I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 30: Love is not as good as games

   Hearing that Chen Hansheng bluntly said that he wanted to be the general agent of Shentong Express in the Finance Institute, the middle-aged man in the office on the second floor was taken aback, put down his pen and looked at Chen Hansheng carefully, and then said, “Do you want to pry the corner?”

   This is so easy to say, Chen Hansheng smiled and ignored it, picked up a stack of newspapers, fanned the dust on the stool, and sat down casually.

   “Anyway, it’s all about making money, so there’s no such thing as prying the corner.”

  The middle-aged man listened and nodded in agreement: “You are a little strange student. You are still a freshman, right?”

   Chen Hansheng did not hide it, and admitted it generously.

   “Depending on what you are wearing, family conditions should not be bad. Where do you need to do part-time jobs?”

   This middle-aged person may not have much education, but he has been dealing with people for a long time, and his vision is very vicious, and Chen Hansheng can be almost estimated at a glance.

   “It’s just a part-time job. Why do you want to think so much? You are not a national defense enterprise. You have to check the three generations of your grandparents?”

   Chen Hansheng was perfunctory endlessly, took out a cigarette in his hand and threw a cigarette over it.

The middle-aged man took the cigarette, glanced at the sign and lit it: “So I said that you are a little weird, you are young, and you do things so hard, but I can’t agree with you about changing the agency. In fact, several students in your school have asked for it. I am.”

   Speaking of this, the middle-aged man looked up and found that Chen Hansheng was smoking quietly, and there was no change in his face.

   He continued: “I have picked the most suitable agent from them for the current agent of the Academy of Finance. Now the business is developing well, with an average of 60 packages per day, which is good for a university campus.”

   “Hmm, so you have no plans to change agents?”

   Chen Hansheng glanced at the middle-aged man, raised his eyebrows and said.

   “Nor, if you can stably achieve 100 items per day, I would consider changing the agent, but I suggest you go offline first and then familiarize yourself with the business.” said the middle-aged man.

   Chen Hansheng thought it would be easy if conditions permit, and then asked, “Do you have a business card?”

   The middle-aged man handed over a gray business card, which read “Zhong Jiancheng, general manager of Jiangling District, Shentong Express Jianye City”.

   Chen Hansheng put it in his pocket and left without any nonsense.

   “It’s really interesting.”

   Zhong Jiancheng muttered and continued to do the work just now.

   Chen Hansheng is a veteran in business. He knows very well that the essence of trading is the exchange of resources. Now he can’t come up with something too attractive. He stays there to talk and talk about it is air-to-air, and he may also delay each other’s time.

   After returning to the Internet cafe, Chen Hansheng happily played a few games of CS with his roommate. At noon, he invited Yang Shichao and Guo Shaoqiang to eat chicken drumstick rice for 5 yuan. Jin Yangming disliked that the drumsticks were not fresh enough, so he bought beef rice for 8 yuan.

   There is a class with counselor Guo Zhongyun at 3 pm. Several people dare not escape, especially Chen Hansheng is the monitor.

   Before class, Hu Linyu approached Chen Hansheng and asked him to talk to his classmates about collecting class fees.

   Chen Hansheng laughed inwardly. Hu Linyu felt that the 50 yuan class fee was too much. She was worried that she would be complained when she said it, so she put Chen Hansheng in the front. In short, he also proposed it.

   “The sesame seeds are like a big heart.”

Chen Hansheng shook his head, then walked to the podium and said loudly: “Dear students, we have to pay class fees in high school, and universities are no exception. In the future, classes will hold various activities and dinners on a regular basis, so each person will charge 50 yuan for duty. All this money is used for class activities, and the accounts can be checked at any time.”

   When he said this, Chen Hansheng glanced at Shen Youchu deliberately. As expected, she was looking at herself slightly. After a brief contact between the two eyes, Shen Youchu lowered his head as before.

   Chen Hansheng smiled in his heart, it seems that Shen Youchu knows that he has helped her pay for the class.

   At this time, the counselor Guo Zhongyun also walked into the classroom. Chen Hansheng glanced at it and continued: “If you have money today, you can hand it in first. Don’t forget when you don’t have it tomorrow, the party secretary Hu Linyu will take charge.”

   Chen Hansheng went on after speaking. He didn’t ask for opinions, and directly arranged it as an order.

