I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 28: Thank you for being motivated for me

   “What, are you the monitor?”

   It was Wang Zibo who screamed out in surprise. He and Chen Hansheng were so familiar with each other. For friends who have played together since childhood, which part of Chen Hansheng looks like a squad leader.

   Gao Jialiang and other classmates also didn’t believe him. Gao Jialiang also laughed and said: “Chen Hansheng, your kid doesn’t molest women, who can’t smoke or fight, how could others choose you as the monitor.”

   Xiao Rongyu’s beautiful face blushed slightly, and he said that it was the former Chen Hansheng, and now Chen Hansheng could molest women.

  Thinking that I had molested Chen Hansheng several times, Xiao Rongyu was a little embarrassed, of course she didn’t believe Chen Hansheng was the monitor.

   University monitors are generally campaign-based, and they need the double trust of the counselor and classmates, and many chores require the monitor to run errands. Chen Hansheng’s personality is not like a person who calms down to do excel forms.

   “It’s alright, Zibo, let’s talk about your university.”

   Even though Chen Hansheng was “bringing bragging”, Xiao Rongyu was not willing to be ridiculed by Gao Jialiang, so he wanted to jump over by changing the subject.

  Chen Hansheng did not defend himself. He listened to Wang Zibo’s talk about Jianye University of Technology while smoking. This kid said carefully. He gave a comprehensive overview of the cafeteria, dormitory, and campus scenery. The key is that everyone else listened carefully.

   “A bunch of cute and simple.”

   Chen Hansheng smiled, and felt that this atmosphere was also good. Xiao Rongyu saw Chen Hansheng’s eyes wandering, and he often lingered on the beautiful seniors passing by, feeling a little unhappy.

   Gao Jialiang focused on Xiao Rongyu, and found that she was a little thinner and darker, but still so charming. There were many beauties in the Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics, but few could compare to Xiao Rongyu.

   After Wang Zibo finished speaking, Gao Jialiang immediately prepared to speak. He already had a complete plan to describe the school as perfect as possible, and then it was natural to invite Xiao Rongyu to play.


   When Gao Jialiang couldn’t wait to speak, he suddenly heard someone shouting: “Chen Hansheng.”

   The group of people turned their heads and found that it was a girl with short hair who came by, with average facial features and body, but there was a kind of enthusiasm and skill on his face.

   Hu Linyu was planning to go to the boys’ dormitory to talk to Chen Hansheng, but he did not expect to meet him on the way. He was sitting on the grass by the lake with a group of men and women who looked like college students.

   She is very familiar with this situation, because Hu Linyu has just met high school classmates.

   “Chen Hansheng, the class will hold various activities after the official start of school. Do we need to gather everyone together and discuss how much class fees to charge?” Hu Linyu asked.

   The college students from Hong Kong City were all taken aback, especially Gao Jialiang didn’t feel right.

  Chen Hansheng shook his head: “The collective negotiation is not appropriate. Some people will think that the charge is high, which will affect the unity of the class and the implementation of things. We directly set the standard, and you will charge it according to the standard of 50 yuan per person.”

   “Will 50 yuan be more?”

   Hu Linyu hesitated.

   “Not many, just this number.”

   Chen Hansheng said as he took out 100 yuan from his pocket and handed it to Hu Linyu.

   “I don’t have money to give you change now.”

   Hu Linyu frowned and said.

   Chen Hansheng smiled “hehe”, lowered his voice and said, “I gave it to Shen Youchu.”

Hu Linyu seriously looked at Chen Hansheng, and then glanced at Xiao Rongyu in the crowd. The girl’s appearance was still stunning even in the beautifully-like financial courtyard. Hu Lin meant to remind him: “I hope squad leader Chen will not eat. In the bowl, look at the pot.”

   After Hu Linyu took the money and left, Chen Hansheng looked at her back and muttered: “It’s about you, man.”

   Back to the high school classmates again, everyone looked at Chen Hansheng’s eyes differently.

   “Xiao Chen, you really became the monitor.”

   Wang Zibo asked incredulously.

   Gao Jialiang went too far and said directly: “How can a person like you be the monitor?”

   Chen Hansheng grinned and said, “I’m not convinced, bite me.”

   However, Xiao Rongyu seemed very happy, and offered her a treat in the evening.

   Hu Linyu is like a powerful group acting, helping the male protagonist Chen Hansheng get back one round and then disappear and leave, which also disrupted Gao Jialiang’s rhythm.

   Facing Chen Hansheng, who had been the class leader two weeks after enrollment, Gao Jialiang was not interested in introducing his school, and said sourly: “In the university, the class leader is actually only serving the crowd, and the student union is the important position. I plan to compete for the student union when I return.”

   “It’s a coincidence, I have this idea too.”

   Chen Hansheng also followed.

   Everyone was even more surprised this time. Chen Hansheng, who was inexplicably serious, was very uncomfortable.

At dinner, Wang Zibo slipped out Chen Hansheng and said with a worried expression: “Xiao Chen, I thought you no longer like Xiao Rongyu. I didn’t expect you to just change your pursuit and turn your extroverted love into Deep love.”

   Chen Hansheng opened his eyes and looked at his friend, and cursed for a while: “There are not many dishes tonight, how can I be drunk.”

  Wang Zibo was very upset: “How many years have we been friends, can you hide this little thought from me?”

   “What is my mind?”

   Chen Hansheng is also a little confused.

   “You acted as the monitor of the class and ran for the student union, isn’t it to attract Xiao Rongyu’s attention? Everyone knows that she has good grades and naturally likes motivated boys!”

  Wang Zibo’s dark face shone with confidence, but after he finished speaking, he found Chen Hansheng looking around, as if looking for something.

   “What are you looking for?”

   “It’s okay, UU reading www.uukānshu.com, you said you, I’m looking for a knife.”

   “What do you do to find a knife?”

   “Kill you here, who the **** made you talk nonsense.”

   When Wang Zibo heard that, he ran away without eating. It was impossible for Chen Han to cut people, but he had to suffer at least.

However, after the kid ran to a safe distance, he became fat again and shouted: “Xiao Chen, I advise you not to be so reluctant, but to do something happy for yourself. Being a monitor is not suitable for you, and the Student Union is not suitable for you. “


   After finally dismissing this group of irony, Chen Hansheng sent Xiao Rongyu back to school. In fact, it was not specially sent because the school for the two was next door.

Chen Hansheng was depressed along the way. After all, it would be unhappy for anyone to be wronged, but Xiao Rongyu was very happy, with a melon-seed face with a smile, and a slightly cocked mouth with a heart full of joy, and the pears on both sides were faintly looming. Along the way, many boys were attracted to look back several times.

   “Inexplicable woman.”

   Chen Hansheng shook his head and muttered.

   At the entrance of the school, Chen Hansheng didn’t plan to send Xiao Rongyu back to the dormitory, and waved his hand to say goodbye.

   “Little Chen.”

   Xiao Rongyu suddenly shouted.

“what’s up?”

   Chen Hansheng was a little impatient.

   “You are willing to make progress for me, I am very happy, thank you, but you must persist.”

   Xiao Rongyu was also a little shy after finishing speaking, and walked back to school with a light footstep.

   “My day…”

   Chen Hansheng suddenly felt his chest tightness, and he managed to relieve himself after smoking several cigarettes at the door.

   “I’m obviously a scumbag, why do you always think of me so infatuated!”



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