I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 25: The squad leader's last name is Tang, sweet to sad

   “What’s the matter with you, let’s talk.”

   In the first canteen of the Caiyuan, Hu Linyu and Chen Hansheng sat opposite each other.

   But on this stainless steel dining table, there is a tall figure, actually a low-key Shen Youchu who makes people overlook.

   It turns out that Chen Hansheng explained for a long time just now, indicating that he is not pursuing Hu Linyu, but just wants to have an in-depth conversation with her on the issue of “squad leader”.

   Student Hu didn’t seem to trust Chen Hansheng. She happened to see Shen Youchu silently eating dinner in the corner. She hurriedly let Shen Youchu be a side witness, indicating that she and Chen Hansheng are innocent.

   “Why don’t you squeak?”

   Hu Linyu urged again, because Chen Hansheng was suddenly quiet.

   The reason why Chen Hansheng didn’t speak was that he saw Shen Youchu’s dinner, a 2 cents steamed bun and free seaweed egg soup, sitting far away in the noisy cafeteria, chewing in small mouths.

   “You Chu’s family is in a bad situation. If you become the monitor, you can help her apply for student loans and subsidies for poor students.” Hu Linyu said regretfully next to her.

   When she first saw it, she was also very sad. She did not expect that there would be such a poor family in 2002.

   “Hu Linyu, since I invited you to dinner, I will have a share of those who see you. By the way, please also invite classmate Shen Youchu.”

   Chen Hansheng said suddenly, and winked at Hu Linyu.

   Hu Linyu’s reaction is not too slow, and he immediately responded: “Then you must have a share, and You Chu and I will kill you once.”

   “No, no need.”

   Shen Youchu hurriedly refused in a low voice. Since Hu Linyu and Chen Hansheng suddenly sat next to them, she was very uncomfortable with almost no social skills.

   It’s a pity that there is still half of the steamed buns to eat. Shen Youchu has no habit of wasting food, and the other two are his classmates, so it is not polite to leave straight away.

   But now I can’t eat anymore, Shen Youchu can only put down his chopsticks, lower his head and say nothing.

   Hu Linyu persuaded him with a sarcasm: “I heard that monitor Chen invited all the boys to supper a few days ago. What happened to us for dinner?”

   “Sit down and don’t leave!”

After    Hu Lin said “dominantly”, he took away Chen Hansheng’s meal card with a vent of anger. It is estimated that this dinner will not be cheap.

   Chen Hansheng didn’t care at all, he just stared at the treasure girl in front of him.

   In fact, by careful observation, we can still find from the clues that Shen Youchu is a rare beauty, such as her smooth forehead, the peach eyes that occasionally show up when she looks up, the ruddy mouth that opens slightly when panicked, and of course the figure under the military uniform.

   “Damn, he is 1.7 meters tall, even a bamboo pole is beautiful, let alone 36D.”

   Chen Hansheng muttered annoyed, thinking about it, it was stupid enough back then. Such a treasure girl hadn’t found it for four years. It can be seen how impetuous the group of college students is, and would rather pursue some flashy coquettish bitches.

   Shen Youchu may not have eaten with boys when he grows up, especially Chen Hansheng’s eyes are in perspective, he seems to be wearing no clothes all over.

   Just when she was about to bury her head under the table, Hu Linyu came back with a few stacks of vegetables. There were fish, shrimp, meat and eggs. It seemed that she almost brought back the most expensive meat in the cafeteria.

   “A total of 117 yuan.”

   Hu Linyu said proudly.

   Shen Youchu was very surprised, this figure is almost a month of her food expenses.

   “You only need to be happy.”

   Chen Hansheng didn’t care at all.

   “Speak now, what are you looking for me?”

  Hu Linyu felt that his anger had only disappeared a bit, and he wanted to seriously ask Chen Hansheng the reason.

   “Hu Linyu, why do you want to be the monitor?” Chen Hansheng asked.

   Hu Linyu intends to use some reasons for “serving the class”. Chen Hansheng seemed to have expected it, and interrupted in advance: “If you really don’t want to communicate, then finish the meal quietly, just as I haven’t looked for you.”

