I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 27: Lao Tzu is now the monitor

   In fact, arranging Hu Linyu to be the party secretary is not difficult at all. A class always has a squad leader and party secretary. Although Hu Linyu lost to Chen Hansheng when competing for class leader, it also proved that she has a certain degree of classmates.

   Therefore, Chen Hansheng proposed to Guo Zhongyun to let Hu Linyu be the party secretary, and Guo would promise 100%, and he didn’t even need to hold a class meeting for election.

Just when the two “strategists” were trading, Shen Youchu dared not let Chen Hansheng feed again, and “obediently” ate a few prawns by himself, then put down his chopsticks anxiously: “I, I’m full. “

   Chen Hansheng let out an “um”, he wants to slowly guide Shen Youchu to eat meat and improve his physical fitness, but for the time being, he can only start with fish and shrimps. The other fish are too greasy, and Shen Youchu’s stomach may not be able to bear it.

   Originally, Hu Linyu was going to slaughter Chen Hansheng, but he didn’t expect to give him a little appetite, and in the end he didn’t resist the temptation to choose a new student, and at the same time he promised to seriously warn: “Chen Hansheng, don’t lie to me.”

   “How is it possible, I have always been sincere to you.”

   Chen Hansheng replied with a smile.

   When dealing with such shameless gangsters, Hu Linyu couldn’t help but retreat, pulling Shen Youchu away quickly, leaving a table of hearty meals.

   Chen Hansheng will not limit himself to the position of monitor. This is just a step, and in the end, he must leave it to the most suitable person.

   Of course, Hu Linyu is not really a loss. If she can learn half of the so-called “rogue” spirit during her contact with Chen Hansheng, she will not run into a wall everywhere in the system in the future.

   Chen Hansheng was in a good mood tonight. He went to the cafeteria to buy two bottles of beer, and leisurely took care of the meat on the table, and walked out of the cafeteria at 8 pm.

The summer night in the courtyard is still very lively. Many senior sisters wearing hot pants and long legs walk on the campus. Chen Hansheng has a refreshing look. When passing by the artificial lake on the campus, he found that there are several shadowy figures in the bushes. Suddenly thinking of teasing, he spit out his toothpick and shouted suddenly: “The teacher from the inspectorate is here, run away.”

   “唰, 唰, 唰”

   Many lovers suddenly stood up in the rockery, on the edge of the lake, and among the grass, some of them were still hurriedly lifting their pants.

   Seeing their embarrassed look, Chen Hansheng laughed “Haha”, ignoring the curse behind him, and strode under the gentle moonlight.


   Back to the dormitory, Chen Hansheng found that many boys gathered here, and several people were still arguing.

Among them, Guo Shaoqiang and Zhu Chenglong were the most violent. When Guo Shaoqiang saw Chen Hansheng coming back, he hurriedly pulled him over and said: “The fourth child, you give us a comment. Zhu Chenglong, a fool, said that Bai Yongshan scored higher than Shang Yanyan. However, under a comprehensive assessment of body, temperament, and appearance, Shang Yanyan still won by 0.73 points.”

   Zhu Chenglong also refused to give in, slobbering and said: “Shang Yanyan is not pure enough, Bai Yongshan is a cute line, this is definitely a bonus.”

   “Plus your mother, I have a scientific basis for this scoring system and cannot be changed at will.”

   “Fuck, what is a scientific basis? You just made it up.”

The two were quarreling with blushing faces and thick necks. Both sides had supporters. Chen Hansheng pushed them away with a grin, took off their clothes and prepared to take a shower, but they did not let Chen Hansheng, who was wearing only underwear, insist on giving him an explanation. .

   “Cute and beautiful, worthless in front of 36D.”

   Chen Hansheng dropped this inexplicable sentence, and then walked to the bathroom holding the basin.

   “This kid is drunk tonight, what is 36D, as long as it is not the data in my scoring system, I can’t count it.”

   Guo Shaoqiang murmured and got up with Zhu Chenglong again.