   This amount is a bit too high. Hu Linyu was worried that someone would put forward different opinions, but seeing everyone agreeing so silently, he thought that Chen Han had a high prestige.

   Actually, it is not that Chen Hansheng’s prestige is high. Even if the counselor Guo Zhongyun brings out the issue of class fees for public discussion, it must be that everyone has opinions, but not unified.

   If you give a standard directly, even if someone disagrees in their hearts, most of them do not say anything, and in the end they can only bite the bullet and agree. This is the management “people can do it, but not know it.”

   Chen Hansheng set the tone for the class fee, and threw the collection and recording work to Hu Linyu by the way. It seems that this is the normal way for the two to “form a team” in the future. Chen Hansheng came forward to fix the framework and Hu Linyu did some trivia.

   Guo Zhongyun nodded slightly, and the two of them played their respective advantages on the platform of the class cadres. Chen Hansheng was open-minded and tyrannical but able to control the measure, Hu Linyu was serious, passionate and dedicated. It seemed that he could save a lot of worry in the past four years.

   During the break, Chen Hansheng was bragging about B with his roommate as always. Suddenly he noticed that Jin Yangming and Yang Shichao stopped talking, his eyes were all looking at his back, and there was a fragrant wind in his nose.

   Chen Hansheng turned back, and Shang Yanyan, the “first beauty” in the second class of public administration, stood by the table.


   Chen Hansheng and Shang Yanyan are not very familiar with each other. Based on her appearance, Shang Yanyan is not top-notch, but Xiao Rongyu is more delicate than her, and Shen Youchu is more beautiful than her.

   But Shang Yanyan is very confident about her appearance. When she introduced herself, she deliberately spread her hair and put it on her shoulders, and her smile was even more charming.

   She smiled and said to Chen Hansheng: “Squad leader, I will pay the class fee.”

   “Isn’t it handed over to Hu Linyu?”

   Chen Hansheng asked.

  Shang Yanyan bent her eyes without speaking, and left the money on the table.

   Chen Hansheng understood in his heart that it is normal for college girls to have conflicts, and this may mean that Shen Youchu will not have disputes with others.

   After class, some 602 people walked to the canteen while chatting. Jin Yangming suddenly asked Chen Hansheng: “Brother Chen, what do you think of Shang Yanyan?”

“she was?”

   Chen Hansheng glanced at Jin Yangming, UU reading www.uukanshu.com thought that this kid wouldn’t be able to touch his spring heart.

   This kind of gossip problem everyone cares about, Guo Shaoqiang urged: “Shang Yanyan is the most beautiful girl in our class, the sixth child, I support you to chase her, if you win Shang Yanyan, it will also be the glory of 602.”

Yang Shichao also likes Shang Yanyan. After all, he looks good, but he knows that his conditions are average, so he only intends to be a lonely licking dog. Hearing that Jin Yangming intends to pursue it, he is jealous and sad, Yang Shichao speaks thoroughly. It smells of vinegar.

   “You have to think about the sixth child, Shang Yanyan is so beautiful, and her family is a Shanghainese who doesn’t lack money, so I don’t recommend that you chase her and change your goal.”

   Yang Shichao pretended to be fair and said that he didn’t dare to confess, but he didn’t want Shang Yanyan to be chased by others. The best way is that everyone is single before he finds a girlfriend, so he still has a certain fantasy.

   “Four brother, what do you think?”

   Yang Shichao and Guo Shaoqiang have different opinions, and Jin Yangming wants to hear Chen Hansheng’s views.

  Chen Hansheng actually doesn’t recommend chasing. From the maturity of Shang Yanyan’s dressing and speaking, she should have had several love experiences. She is suitable for uncle-type men who are a dozen years older than her.

   Jin Yangming is like a bean sprouts dish, Shang Yanyan may not look right, unless Chen Hansheng is determined to chase after.

   “To talk about a cock’s love, it’s great to have time to play CS. Playing games also shows the blood volume, chasing a girl without a progress bar.” Chen Hansheng said with a smile.

   Hearing Chen Hansheng’s disapproval, Jin Yangming was a little lonely, but Chen Hansheng turned around and encouraged him: “But you can try, it’s really scary in my heart.”

   Seeing that Jin Yangming was a little moved, Chen Hansheng thought to himself how active he is now, maybe how sad he will be later.


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