   Hu Linyu suddenly stopped speaking, and after a long silence, he said: “I want to be a civil servant in the future, and the monitor will provide some help.”

   Chen Hansheng laughed inwardly, Hu Linyu still didn’t tell the truth. In fact, her goal is to select new students, but the number of places is very small. She is probably afraid that someone will compete.

   But this level is enough, at least it shows that Hu Linyu is willing to talk.

   Chen Hansheng nodded: “No wonder you have always wanted to be the monitor, so you want to go to an official career.”

   “What about you, don’t think I don’t know the tricks behind you.”

   Hu Linyu said disdainfully.

   She still refuses to let go of the face of failure at this time, but Chen Hansheng wants to negotiate terms with her and can tolerate Hu Linyu’s attitude.

   “I don’t want to go into official career in the future, I just want to make money.” Chen Hansheng replied.

   In the future, if he wants to start his own business, he will not only be unable to hide from the school, but may also borrow the power of the school. It would be better to be honest with Hu Linyu now in exchange for the trust of communication.

   “Doing business?”

   Hu Linyu frowned, “I don’t have much contact with the monitor in business.”

   “If I had the status of a monitor, it would be more convenient to do many things, and the recognition of me would increase.” Chen Hansheng explained briefly.

   “Okay, you used the monitor as a tool.” Hu Linyu said angrily.

   Chen Hansheng smiled indifferently, and asked, “Don’t you think so too?”

   “At least I am willing to pay for the class.”

   Hu Linyu choked.

   This is the truth, Hu Linyu is indeed more dedicated, and Chen Hansheng does not intend to refute it because the language is meaningless.

   In reality, he is the victor, the one who can make the conditions.

   “At most since the sophomore year, the position of monitor is not attractive to me. Would you like to take over at that time?”

   Chen Hansheng said slowly, this is also his real purpose for looking for Hu Linyu.

   Hu Linyu was taken aback for a moment: “You are going to resign then?”

   “If in one year, I still need the squad leader, a student position, to give me blessings, it can only show that Hun has failed, and I should be a good person.”

   Chen Hansheng said with a smile, and the unruly and frivolousness appeared on his face again.

   “What are you going to do?”

   Hu Linyu thought for a while and wanted to ask, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com Chen Hansheng obviously didn’t disclose the news to himself specifically, he must have his own intention.

   But after hearing these “confidential” conversations, Shen Youchu on the side was fidgeting. Chen Hansheng and Hu Linyu were both influential figures in the second class of public management, and Shen Youchu felt that he could not get involved.

   “I, I’m full and want to go back first.”

   Shen Youchu put down half of a steamed bun with enduring heartache, preparing to leave quietly.


   Chen Hansheng stopped her suddenly.

   Shen Youchu was taken aback, glanced at Chen Hansheng quietly, and then quickly lowered his head.

“sit down.”

   Chen Hansheng said in a deep voice.

   Shen Youchu didn’t sit, and put his arms at a small angle, and he could see that he wanted to leave very much.

   “Let you sit down.”

   Chen Hansheng increased his breath and ordered again.

   Shen Youchu sat down slowly, probably because he was frightened, and his body was a little trembling. Hu Linyu felt that Chen Hansheng’s tone was too fierce, and he was about to help Shen Youchu get ahead.

   How can I know that Chen Hansheng suddenly sighed, picked out the largest shrimp from the plate, peeled the shrimp out and placed it in Shen Youchu’s bowl, and said with a gentle face: “Since I bought it for you, I have to finish it.”

   Hu Linyu stared blankly, Chen Hansheng’s style changed so fast, the scene before him seemed to have only been seen in romance novels.

  For example:

   “The Domineering Squad Leader’s Little Wife”

   “His Royal Highness, if you want to love, please love deeply”

   “Sorry, I am the monitor’s woman”

   “Squad leader’s surname sugar, sweet to sad”


   Various versions of the overbearing president male lead were about to move in Hu Linyu’s mind.

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