   College students are always very active in their thinking. Chen Hansheng came back from the shower. They had given up arguing about which girl had the highest score, and got together to play the tractor seriously.

   The next morning was another boring military training. This day-to-day life finally ended in a week. The new military training officially graduated after walking 20 kilometers on foot, which also marked the beginning of the real college career.

   Chen Hansheng did not break his promise, and he really put Hu Linyu on top of the position of the party secretary.

   Hu Linyu originally felt that he should be thankful for a few words, but he felt that he was always at a disadvantage, and he simply took charge of the daily affairs of the class.

   The military training time of the universities in Eastern Jiangsu is almost the same. After the financial institute is over, the Eastern University, the University of Science and Technology, the School of Aerospace and Aviation have basically ended.

   There are two days of vacation in the middle. Everyone usually looks for former high school classmates, talks about their feelings about military training, complains about strange roommates, and shares new life experiences.

   The Gang City students are no exception. Wang Zibo, Gao Jialiang, and several other students from the Xianning University City came to the Yiwu Commodity Center. They were in charge of receiving Chen Hansheng, Xiao Rongyu and others.

   The process is still the old one, chatting, eating, visiting school.

Wang Zibo was very happy to see his good friend. Regardless of Chen Hansheng’s disgusting expression, he forced a loving hug. What’s more happy was that everyone was a little darker after military training. Even the skin of the little crucian goddess was also glowing with wheat Light.

   But when sitting idly on the grass of the School of Finance and Economics, Wang Zibo suddenly felt depressed.

   Chen Hansheng was taken aback, and asked: “What are you doing with so much crying? It’s inexplicable.”

   Wang Zibo held back for a long time and said: “Xiao Chen, you are a full man, not a hungry man. There are 62 students in our class, and only 2 girls. Entering the university is like entering the monk’s temple. I knew I was also admitted to the financial institute.”

   “How is the quality of those two girls?” Chen Hansheng asked.

  Wang Zibo thought for a while, then looked at Chen Hansheng with a tangled face~www.snovelfree.com~ Chen Hansheng understood in an instant, and patted his shoulder to show encouragement.

   Gao Jialiang never forgot to perform in front of Xiao Rongyu. At this time, he found the opportunity and pretended to be a saint and said: “Zi Bo, don’t you say that. We are studying in university and should not consider these things.”

   This kid’s Aeronautics and Astronautics College has a flight attendant major. Those chicks are beautiful and beautiful, and Gao Jialiang’s eyes are not lacking.

   Wang Zibo curled his lips, not wanting to talk to Gao Jialiang.

   Unexpectedly, Gao Jialiang was still excited. He suppressed Wang Zibo and criticized Chen Hansheng: “Can Han Sheng sit better? You raise your feet. Have you considered that Rong Yu is here.”

   Chen Hansheng usually sits in a comfortable way. He habitually puts his feet on the rock, but he did not expect to give Gao Jialiang the truth.

   Xiao Rongyu is considering “whether to try to accept Chen Hansheng temporarily”, so she feels nothing.

   Unexpectedly, Chen Hansheng squinted at Gao Jialiang, “click, click” twice. Not only did he not retract his feet, he actually took off his shoes, and his big toe stretched out and flinched provocatively.

   Wang Zibo looked at him secretly, and when he could do something like Xiao Chen, it would be fine.

   “What a hooligan.”

   Gao Jialiang has no choice but to slander.

   Xiao Rongyu wanted to laugh but felt inappropriate, and said roundly, “Everyone finally got together, so let’s talk about their own gains.”

   Gao Jialiang’s eyes lit up. Chen Hansheng’s character is definitely not liked by his classmates. What can be gained, he quickly proposed: “We come to the courtyard, and simply let the landlord say first, Han Sheng, you can throw some ideas.”

   Chen Hansheng was lighting a cigarette. Hearing these words, he let out a smoke ring leisurely.

   “I am the monitor now.”


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