I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 26: rogue

   Facing Chen Hansheng’s sudden gentleness, Shen Youchu was taken aback, and he waved his hand nervously and declined: “No need, no need.”

   Shen Youchu refused, while raising his head uneasily, just to hit Chen Han’s prosperous eyes, and immediately looked away like a frightened deer.

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t help sighing. Shen Youchu’s growth environment was the main cause of low self-esteem. Even if she realized that she might be more beautiful than other girls, such appearance conditions might have become a psychological burden.

   Shen Youchu tries hard to hide in his own small world, it is not because of the subconsciousness of self-protection.

   “Come slowly, as long as her heart can open a gap for me to get in, it doesn’t matter if I close it again.”

   Chen Hansheng thought to himself, from his angle, he could see Shen Youchu’s tall and straight nose under his long eyelashes, as well as the well-defined lips.

   “No matter what way is needed to open this gap!”

   Chen Hansheng added another sentence silently.

Although Shen Youchu lowered her head, she could still feel a hot gaze on the other side looking at herself. She didn’t know how to deal with it, so she could only quietly stretch out her index finger, and pushed the rice bowl with shrimps forward, trying to stay away from her as much as possible. Draw the line.

   “Cut, why didn’t Squad Leader Chen peel one for me.”

   Hu Linyu, who was on the sidelines, said with a curled mouth.


   Chen Hansheng said indifferently.

   “Forget it, there is no sincerity at all!”

   Hu Linyu didn’t want this kind of hospitality.

   Chen Hansheng did not force it, smiled “hehe”, and said with emotion: “I thought the best-looking girl in the class was Yanyan Shang.”


   Hu Linyu snorted in disdain. This attitude showed that she did not agree with it.

Suddenly, her face became serious again: “Not many of our dormitories have discovered You Chu’s true appearance. I only noticed it in these two days. She is so beautiful and soft-tempered. You have to keep secrets so that a group of perverts will not follow She is.”

   “No problem at all, but when you say pervert, can you not stare at me?” Chen Hansheng said dissatisfied.

   “Men have a virtue, you just know it in your heart.”

   Hu Linyu had a tone of seeing through the world.

  Chen Hansheng is a little helpless. These girls who have never been in love always feel that they have seen through the men of the world, but when they meet love, they are like moths to the flames. The result is often bullying.

   As for women who think of love as drinking water, they don’t think so much shit, because they know exactly what they want.

   Shen Youchu heard the conversation between the two people involving him, his cheeks were as red as peach blossoms, but Chen Hansheng was afraid to leave.

   Fortunately, Chen Hansheng quickly changed the subject: “Let’s talk about business.”

“it is good.”

   Hu Linyu also wants to know what medicine Chen Hansheng sells in the gourd.

   “When I was in my sophomore year, I would retire from the position of monitor, and you would take over this position so that it would not affect your future plans for civil service examinations. What do you think?”

  Hu Linyu thought for a while. As long as he can make sure that he is the monitor when he applies for transfer, it doesn’t really matter whether he is a sophomore or a junior, but why does Chen Hansheng give way?

   “How do you guarantee a smooth transition to me?” Hu Linyu asked.

   Just as the two “marchists” were discussing, Shen Youchu stretched out his fingers again and pushed the soup bowl with shrimps out again. It seemed that the farther away he was, the safer he was.

   After Chen Hansheng noticed this move, he immediately dropped Hu Linyu and asked Shen Youchu: “Why didn’t you eat it, I disliked it?”

   “No, no, I can eat steamed buns.”

   Shen Youchu picked up the cold bun again at some point, and had already eaten two bites.

   Seeing Shen Youchu’s attitude of resistance and non-cooperation, somehow, Chen Hansheng’s heart burst into flames.

   “Is the bun so delicious, let me try it!”

   After saying these words, Chen Hansheng suddenly snatched half of the cold bun from Shen Youchu’s hand and swallowed it directly in her mouth in shocked eyes.

   After swallowing it in twos and threes, Chen Hansheng wiped his mouth, and said like a hooligan: “The taste is just average.”

“you you······”

   Shen Youchu was stunned for a long time before reacting, and he didn’t even bother to hide his face, opened his small mouth in shock, and stammered at Chen Hansheng.

   “You rascal!”

   Finally, Hu Linyu couldn’t help but complete this sentence.

   “How to speak, we are talking about cooperation.”

   Chen Hansheng pulled the topic back again, stretched out the knuckle of his index finger and tapped the tabletop lightly, making a “boom boom” sound.

“How to transfer the class leader to your hands, I have a method here. You can be the secretary of the group in the freshman semester, take the daily affairs of the class as much as possible, and gradually establish an image in the hearts of classmates and Lao Guo. You can take over smoothly after resigning.”

   “Furthermore, the Communist Youth League secretary can help you join the party early, which is of great help to you in the civil service examination.” Chen Hansheng added.

Although Hu Linyu did not consider the problem comprehensively, he was not a fool, and immediately said loudly: “I understand, you want me to assume the responsibilities of the monitor, and run to do other things by yourself. In the end, all the results belong to you, and the hard work is mine. .”

   “How can there be such a good thing!”

   Hu Linyu was very angry. She felt that Chen Hansheng occupied the pit and did not shit.

   Chen Hansheng smiled: “The results are everyone’s, now it is mine, and it will be yours in the future, and ultimately it will be yours.”

   This sentence is like a tongue twister, but after earnestly understanding that there is a sub-philosophical truth, he continued: “I don’t do nothing, you arrange the small things, and I will show you the big ones.”

   “Then what is the big thing, what is the little thing?”

  Hu Linyu wants to figure out this concept.

   “What you can’t solve is a big deal.” Chen Hansheng said confidently.

   Hu Linyu is a little unhappy, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Chen Hansheng means that he is better than himself, although this should be the truth.

   Shen Youchu only felt “buzzing” in his head. First, he didn’t expect Chen Hansheng to eat the steamed buns with his saliva. Doesn’t this mean that the two kissed each other; second, he actually used the position of “squad leader” as a bargaining chip for trading.

   She glanced at Hu Linyu and found that her roommate was still seriously considering this suggestion. Shen Youchu felt that Chen Hansheng was too dangerous, and actually led Hu Linyu astray.

   Taking advantage of Hu Linyu’s thinking, “Dangerous Person” Chen Hansheng spoke again, but this time it was very peaceful: “Shrimp is high in protein and not as oily as meat. It doesn’t matter if you eat more.”

   Seeing that Shen Youchu still didn’t eat, Chen Hansheng picked up a shrimp and handed it to her mouth and said, “Come on, I’ll feed you.”

   Shen Youchu flushed and closed his mouth tightly, turning his head to avoid.

   Chen Hansheng grinned, and said roguely: “If you don’t eat, then I will keep holding it.”

   There are people coming and going in the cafeteria, and maybe he can meet his classmates again, and with Chen Hansheng’s determination and face, he can really keep lifting.

   There were tears in Shen Youchu’s eyes, but she was worried about being seen by others. In the end, she opened her mouth and ate the shrimp that Chen Hansheng had fed.

   “What if I don’t agree?”

   At this time, the unwilling Hu Linyu still wanted to struggle.

   “Then I will work a little harder at most. I can do business while taking care of class affairs, and I can also seek other collaborators, but you have no chance at all. University rarely changes monitors.”

   Chen Hansheng said unhurriedly, and then added a fire: “I can help you arrange the party secretary first. As for whether you do it or not, it’s free.”


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