his head and patted Hu Linyu’s back for comfort.

   Hu Linyu grinned reluctantly, and suddenly there was a sound of a stool again. Hu Linyu’s movements were instantly stiff, and Yu Guang could see a tall figure walking towards the podium.

   Shen Youchu lowered his head again, quietly watching this talking scornful male student, his eyebrows were all wild male classmates when he smiled, and he was a little scared.

   After Chen Han was promoted to the stage, the boys’ participation was very high. Except for his own dormitory, the boys in the other dormitories were applauding desperately. Yang Shichao even whistled a few times like a rogue.

   “I hope the boys will be more reserved, I am not a beauty.”

   Chen Hansheng smiled and pressed his hands.

   “Huh, cut, hush…”

   The boys cheered even more.

   Chen Hansheng raised his eyebrows: “Zhu Chenglong, you call it the loudest, so just come up and say it.”

   Zhu Chenglong is the thorn head who dared to talk back to the instructor, but Chen Hansheng is also one of the few people who dared to take Zhu Chenglong directly.


  Zhu Chenglong touched his own hair, and said with a hippie smile: “I don’t accept other people as the squad leader, but when I am the squad leader, other people don’t agree. What do you do?”

   Chen Hansheng stopped responding to him, coughing and said: “My words are very short, only a few promises.”

“If I were the class leader, I would try my best to communicate with the class teacher before the exam to ensure that every student would not miss a course; there are scholarships, bursaries, party members and other good things, I will try my best to ensure that students who meet the conditions will not lose the election; if There are opportunities to exercise personal abilities, and I will try my best to make arrangements to ensure that everyone can spend a meaningful college career.”

   Chen Hansheng suddenly became serious.

“Classmates, there is a big gap between us and the opposite Tunghai University. Since the starting point is lower than others, we must make up for it elsewhere. If we lag behind, we must move forward. If we are confused, we must learn. If we are ignorant, we must socialize. ·····”

   The classroom slowly became quiet. Some people couldn’t get used to the serious Chen Hansheng, and some people felt that these words pointed directly to the soul and were more realistic than Hu Lin’s big words.

   This is the reason why Chen Hansheng must come to power later. Hu Linyu talked about a series of castles in the sky. Chen Hansheng focused on the actual situation, whether it was examinations, scholarships, or personal training.

   After Chen Hansheng finished speaking, Guo Zhongyun said calmly: “Chen Hansheng has many advantages, and his organizational skills, coordination skills, and leadership skills are very prominent~www.snovelfree.com~ Are there any other students coming up for the campaign?”

   asked three times in a row and no one came to the stage, Guo Zhongyun directly closed the door: “Now, please vote on Chen Hansheng and Hu Linyu.”

   Not surprisingly, Hu Linyu got all the girls’ votes, but Chen Hansheng got the support of all boys and some girls.

   At this point, the squad leader of the second class of public management finally settled, and Chen Hansheng was successfully elected as a dark horse deviating from the historical track.

   Guo Zhongyun also took a sigh of relief. Chen Hansheng is so popular that he doesn’t need to use the power of a counselor to forcefully promote it, so as not to lose his tongue.

   Boys are naturally very happy. Although Chen Hansheng looks like a hooligan, he is very loyal and able to convince people;

   Although the girls have some regrets, they have no objections.

After    was disbanded, Hu Linyu walked lonely on the campus. The monitor was unsuccessful. She suddenly felt that college life was meaningless.

   “Hu Linyu.”

   Someone suddenly called her behind.

   Hu Linyu turned around, and it was Chen Hansheng, with an unruly smile on his face.

   “What are you asking me to do to show the face of successful people?”

   Hu Linyu said coldly.

   Chen Hansheng thought that this is not the second dimension of daily comics, Xiao Hu has a lot of dramas.

   “Please have a meal in the evening, let’s talk.” Chen Hansheng said.

   Hu Linyu raised his head and glanced at Chen Hansheng in surprise: “You grabbed the position of the squad leader just to fall in love with me?”

   Chen Hansheng was taken aback.

   “Fuck, it seems that Xiao Rongyu is not the only woman who feels good about herself.”


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