I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 3: Turned out to be a neighbor

   once again walked into the familiar but unfamiliar campus, under the stimulation and guidance of those landmark buildings, Chen Hansheng’s memory slowly came to life.

   I met many classmates along the way. Chen Hansheng was willing to say hello sometimes, but opened his mouth but forgot his name.

   But Xiao Rongyu and the boy who just came out to pretend to be forced, Chen Hansheng has already thought of who they are.

   Xiao Rongyu is said to be the most beautiful female student in Hong Kong No. 1 Middle School since the establishment of the school for decades. At the high school reunion last night, Chen Hansheng confessed through Jiujin, and she was naturally rejected.

   Xiao Rongyu’s reasons have not changed. When she was in junior high school, she said that she didn’t fall in love in junior high school; when she was in high school, she said she didn’t fall in love in high school; finally, after graduating from high school, she switched to not dating before graduating from college.

   Hong Kong City is very small, there may be inextricable connections everywhere, so Chen Hansheng’s mother and Xiao Rongyu’s mother know each other, but Xiao Rongyu’s parents work in the Public Security Bureau and the Power Supply Bureau, and family conditions are better.

Of course, Chen Hansheng has never been a dick. His grades are above average, he is tall and tall, and his character is not dull. He even fought with gangsters outside school. The family is not good but it is definitely not bad. I didn’t worry about the cost of going to school.

   It stands to reason that such a person is really worthless in rebirth. I don’t know why he was chosen. Is it to punish him for driving after drinking?

   But there is a good saying, eight to eighteen years old, there are ten years in between, and eighteen to twenty-eight years old, but there is a lifetime in between.

   In fact, even if he develops step by step, Chen Hansheng can become a multi-millionaire in the future, but if he works hard and adds a few more zeros to his personal assets, it is possible to change the course of history by the way.

   As for the boy who just wanted to step on Chen Hansheng to pretend to be in front of Xiao Rongyu, his name is Gao Jialiang, his father is a real estate businessman in Hong Kong, but doing business has always made a profit today.

   When Gao Jialiang made a toast to Chen Hansheng at the class reunion ten years later in his previous life, the rim of the cup was three inches lower.


   “Old Xu, where’s my admission letter?”

   Chen Hansheng walked into the teacher’s office and called out to a male teacher with a Mediterranean hairstyle.

   Old Xu’s name is Xu Wen. He is Chen Hansheng’s high school head teacher. He usually has a good relationship. Sometimes he can be called a brother after a trouble. When Chen Hansheng was just working before, he could find time to see him when he returned to his hometown.

  Later Xu died of lung cancer. Chen Hansheng was all abroad at the time, so he had to ask someone to bring the white bag. He didn’t have time to go back to the memorial service.

   So for the “real” Chen Hansheng, he and Old Xu actually saw each other after yin and yang, and they were really excited.

   Old Xu turned his head, saw Chen Hansheng, smiled and pulled out his copy from the pile of admission notices, and said with some regret: “I thought you could get one.”

   Chen Hansheng is a kind of student who is less troublesome in school, and his grades are medium and high, and the high school can occasionally contribute to the class, so even if the teacher does not have a unique preference, there is no way to hate it.

   Chen Hansheng took the admission notice disapprovingly: “Two books are two books, I’m only at this level.”

   Wang Zibo’s attitude is very respectful: “Hello, Teacher Xu, I will get the admission notice.”

Taking advantage of the efforts of Old Xu looking for the admission notice, Chen Hansheng glanced at his desk and saw a pack of Red Jinling. The Red Jinling is the best-selling cigarette in Eastern Jiangsu Province, specifically for working-class people. Chen Hansheng’s father also Smoke this.

   “Old Xu, you will have to smoke less in the future. You would have been stressed to take the graduating class of the third year of high school. If you smoke again, your body may not be able to stand it.”

   Chen Hansheng picked up the cigarette and said.

Xu Wen froze for a moment. The students who came here to get the admission letter said the most polite words like “thank you”, or “I will see you more in the future” similar empty words, only Chen Hansheng specifically reminded himself to smoke less, his tone Sincerely like an old friend whom I haven’t seen in years.

