I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 29: First skip class

   The next day was the day when the class was officially started. Public management is known as a panacea major, and the things I learned are all-encompassing, including “Principles of Management”, “Western Economics”, “Organizational Behavior”, “Applied Statistics” and so on.

In the first few lessons, everyone except Chen Hansheng listened very carefully. Even Yang Shichao bought a new notebook with an eye on the bridge of his nose. Seriously, he listed “one, two, three… ····”

   Two or three days later, everyone became familiar with the rhythm of the university classroom, and many people relaxed their minds, and Chen Hansheng was still sleeping.

   “Brother Chen, why don’t you listen?”

   Li Zhennan, who was sitting next to him, saw that Chen Hansheng was either sleeping or drawing, and wanted to remind him to study.

   “I can’t remember anything when I get older.”

Chen Hansheng replied lazily. He had a similar experience like Yang Shichao. The first and second pages of the newly bought notebook were full of content, but the handwriting began to be scribbled from the third page, and the fifth page is brand new. One piece.

   “Women can’t be taught, the fourth child, please listen, otherwise you must ask me to help you in the final exam.”

   Yang Shichao put on the score of the boss of the dormitory, and by the way showed off his fair and standardized class notes.

Chen Hansheng curled his lips and thought that Shen Youchu was my girlfriend during the final exam and needed your help from a three-legged cat, but he also couldn’t see the virtue of Yang Shichao, a pig-like pretending to be a scholar. , CS Desert Grey.”

   “If you don’t go, don’t stop me from studying.”

   Yang Shichao firmly refused.

   “A chicken thigh meal at noon, I will treat you.”

   Chen Hansheng continued.

   “It’s not a problem with chicken thigh rice, I want to learn.”

   Yang Shichao still refused to agree.

   “Plus a bottle of soda.”

  ”Fourth, don’t be like this, parents sent us in to learn…”

   “I also covered the internet fee.”

   “Let’s go, you may be out of time if you are late, so don’t pretend, Shaoqiang, the teacher has all the **** talking about page five, and you are still working on page three.”

   In this way, three internet addicted teenagers started their first truancy in college, planning to withdraw from the “Introduction to Mao” class during the break.

  Good boy Li Zhennan will definitely not go. Jin Yangming is also a scumbag in nature. He wants to play CS, but no one wants him.

   There is only one Dai Zhenyou next to Jin Yangming, and it is because of the mobile phone.

   Although Jin Yangming didn’t admit it, he wanted to mix with Chen Hansheng. He always felt that they were the “high-end circle”, but he couldn’t let go of the superiority of Jianye locals, so he became entangled.

   This entanglement caused a problem with his mentality. Just when Chen Hansheng and the three were about to leave quietly, Jin Yangming suddenly yelled: “Report teacher!”

   “Introduction to Mao” was taught by a little old man. He was almost surprised by the voice. He pushed his reading glasses and asked, “What’s the matter with classmate?”

   The three Chen Hansheng were also taken aback, and hurriedly sat back to their original positions. Since the introduction to Mao was a big class and the three classes of public administration were taught together, more than 100 students looked at Jin Yangming.

   Jin Yangming took a warning glance at the young internet addict, and then said loudly: “Teacher, you forgot to assign your homework.”

   Before Chen Hansheng and the others said anything, the other students refused to agree, thinking that this is a **** fool, and there is no special reminder to the teacher to leave homework.

   Fortunately, the teacher of “An Introduction to Mao” also knew that these metaphysical political thoughts were meaningless, waved his hand and said, “Thank you for reminding this classmate. We mainly focus on self-study after class.”

   “Sixth, are you cheap, deliberately.”

   Guo Shaoqiang who returned to his position asked in a dull voice.

   Jin Yangyang snorted coldly, fiddling with his mobile phone without talking.

   Chen Hansheng thought that Jin Yangming was hypocritical enough, and shook his head and said: “Let’s be the sixth, there are so many people.”

   Jin Yangming pretended to hesitate, and then reluctantly said: “Then you can’t snipe with me.”

   “It’s all up to you.”

   So the three-person group became the Four King Kong. The first time I skipped classes in college, I was excited and a little nervous. Unlike my sophomore year, skipping classes almost became a habit.

   But when they were at the school gate, a security guard stopped them and forced them to sign before letting them go. Chen Hansheng guessed that it was the order of the leader of which hospital to intimidate the freshmen from skipping classes in this way.

   “Just sign it, it’s useless anyway.”

   Chen Hansheng left after signing the sign.

Jin Yangming was the second one, but when he saw the words “Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Public Administration Second Class, Li Zhennan” in the front, he looked up at Chen Hansheng’s back, cursed a bitch, and quickly wrote down “Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Public Management Second Class, Dai Zhenyou”.

   Yang Shichao and Guo Shaoqiang did the same. In short, everyone successfully walked out of campus, but before entering the Internet cafe, Chen Hansheng asked them to play first, and he would come back soon after he had something to do.

   “God is mysterious.”

   Although the other three people found it strange, they were quickly immersed in the fire of the “firethehole”.

Chen Hansheng took out the Internet cafe and took out the part-time job form of “Shentong Express Recruitment Campus Agent” that was torn down in the boiling water room. The address on it was near Tianyuan East Road, not far from Yiwu Commodity Center. Chen Hansheng walked for ten minutes. Arrived.

   This is a row of 2-storey critical shops, but in 2002 it was really deserted, there was no subway, the community was not crowded, and the spending power of college students was also very limited, so these street shops are generally in business, far inferior to Yiwu Commodity Center.

   At present, only the Jiangling branch of Shentong Express is open, and many couriers at the door are moving and sorting packages.

   “There is no uniform ~ www.snovelfree.com~ rough picking, insecure storage methods, the current Shentong is a grass-roots team from top to bottom.”

   Chen Hansheng thought for a while, walked over and handed a cigarette to the courier: “Big brother, is your manager here?”

   The courier saw that it was a red gold tomb. The cigarette was one level higher than the Hongta Mountain he often smoked. He clamped the cigarette to his ears and happily pointed out: “Manager Zhong is on the second floor.”

Chen Hansheng thanked him and walked straight up to the second floor. Along the way, he saw the parcels being randomly placed, and the express delivery documents were messy. This kind of extensive enterprise management just illustrates the current express industry. The overall status quo.

   pushed aside the office on the second floor. The scene inside was similar to that on the first floor, except that there were two more dusty desks and a water dispenser.

   There was a man in his forties sitting on a chair with a cigarette in one hand and filling out the courier form with the other. When Chen Hansheng came in, he just glanced at it and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

   “I saw this part-time job list in school.”

   Chen Hansheng took out the job posting and said.


   The man glanced at him and asked casually, “Which school are you from?”

   “The Institute of Finance.”

   “That’s too late, your school already has an agent, you can only act as his downline.”

   The middle-aged man continued to fill in the information after speaking, but he always felt that the light was not as bright as before. When he looked up, he found that Chen Hansheng was still at the door.

   “Didn’t you let you go back? Your school already has a general agent.”

   The middle-aged man flicked the soot and said impatiently.

   Chen Hansheng still did not move. He looked at the middle-aged man and said, “I just want to ask one more question, how can I replace that general agent?”


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