Old Xu was a little touched. The current teacher is “a piece of chalk, two-sleeved breeze, three-foot podium, hard work in all seasons”, and may not all pursue the realm of “full of peaches and plums”, but there are students who really care about themselves and feel very heartwarming. .

   Xu Wen felt that he had paid too little attention to the handsome big boy Chen Hansheng before, and he readily agreed: “I will definitely smoke less in the future.”

   “It’s useless to say.”

   Chen Hansheng smoothly put the Red Jinling Ling in his pocket: “I will check for you first, and this pack of cigarettes will be confiscated.”

   Old Xu couldn’t laugh or cry suddenly. Before the kid’s filial fruit basket, he put a pack of cigarettes in first, but he liked this kind of relationship, and Wang Zibo’s respectful attitude made everyone feel restrained.

There is not only Old Xu in the office, nor only Chen Hansheng and Wang Zibo. The group of classmates who were riding bicycles were also there. Seeing Chen Hansheng put cigarettes in his pockets, Gao Jialiang said with dissatisfaction: “This kind of people can go to college. It simply reduces the average quality of our college students.”

   A girl immediately retorted: “Chen Hansheng usually has good grades. This time the last two books are still playing abnormally. The smoking may be because of…”

   After half talking, she stopped suddenly. The female classmate wanted to say “the excitement of confession failure”, but the heroine Xiao Rongyu was here.

   It’s okay not to mention it, and Gao Jialiang is even more unhappy when it comes to mentioning it: “He was not a good thing before, and he had fought with gangsters outside school.”

   Gao Jialiang originally planned to continue to discredit, but Chen Hansheng actually walked over: “You are all here.”

   Gao Jialiang turned his head and didn’t want to pay attention to Chen Hansheng, Chen Hansheng greeted others, saw the envelope in Xiao Rongyu’s hand, smiled and asked, “Which school does Xiao Beauty go to?”

   “Tunghai University.”

   Xiao Rongyu replied, and then asked: “Where are you?”

   “That’s a coincidence, I am your school of finance and economics, and we will be neighbors in the future, so we can move around more often.”

   Chen Hansheng didn’t expect Xiao Rongyu to be right there before. It was a pity to think about it back then. Chen Han went to college and let him go. There were so many beautiful women resources in the financial academy, so he just forgot Xiao Rongyu, a super beautiful woman.

   At this time, Gao Jialiang said disdainfully next to him: “Tunghai University is 985 and 211, and the Academy of Finance is also a second school. This neighbor is too reluctant!”

This kid Gao Jialiang is also studying in Jianye. He is an aerospace academy, but he is on another campus, a few hours away from Xiao Rongyu, with vinegar and dissatisfaction on his face. Can’t hide it.

Chen Hansheng smiled “hehe”, thinking that if Gao Jialiang, this kid is stubborn, I will put Xiao Rongyu into bed, and then take a kiss and jump him off the building, so that he can see the Siemens mechanical watch on Xiao Rongyu’s wrist. , Chen Hansheng asked: “What time is it?”

   Xiao Rongyu raised his wrist subconsciously: “5:25.”

   “It’s a pretty watch. Did you just buy it in the summer.”

  Chen Hansheng took Xiao Rongyu’s white hand in a hand, pretending to watch the time but was groping secretly, Gao Jialiang looked at it and wanted to split: “Chen Hansheng of the dog day failed to confess last night, and now he doesn’t speak, so he just started it?!”

   Xiao Rongyu also retracted, glaring at Chen Hansheng angrily.

   Chen Hansheng took advantage of him, and he did not miss him at all. He directly aroused Wang Zibo to leave, leaving only a group of people who looked at each other.

   At exactly 5:30, the school’s speakers began to play songs. Perhaps considering that today is the day to get the admission notice, the radio station specially played Xu Wei’s “Blue Lotus”.

   nothing can stop

   your yearning for freedom

   an unbelievable career

   Your heart is gone


   blooming and never withering

   blue lotus


   There are sophomore students who make up classes in the school, walking among the crowds, watching the young faces along the way, listening to the melodious folk songs, and breathing the free air. Chen Hansheng feels very hearty.

   “It’s still comfortable in high school, but unfortunately I have already graduated!”


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